Why Choose Blogging as Your Career?(Pros and Cons)

Are you thinking of choosing professional blogging as your career?

Want to know the pros and cons of choosing professional blogging as a full-time career?

There are many benefits and disadvantages of choosing professional blogging as a career, and you need to know them if you’re selecting blogging as your career.

Everyone wants to make money online regularly, but choosing an online earning opportunity as a career can be a difficult decision.

It is necessary you know the reasons to choose blogging as your career to know if it is going to be a perfect decision for your life.

Professional Blogging as a Career: Advantages and Disadvantages

Reasons to Choose Professional Blogging as Your Career (Pros)

1. Long Term Passive Income.

One of the main goals of any blogger who starts blogging online is to earn a long-term passive income.

Blogging gives benefits over the long term, and that’s why people choose to blog over other ways of earning money online.

If your blog starts ranking for more keywords in the future, then your blogging income can even multiply by 10 times.

Long-term passive income is one reason that makes people choose blogging as a career.

If you’re someone who writes on trending topics only, then you may fail to generate passive income from your blog for the long term.

You need to write evergreen content regularly for earning passive income over the years.

Many bloggers have written evergreen content on their blogs for 4 to 5 years, and now they’re able to earn a decent passive income from their professional blog.

2. Makes a Person Become a Better Content Writer.

Blogging brings a massive change in a person’s life, making a person become a better content writer.

If you’re someone who really wants to improve your writing skills, then just keep writing content for your blog regularly.

Once you become habitual in writing blog posts, you can even make a career as a paid guest blogging expert.

Many professional bloggers don’t only publish content on their blog but also publish content on various popular blogs as guest bloggers.

If you fail to become a good content writer even after writing for your blog for a few years, you need to work harder and regularly analyze your writing skills.

3. Helps in Developing Different Skills.

Blogging makes a person develop good writing skills, but it leads to total development.

Apart from writing skills, one becomes better at speaking, better at communicating with clients, gaining SEO skills, and much more.

Do check out my post, which mentions the best blogging skills.

If you think that you cannot get a good job due to a lack of skills, you can start blogging as a hobby to develop your skills.

4. The Best Work from Home Opportunity to Make Money for a Long Term.

The pandemic made us understand that it is necessary to know how to make money by working from home.

Blogging is definitely one of the best work-from-home opportunities available to everyone.

Not even youngsters, but even people who have retired from their job can start blogging and use this best work-from-home opportunity.

There are numerous ways one can earn money online, but there is no other best way than blogging to earn for the long term by working from home itself.

If you know of any other best work-from-home opportunities, leave a comment below this blog post.

5. Online Popularity as a Successful Blogger.

Online popularity is one reason that makes people select blogging as a career.

Once you start gaining a good number of visitors, your blog will start gaining popularity.

Your blog’s popularity will make you a famous blogger.

Once you’re known in the blogosphere as a successful blog, you can develop your own services and products to increase your profits.

Many professional bloggers have become very popular online because of their skills, and another reason is that they’re earning an excellent passive income every month.

Why do Not Choose Blogging as Your Career? (Cons)

Look at the cons of blogging, too, as being extremely overconfident at the start of a blogging career is not good.

1. You need to work hard on your Writing Skills.

You need to have the investment to hire the best writers or improve your writing skills.

Most of the best bloggers are really good at writing.

I’ve been writing for 8 to 9 years, but then I took a break for a year or two.

I’m still trying to improve my writing skills by writing new content regularly, and I advise everyone to write more blog posts to improve their writing skills.

You need to also reduce the grammar and punctuation mistakes that you regularly commit while writing blog posts.

Grammarly and the other popular grammar tools shall solve your problem if you’re not improving your writing skills because of standard grammar and punctuation mistakes.

These grammar tools will help you reduce your grammar and punctuation mistakes, making you more professional.

2. Requires You to maintain a Good Social Media Presence.

Blogging is not like a job, as it requires you to do various different tasks regularly.

