How to Display a Popular Posts List on a WordPress Blog?

Want to know the best plugin to display a popular posts list on your WordPress blog?

There are many good plugins, which will help you display the popular lists on the sidebar, within the content, and much more.

Display a Popular Post List on a WordPress Blog

Recently, MonsterInsights has announced its notification for popular posts and contextual Insights.

Displaying popular posts has become easier because of the availability of MonsterInsights.

If you’ve installed the MonsterInsights plugin, then you won’t have to invest separately on a premium plugin to display popular posts on your WordPress blog.

I recommend you purchase the MonsterInsights plugin immediately if you want to make use of this new feature and the upcoming features of the MonsterInsights plugin.

MonsterInsights is already one of the best traffic analysis plugins, and the added features will make it more popular.

Popular Posts and Contextual Insights by MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights 7.13 brings in a very useful feature, which is popular posts and contextual insights.

By making use of this feature, you’ll get the advantage of not only displaying your best content anywhere but also the best products anywhere on your WordPress blog/website.

Display Popular Posts/Products in 3 Different Ways

With MonsterInsights, you can display popular posts in 3 different ways.

  • Popular Posts Widget – You can use this widget to display popular posts on your blog’s sidebar or even at the end of the blog posts.
  • Inline Popular Posts – You can use this option provided by MonsterInsights to display posts within the text content of your blog posts. By using this option, you may boost the bounce rate of your blog.
  • Display Popular Products – Especially for eCommerce stores, MonsterInsights provides the option to display popular products in the best way. This feature is provided by MonsterInsights so that you can boost the profits of your WordPress blog.

Customization Options for Popular Posts List

One of the pros of going with MonsterInsights to display popular posts is that it offers various customization options.

You can easily customize the popular posts list as per the theme of your blog.

There are different colors and different fonts available for you to customize the popular posts list perfectly.

MonsterInsights’ Special Feature : Contextual Insights

If you want your business website or your blog to achieve maximum growth, you need to make sure that you’re trying your best to get the maximum traffic.

With MonsterInsights, you’ll be able to get instant notifications regarding your site’s performance within the plugin itself.

These insights will help you to boost your website’s traffic and performance.

Contextual Insights feature will help you in using specific statistics to boost conversions on your website.

Here is an example of how the Contextual Insights feature works and how you’ll get maximum benefits by using this feature for your website.

Contextual Insights Feature of MonsterInsights Plugin

How to Display a Popular Posts List using MonsterInsights?

Let me list down the different steps you should follow to display a popular posts list by using the very popular MonsterInsights plugin.

  • Install the MonsterInsights Pro plugin.
  • Install and activate the “Dimensions Addon”.
  • Set up the Post Type custom dimension. You need to have a look at this guide to set the custom dimensions.
  • If you’ve set up the custom dimensions just now, then you need to wait for a day or two.
  • Thereafter, you need to select the preferred way to sort the Popular Posts.
  • Add the Top 5 Posts using Google Analytics.
  • In the end, you’ll need to click on the “Check Configuration” button.

If you’re unable to display popular posts even after following the above-mentioned steps, then you need to contact the support team of MonsterInsights.

Why Display a Popular Posts List on your WordPress blog?

  • To boost pageviews of selected posts.
  • Lower the bounce rate by making your visitors visit the top posts at your blog.
  • Make your readers know the best posts on your blog.
  • Get more engagement on your popular posts and make them rank higher in the Google search engine.

Other Best WordPress Plugins to Display Popular Posts List

  • WordPress Popular Posts
  • WP-PostRatings
  • Trending/Popular Post Slider and Widget
  • Top-10 Popular Posts Plugin
  • WP Most Popular
  • Jetpack
  • Post Hit Counter
  • Most and Least Read Posts Widget

I’ve not reviewed the other plugins mentioned above, but I’ll definitely review some of the best popular posts plugin for WordPress in the future.

Why Choose MonsterInsights to Display Popular Posts?

You must be thinking that why I’m recommending you to make use of the MonsterInsights plugin.

The main reason is that I don’t want you to invest in a plugin with a single function.

Popular posts feature is an additional feature of MonsterInsights, while mainly it is a very popular Google Analytics plugin.

It is said to be one of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress blogs, and that’s because of its premium features.

You can even compare MonsterInsights with the other best Google Analytics plugins.

Some of the other best features of MonsterInsights are conversion tracking, event tracking, EU Compliance, etc.

MonsterInsights will also help you to share your blog’s Analytics report easily.

I hope I’ve provided you a perfect solution to display popular posts on your WordPress blog in the best way. Will you use the MonsterInsights plugin to display popular posts on your blog?


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