Hello friends, I’m Mohit Chabria, the blog’s author.

Initially, I worked for 4 years as a freelance content writer for an SEO company established in Vietnam and achieved growth for this blog.

Affordable and Best Content Writing Social Media Marketing Services

I started freelance writing and blogging during my college days. This made me get acquainted with SEO and social media marketing. I regularly stay updated with the best social media marketing trends.

I have been blogging for the last 7-8 years. I even offer my high-quality content writing service at an affordable price, especially if it is a company or startup looking for long-term collaboration.

I returned to content writing, social media marketing, and blogging during the covid phase. I was busy with a job before it.

You’ll be happy to know that I’ve provided my social media marketing services to a few clients, which include companies and brands. Instagram Influencer marketing services provided by me are also very useful for some brands.

My Affordable Social Media Marketing Services include:

  • LinkedIn personal profile management – LinkedIn profile management includes organic growth, personal branding, and lead generation. I learned A to Z about LinkedIn profile management and LinkedIn organic growth in the covid phase. I have built a personal brand as a freelancer, gained 13k+ followers, generated many leads for myself and my clients, etc.
  • LinkedIn company page management – Your LinkedIn company page can bring you more business. You can gain more exposure using a company page.
  • Facebook page management- Even if the reach of Facebook pages has decreased, companies are still getting leads using Facebook pages. I’ll optimize the posts and also promote them in different groups using the best way.
  • LinkedIn cold outreach- If you’re looking to grow your B2B business using LinkedIn, you can use the power of cold outreach. I have worked with some companies for the same. I know the best LinkedIn cold outreach strategies.
  • Twitter profile management- I’m good at Twitter marketing, even if not that regular.
  • Instagram profile management- I manage some personal pages on Instagram. Also, I manage some company pages. I try to focus on the targeted audience. I can help you get quality leads using Instagram marketing. I can even help you with Instagram content strategies.

If you require a good copywriter in the future, then my affordable copywriting service may fulfill your requirements.

Reasons to Hire me as a Content Writer/Copywriter

  • I’m very professional as I’ve done freelancing for years.
  • As a freelancer, I try to understand my client’s requirements in the best way. Depending on my availability, I try to connect over a zoom call with the clients who want to opt for my freelancing services.
  • Having a lot of knowledge about the freelancing, technology, and digital marketing niche.
  • Read more than 5 ebooks on copywriting.
  • 10k+ followers on LinkedIn. I’ve only focused on short-form and long-form content on LinkedIn.
  • I’m a postgraduate in commerce, and I possess other degrees too. I regularly go through new writing and social media marketing courses to provide you the best content writing service at an affordable price.
  • I use Grammarly premium, plagiarism tool, and keyword research tools to provide you high-quality content at an affordable price.

I believe in upskilling, and that’s why you would love to connect with me on LinkedIn to learn about my upskilling journey as a freelance writer.

Why do the Best Companies and Startups opt for my Social Media Marketing Services?

  • Years of experience as a content writer, blogger, and social media enthusiast.
  • Doing social media marketing for a top Indian company for a year and more.
  • Achieved growth for my personal LinkedIn profile and generated leads continuously after restarting my freelancing journey.
  • Completed the best social media marketing courses on LinkedIn, watched many YouTube videos, and took other premium courses during the covid phase.
  • I know the basics of Facebook Ads and Google ads. Soon, I’ll be enrolling for some masterclasses, so I can offer Facebook Ads management service at an affordable price.
  • Knowledge of growing Facebook pages, Instagram pages, LinkedIn personal profiles, LinkedIn company pages, etc.
  • I try to know the target audience to generate leads in the best way.
  • I try to provide the best social media marketing services by working professionally, knowing the latest social media marketing trends, and being completely clear about the processes I use to increase followers. It may take some time to grow the followers organically, but you’ll get a lot of followers in the long term. I like to provide organic social media marketing services to companies and startups that understand organic social media marketing requires time and effort.
  • I help companies and startups generate leads through cold outreach through social media platforms. I succeeded in helping a company generate a good number of leads using cold outreach through LinkedIn. I can help your company in the best way if you believe your business can generate more profits by targeting a specific type of audience.
  • I’ve read 5 ebooks on copywriting and follow some of the best copywriters. I try to use some of my copywriting skills for writing social media posts for my clients.
  • I’m a learner and have a friendly approach. We can work together to ensure your business profits grow by investing in my affordable social media marketing services.

Apart from the services mentioned above, I also provide blog post promotion and influencer marketing services.

If you want to get in touch with me, remember my email-id, “admin@mybloggingideas.com”, or connect with me on Twitter.

Don’t forget to save my blog URL in your smartphone’s notepad, as I keep coming up with interesting blog posts and informative reviews.

You can write to me for any sort of promotion or marketing purpose. I always try to reply to all the emails asking about my affordable content writing and social media management services.