WPForms Review: Is it the Best Plugin to Create Forms?

WPForms has become the ultimate solution for the bloggers looking for the best WordPress plugin to create forms.

Its simplicity and amazing features will make you like this contact form builder plugin.

If you’ll go through this review, then you’ll get to know detailed information about WPForms.

I’ll cover not only the features but also the plans, pricing, testimonials, pros and cons, and much more.

After going through this review, do not forget to let me know your opinion about it.

Finding an alternative to WPForms will be a very difficult thing for you as this plugin packs in many amazing features.

Let me list down some of the most amazing features of WPForms plugin.

Features of WPForms Plugin

Drag & Drop Form Builder

One of the reasons which make people call it as the best contact form builder is that it is very easy to use. The drag and drop feature will allow you to create the required type of form very easily.

Form Templates

You won’t have to spend a lot of time for creating the required form. As per your requirement, there are different templates offered by WPForms.

You can create the following types of forms very easily by making use of this plugin:

  • User Registration Form
  • Suggestion Form
  • Contact Form
  • Newsletter Sign Up Form

You may find many other types of templates and this is something which makes the plugin get a better rating than other plugins available for creating forms.

Survey and polls addon provided by them is also getting massive popularity.

Response Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, mobile-friendly themes and plugins are very popular.

As this is a mobile-friendly plugin, WordPress bloggers prefer it over the other contact form plugins.

Entry Management

No need to waste your time in managing the leads as you’ll be able to view all of them in one place.

Instant Notifications

WPForms will provide you with all the notifications so that your team will be able to save time.

File Uploads

WPForms is a complete plugin as it allows users to not allow submit information, but also to upload files and media easily.

PayPal Addon

PayPal Addon is definitely one of the most useful features for bloggers who want to collect payments and donations through PayPal.

MailChimp Addon

One of the best ways to grow an email list is by using the popular Mailchimp plugin.

With WPForms, you’ll be able to create Mailchimp sign up form very easily.

Spam Protection

Spam is a big problem for WordPress bloggers, and hence WPForms comes with smart captcha and spam protection which will automatically prevent spam submissions.

There are many more amazing features of WPForms which you’ll yourself get to know once you’ll start using this plugin.

WPForms Plans and Pricing

The free version of WPForms plugin is quite useful, but you’ll be able to create basic contacts form only using it.

You’ll definitely like to spend on the premium version if you’re someone who believes that investing in a form building plugin will be worth the investment.

You should know everything about the different premium plans.

The basic premium plan starts at $79 per year, while the best Elite plan comes at $299.50 per year.

Currently, they are giving 50% discount offer, which is a limited-time deal.

If you’ll make use of this best discount offer, then you’ll be able to get the basic plan at $39.50 per year, while the Elite plan at $299.50 per year.

If the WPForms team will come with any new special discount offer, then We will publish about it at the deals section of this blog.

Let me share the price of all the different plans of WPForms.

WPForms Plans and Price

Purchase WPForms Plugin Now

WPForms Overview – Yes, the Best Plugin to Create Forms

After going through all the features, We believe that it is a very useful plugin.

You can check out the video below to get an overview of this plugin.

I hope that this video will be useful and you’ll get more information about this plugin.

If you’ll purchase this plugin using the link above, then I may get a little compensation for the same. I’ve tried my best to cover all the features as well as to provide detailed information so that you can easily decide whether you want to purchase this plugin or not.

Testimonials and Opinions

Let me share some of the testimonials that have been already published by users at the WPForms website.

Testimonials and Reviews of WPForms

These are some of the testimonials, and you’ll be surprised to know that many people are regularly writing positive reviews about this plugin, which clearly indicates that it has got more pros and fewer cons.

Currently, WPForms has got a very good rating of 4.8/5. I hope that this plugin will keep on improving and will become a must-to-have plugin for WordPress bloggers.

If you’re someone who believes that many visitors will want to contact you or you have to regularly collect payments online through your website, then you should definitely buy the premium version.

Along with WPForms, also check out the other useful plugins of 2020.

WPForms has become one of the most useful plugins for many bloggers. If you’re looking for a premium plugin to create the best forms for your WordPress blog, then your search shall definitely end with WPForms

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