Writing content or making videos is not the only thing you need to do as a blogger.

You need to establish a good social media presence to gain enough social media followers for promoting your content.

Search engine traffic may not be enough to earn a lot of money from professional blogging.

Hence, I suggest all the bloggers target a good number of social media traffic to increase their income from professional blogging.

3. No Guaranteed Income (Job is Better for a Fixed Monthly Income).

Blogging doesn’t come with a guaranteed monthly income, and that’s why a very high percentage of people choose to do blogging as a hobby or as a part-time job.

Blogging can definitely become a career, but you shouldn’t leave your studies or your job for it.

You should aim at increasing your blogging income and only leave your job when you have an excellent monthly income from your blogs.

A job can definitely give you more stability, but you should remember that blogging would give you the advantage to work from home and time to try out more ways of making money.

4. You need to do Keyword Research Professionally.

I didn’t understand the importance of keyword research at the start of my blogging career, which I’ve learned over the years.

You need to use SEMrush to do keyword research professionally.

Apply for the free trial of SEMrush now to start doing keyword research in the best way.

A professional approach would help you in maximizing organic traffic.

Professional bloggers target the right keywords using SEMrush and SEMrush alternatives.

If you’re not using a good SEO tool for keyword research, you should definitely invest money in purchasing an SEO tool for a few months.

You should learn to invest your money in professional SEO tools to increase the search engine traffic to your blogs.

If you’re not getting enough organic traffic, one of the reasons could be the lack of a professional approach while doing keyword research.

Apart from keyword research, a good SEO tool like SEMrush would also help you analyze the keywords targeted by your competitors.

Professionally doing a competitor analysis would make you know some of the best keywords to increase organic traffic.

SEMrush is definitely the ultimate solution for professional bloggers to know such keywords, as well as its other best features like competitor analysis backlink analysis, is very useful.

5. Your blogging career may impact your Social Life.

Going to the office daily would help you have a fixed routine while working from home can sometimes become very troublesome.

As you can blog from your home itself, you may not have a fixed routine, and you may end up working the entire day.

It is even possible that you may not have enough friends just because you work from home, while others are going to their job.

If you don’t want to impact your social life, you can become active by attending blogging meets and events.

By attending blogging meets and events, you’ll be able to get new friends from the same work field, and socializing would help you not feel bored due to working from home for the long term.

Why Bloggers are you choosing full-time Blogging?

Let me tell you some of the reasons that have made some professional bloggers leave their job and take up full-time blogging as their career.

  • They’ve got a passion for full-time blogging.
  • Apart from blogging, they earn money online by providing different services.
  • They’re planning to come up with a StartUp in the future.
  • Having multiple numbers of blogs is helping them have a stable online income.
  • Choosing to blog as their career allows them to give time to their family business.

Why Start a Professional Blog Immediately?

If you keep waiting, then you’ll just keep delaying your goal of setting up a professional blog.

The competition is increasing every year, and that’s why this year and this month shall be the perfect time to start a professional blog immediately.

You shouldn’t lose the profits that you deserve to earn from your blogging skills.

Regular Passive Income from Blogging Career

My guide about starting a new blog would definitely help you launch a professional blog immediately.

Once you launch your professional blog, promote it over your social media profiles.

Conclusion: Professional Blogging Requires Passion

You can definitely become a professional blogger and make a lot of money online, but choosing it as a career would need a lot of passion.

Along with passion, you’ll need to have determination, patience, and dedication to earn from blogging regularly.

Professional blogging is becoming more competitive day by day, and that’s why you need to be more creative and hard working.

You can achieve a lot of success by choosing professional blogging as your career, but you need to remember that everything has its own pros and cons.

Forget the disadvantages of choosing blogging as a career and focus on it entirely.

Professional blogging may bring a massive change in your life, and you may end up earning regular passive income from it.

Are you going to choose professional blogging as your career? Share your thoughts about the benefits and disadvantages of choosing blogging as a career?


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