6 Best WordPress Survey Plugins (Free and Paid)

Are you looking for the best WordPress survey plugins so that you can run a successful survey on your WordPress blog?

Let me tell you the 6 best WordPress plugins, which are very useful for bloggers.

Creating and running surveys on a WordPress blog has become easier because of the availability of these free and paid WordPress survey plugins.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins Free and Premium

The comparison of these survey plugins will help you select the best plugin for your blog.

Make sure to take the right decision as creating a successful survey will increase the engagement on your blog.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins (Free and Paid)

1. WPForms

WP Forms Comparison with Other Survey Plugins

WPForms is a popular plugin to create forms, polls, and surveys.

It is one of the most recommended WordPress plugins for bloggers who want to create the best forms for their WordPress blog.

Why Should You Buy WPForms Plugin?

  • Useful in creating the best forms for a WordPress blog.
  • Provides the option to create polls as well as surveys.
  • Drag-and-drop builder, which is easy-to-use.
  • Variety of templates.
  • Provides real-time polls report.
  • Different plans and the Elite plan comes with SalesForce Addon.

The basic plan of WPForms is currently available at $39.50, while you can buy the Elite plan of WPForms at $299.50.

There is a free version available, but you need to make use of the paid version for creating surveys and polls.

My WPForms detailed review will help you understand why this WordPress plugin is selected by many professional bloggers.

Buy WPForms Plugin

2. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a popular WordPress plugin to create forms, quizzes, polls, surveys, etc.

It comes with the option of creating branching surveys.

You’ll have to add the required add-on to get the surveys and polls feature.

Why Should You Buy Gravity Forms Plugin?

  • Option to branch surveys.
  • Email Notifications.
  • Blocks Spam.
  • Mobile-friendly forms.
  • Integration with email marketing service providers.
  • Conditional Logic feature.
  • File uploads.

If you’re looking for a WordPress survey plugin that is reliable, you choose the Gravity Forms Plugin.

A good thing is that the basic license costs $59 per year, which is very cheap compared to the other survey plugins.

The Elite License plan is currently priced at $259 per year.

Purchase Gravity Forms Plugin

3. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is known as a powerful and flexible plugin for creating WordPress forms.

It comes with an extension that allows you to create very engaging survey forms.

There are different extensions available, and the price for extensions start at $49 for a single site.

Why Should You Buy Ninja Forms Plugin?

  • Good for bloggers having a little bit of knowledge about web designing.
  • Supports calculation fields.
  • Create more attractive forms using advanced settings.
  • Drag-and-drop form builder.
  • Accept payments easily using a form created using Ninja Forms plugin.

Buy Ninja Forms Plugin

4. Quiz and Survey Master

This is a popular WordPress plugin, especially if you’re looking to make a questionnaire.

The free version is useful, while the paid version of this survey plugins starts at $99 per year.

You can use this plugin to create the best quizzes.

It comes with useful features, which are leaderboards, multi-step survey forms, email notifications, etc.

The paid version comes with the option to access survey reports.

5. Formidable Forms

This WordPress survey plugin comes with an advanced form builder and has even got a free version.

If you don’t want to purchase a paid WordPress survey plugin, then you can definitely go for the free version of the Formidable Forms plugin.

Why Should You Buy Formidable Forms Plugin?

  • Different response fields.
  • Create the best type of surveys.
  • Advanced data reporting features.
  • Option to view the survey results in the form of graphs, charts, tables, etc.
  • Mobile integration.
  • Integration with best email marketing services.
  • Useful for bloggers, designers, developers, etc.

The basic premium plan comes for $99.38 only.

6. Crowdsignal

CrowdSignal WordPress Survey Plugin Features and Price

Crowdsignal is another WordPress plugin that will help you in creating surveys within a few minutes.

Its previous name is Polldaddy.

Why Should You Buy Crowdsignal Plugin?

  • Comes with 50 fully customizable themes.
  • Pre-built templates.
  • There is a free version available, but it will add the Crowdsignal logo to the forms.
  • Support for smileys, matrixes, etc.

The paid versions start at $204 per year.

Other Popular WordPress Survey Plugins

  • RafflePress
  • WP-Polls
  • Forms by CaptainForm
  • YOP Poll
  • eForm
  • Modal Survey
  • Watu Quiz

Benefits of Running a Successful Survey at your WordPress Blog

  • Increase the engagement on your blog.

When there is an increase in your blog’s engagement, then you’ll be able to see more numbers of comments, social media shares, etc.

  • Know what your Audience Wants.

It is necessary to know the requirement of your blog’s audience. You should know what type of content your blog readers like and what topics they want you to cover.

  • Make Your Blog Become a Brand

Running successful surveys regularly will help you in making your blog become a brand. Your blog readers may love the surveys at your blog and may keep sharing your blog posts regularly.

Overview – Why Choosing the Right WordPress Plugin is Crucial?

Choosing the right WordPress plugin to create surveys and polls will help you get the highest engagement on your blog.

A good WordPress plugin is necessary as the surveys should be mobile-optimized and shouldn’t decrease your blog’s loading speeds.

I’ve mentioned the 6 most popular plugins, and you can compare the features and price before purchasing one of them.

Due to numerous WordPress plugins’ availability, one needs to do proper research before making the final decision.

FAQs about the Best WordPress Survey Plugins

1. Why Bloggers Run Surveys on their blogs?

Surveys provide many benefits to bloggers, and the benefits are listed above. By showcasing the results of a successful survey, a blog can gain more popularity online.

2. Whether a free version is useful?

A free version is definitely useful, while the premium version becomes necessary when the blog has many visitors, and it’s necessary to create attractive surveys. You also need to understand that a free WordPress plugin comes with limited features.

3. Is investing in a premium WordPress Survey plugin a good option?

Yes, as they come with premium features and help you get more benefits by running successful surveys. A premium survey plugin will make things easier for you and may provide your blog the traffic boosts that it needs.

4. Whether this is a complete list of the best WordPress Survey plugins?

No list of best WordPress survey plugins is a complete list as there is a regular addition of new survey plugins that use the latest technology. The competition has increased even among the developers, and you may find some affordable survey plugins launching in the future.

5. Whether tutorials are available for beginners?

Tutorials are available on YouTube. If you visit the plugin’s website, you may find some beneficial tutorials to use a particular plugin’s best features. Tutorials will help you to use the premium features, and will even save your time that you may waste if you don’t know the proper steps to make use of particular features.

I hope that I’ve provided you useful information about the best WordPress survey plugins. Which WordPress Survey plugin you’re going to purchase for your WordPress blog?


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