My Blogging Ideas is a growing digital marketing niche blog. I’m also building a community on different social media platforms.

Apart from publishing a post on my blog, you’ll benefit from promoting your company/startup/tool on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I have a very good reach on all the platforms. I know to optimize posts for different social media platforms to reach the target audience.

Also, I have started a new Instagram influencer marketing service for restaurants and food startups in Mumbai. If you have started a new restaurant in Mumbai and can’t afford the costly service of popular influencer marketing agencies in Mumbai, you can contact me for affordable influencer marketing services in Mumbai. I help you promote your restaurant in Mumbai through Instagram food bloggers at an affordable price.

You’ll find the details of this Instagram influencer marketing service at the end of this page. Let me first inform you about my blog post writing and influencer marketing service on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

I regularly publish blog posts on topics which are as follows:

  1. Blogging.
  2. SEO
  3. Digital marketing.
  4. Making money online.
  5. Social media marketing.
  6. B2B SAAS tools.
  7. Affiliate marketing,
  8. Reviews and Offers.
  9. Startups.
  10.  Personal Branding.

I’m active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Want to promote your brand, your tool, or your service?

Unable to generate sales for your tool or your service?

It can be very frustrating to have patience when you’re offering the best service or you have invested a lot to finalize your product.

I understand that running a company to provide service online requires a lot of funds. You might have hired experts to make a quality tool for your startup/company. You must have planned to get the maximum buyers for it.

You need to promote your product/service on my blog and contact me for my copywriting service.

I offer you a combination of sponsored content and influencer marketing campaigns from my end.

Sponsored Review and Influencer Marketing Service

I’ll use the power of SEO to rank the post/review published on my blog and promote your products on different social networking platforms.

You can contact me instantly at to cover your product or service at an affordable price.

Note – Do read the complete information on this page as otherwise you might make a mistake or fail to understand why to do a partnership with this digital marketing/blogging niche blog.

I adhere to SEO guidelines, and I believe in publishing premium quality content, even for marketing purposes.

Short-term and long-term results is what I target when providing my services to brands, companies, and new startups.

Benefits of Sponsored Content and Influencer Marketing Service

👍Maintained by an individual author.

👍I try to publish good-quality content. I always prefer to write blog posts of 1000 to 5000 words.

👍I make sure to follow the latest SEO trends. I try to use my SEO knowledge while writing my blog posts.

👍Posts/Reviews promoted across Facebook, Twitter, etc. I have 3000+ followers on Twitter, 11000+ on Linkedin, 2000+ friends on Facebook, etc.

👍The blog was started a few years back. It has gained excellent backlinks, and high-quality content is published regularly.

👍I’m regularly upskilling. Recently, I have worked on my LinkedIn marketing skills, read more than 5 ebooks on copywriting, got better at keyword research, running cold outreach campaigns for clients, etc.

👍I try to incorporate new features on this blog and work on SEO and other technical aspects.

My Experience of Working with Reputed Clients

I have worked with different types of clients. It includes:

  1. Some reputed hosting providers.
  2. AI tools.
  3. Website builders.
  4. B2B Startups.

You can check the blog posts and reviews. I can’t disclose the complete details about the deals.

I wrote a review many years back, and it is still bringing good traffic to my client. That particular client/company has gained a lot of success, and now it is one of the top companies worldwide.

Type of Advertisement Opportunities

  • ✔Banners.
  • ✔Sponsored Posts/Reviews.
  • ✔Influencer marketing.
  • ✔Any other type of advertising partnership to grow your business.

I also offer copywriting service. If you can offer me a reasonable price for my content writing service, then I will even do that for you.

Who Writes the Review? How It is Done?

I can write the review or post. If the product or service is entirely new and requires an expert, I consult with the other experts in the industry before publishing the review. You can also get the content written by any other reputed writer, but it should be unique, and quality should be the priority.

Why You shouldn’t Lose this Opportunity to Work with Me?

  • I offer to publish a complete blog post/review for your product/service on my blog.
  • I’ll work as an influencer to promote your tool/service regularly. I know how to target the right audience as an influencer to promote digital marketing tools and services that are useful for freelancers and digital marketing agencies.
  • I’ll provide you my input to help you to get more sales.
  • I try to offer you an affordable service depending on your budget.
  • I’ll discuss different things with you before we finalize the post/review and the content for our social media campaigns.

My Charges for Sponsored Review and Influencer Marketing Service

500$ for the blog post?

500$ for social media promotion?

Yes, you may pay a total of $1000 if you approach a few bloggers with a team.

I charge a lesser price as I believe in writing content myself.

I also understand that some startups can’t invest a considerable amount of money at once.

I don’t want to copy the companies providing a high-priced blogger outreach and influencer marketing service. I understand they offer you the best blogger outreach service, but you should check my blog and social media profiles properly before deciding.

I may charge a higher price in the future as I’m investing time, money, and effort. You should make sure to opt for my service as soon as possible.

Please note that I’m very selective when working with clients for marketing campaigns.

Important Point about our Blog Post and Influencer Marketing Service

If you cannot get enough sales for your blogging or digital marketing-related product or service, I will work with you to solve your problem.

You don’t even need to make any upfront payment for the same. The payment should be made only once the post is published.

The payment should be made only to the owner of this blog. Kindly verify the owner before you make the payment.

I hope to help you to increase your sales. It is the best time to use the power of SEO and social media promotion to boost your business. Don’t forget to mail me up immediately.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Services for Restaurants in Mumbai

Here are the reasons to choose my Instagram influencer marketing/Instagram food blogging services for promoting your new restaurant or new food startup in Mumbai:

  • Affordable Instagram Influencer Marketing services.
  • I personally have a food page on Insta and Moj. I can immediately help you promote your restaurant or startup. If you hire me, I will choose the content strategy myself.
  • I have many friends who’re currently working as food bloggers.
  • I can ensure the immediate publishing of reels.
  • You can do a collaboration or pay bloggers. Some bloggers only get ready if it is a paid opportunity.
  • I can help you with different content ideas for promoting your restaurant or food startup in Mumbai.