12 Best Blog Post Ideas to Get More Traffic

Are you striving hard to get more traffic to your blog? Are you unable to find the best blog post ideas?

Every blogger wants to bring maximum traffic to his blog as it is traffic that matters the most for bloggers.

An increase in the traffic will mean an increase in the revenue generated by a blog. Every blogger wants to achieve success with blogging, and that is only possible if the blog traffic increases.

Best Blog Most Ideas for More Traffic

Every blog post may not get a lot of traffic, but you can make this possible by spending a good time writing blog posts. I have realized that writing impressive blog posts is not a difficult job, but you just need to come out with new ideas regularly.

New ideas will make you write the best blog posts for your blog. A writer and blogger should always try to be creative by coming up with new blog post ideas.

In this post, I’ll make you know 12 blog post ideas to help you in publishing posts which can increase your blog’s traffic.

If you’ll go through this post, you’ll be able to understand what type of topics and content you need to cover on your blog.

12 Best Blog Post Ideas to Attract More Traffic

1. Interesting Topics Attract Readers

Nowadays, people don’t want to waste time reading content that is of no use to them. It is necessary that you find out interesting topics for writing blog posts.

Unique and new topics bring much more traffic than the same type of boring topics. If you think that I’m wrong, then you yourself can write a post on an interesting topic to know the difference.

Trending topics are very useful to attract more blogging traffic.

If you’ll write on the new trending topics instead of old topics, then you may see an instant boost in your blog traffic.

Many bloggers prefer to write on blogging topics that people are eager to read about. The reason for this is that eagerness and excitement makes people search online regularly.

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2. Posts Containing Images

Do you think that content is enough to attract readers?

Many readers may just love to read, but some readers may get bored if you have not included any interesting images in your blog posts.

You should always try to include images and even videos. If you’ll insert unrelated images and videos in a blog post, then your blog readers may definitely find you to be a crazy person and may not visit your blog again.

Include the appropriate images in your blog post, so that your blog readers will get impressed by your content quality as well as won’t’ feel that your content is boring.

Especially while writing about gadgets like smartphones or laptops, you can make use of more number of images as it will make your post look attractive. People who write stories can also make use of images to depict the main parts of the story.

3. List Posts Can Bring Good Traffic

What are List Posts?

Let me give you some examples of list posts so that you’ll understand the perfect meaning of it.

  • 10 Best Laptops which are Available within Rs 30,000
  • 10 Most Popular Indian Bloggers
  • 5 Best Tools for E-mail Marketing
  • 10 Best Tools for Keyword Research

So now you must have got a good idea about what is a list post. People find such posts very useful as such posts are very informative. You may find that some bloggers write such type of posts only as they think that investing time in writing such type of posts is the most perfect thing for them.

4. Review Tools, Apps, Plugins Etc – Write Detailed Reviews

I’ve already reviewed a plugin which is Subscribe to Comments. You’ll be able to find reviews of some other plugins too at my blog and soon I’m going to review some popular SEO tools.

People make use of a variety of tools, plugins, smartphone Apps, etc as all such things are very useful for different purposes. So if you use any plugin or a new App yourself, then you can definitely decide to write a review about it.

While writing reviews, I make sure that I make my readers know about the different features, how useful the tool or plugin can be, pricing details, and much more.

Check – Review of BlueHost Shared Hosting

5. Reveal Your Secret Ideas

If you’re someone who is an expert in building backlinks, then you can definitely reveal the unique ways using which you build backlinks for your blog.

Whenever you’ll reveal something new you may get a lot of traffic through social media as people love to know something which was not revealed to them still now. I often see many bloggers revealing their secret strategies by writing a blog post including all their secret strategies.

6. Argumentative Posts

Another type of post which you can write is a post that includes your personal opinion regarding something.

People who may not like your opinion may definitely write their arguments by commenting on the post.

Sometimes revealing the negative side of something is what may attract readers as they find you to be someone who always talks the truth.

7. Creative Posts – The New Trend

Are you someone who is very creative?

By being creative you may be able to definitely attract many more readers than you’re doing now.

So what you need to do?

You definitely need to write the most awesome quality content, but at the same time, you need to be creative. By being creative I recommend you to develop an infographic or interesting comic type of cartoon series.

By including a new infographic and some type of cartoon series in some blog posts you’ll be able to make some readers get totally attracted to your blog.

8. Ask Questions to Your Blog Readers

Last, but not least thing which you need to do is that you need to ask questions to your blog readers.

Many bloggers don’t succeed just because they don’t ask questions to their blog readers. Increasing interaction may also increase the number of social media shares that your blog posts get and this may make your blog posts become very popular on social media.

If you’re having a tech blog that covers reviews, then you can ask the opinion of your blog readers about the product that you’ve reviewed.

You may have definitely noticed that whenever I write any post I try to know the opinion of my blog readers on the same topic.

9. Arrange a Giveaway

Many blog post readers love to take part in giveaways arranged by bloggers.

A Giveaway can double or triple your blog traffic, especially if you can use social media in the best way.

By promoting a good Giveaway on various social media profiles having a good number of followers, you’ll be able to attract many new blog readers.

I too came up with a Giveaway on my blog in partnership with WPForms, and I was able to get good traffic to that particular blog post. Some of the people even gave a backlink to my content.

10. Traffic and Income Related Posts

There are few bloggers who don’t mind sharing their traffic states and their blogging income.

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind sharing each and every information related to your blog, then you can also write about your blog’s traffic and income.

By making your blog readers and new bloggers know your blogging income, you may definitely be able to motivate people and attract more readers to your blog.

Many top bloggers share their monthly blogging income regularly with their blog readers, and that makes people regular to their blogs.

Knowing that some of the top bloggers are earning a decent amount of profits from their blogs, new bloggers feel very excited to work hard on their blogs to achieve success with blogging.

11. Share Success Stories on Your Blog – Motivate People

Everyone likes to feel motivated, and the same goes for bloggers.

If you have a blogging niche blog, then you can share your story about getting success with blogging.

Even if you have another niche blog, then you may have some success stories that you may like to share with your blog readers.

Success stories make people feel good, and they get maximum social media sharing.

Sometimes, there is so much negativity around that reading a success story makes a person feel very happy and he may instantly share that particular post on his various social media profiles.

12. A Guide for Your Readers – (Blogging, Traffic, Tool)

A blogging or traffic guide is something which most of the new bloggers love to read.

If you’re using a particular SEO tool, then you can write a guide about it too.

I’ve already posted some blogging and traffic-related guides.

At the same time, I’ve posted some guides which will help you to use some of the best WordPress plugins.

Conclusion – Use Best Blog Post Ideas for Blogging Success

I hope that these ideas will help you to write posts which can bring a lot of traffic.

If you’ll not give proper time for writing blog posts, then you will never achieve your goal of making your blog the most popular blog online.

You can definitely make your blog popular just by writing 2/3 posts in a week, but these posts should be the best blog posts. Did you like going through my best blog post ideas to get more traffic? Can you share some more blog post ideas?


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