Which Skills You Can Learn from Successful Bloggers?

Want to be a successful blogger? Learn the best skills from successful bloggers to achieve your blogging goals.

You must have heard the saying which is “Spending time with the right people is crucial”. I have got a new thought to follow which is “Follow Successful Bloggers and Become Like Them”.

Achieving success as a blogger is not as difficult as you think. It is all about improving your skills and working continuously to achieve blogging goals.

These bloggers have become very popular because they have achieved maximum success with their blogs.

They’ve done things differently than others, and that’s why they have got more recognition in the blogosphere.

In this post, I shall make you know the benefits of following the most successful bloggers.

By knowing the blogging skills that you’ll be learning by following the popular bloggers, you’ll be motivated to connect with more bloggers in the long run.

If you’ve always thought that how you can learn to blog completely (A to Z about Blogging), then this post shall solve your problem.

I shall also make you know some of the most successful international bloggers as well as the bloggers who’re very popular in the Indian blogosphere.

I’m specifically talking about some of the most successful bloggers who’ve got a lot of success because of their pro-blogging skills and they’ve made a lot of money from affiliate marketing.

By following these bloggers, you may improve your blogging skills much faster than you’ve been doing currently.

Once you’ll learn the skills possessed by these bloggers and the strategies used by them, then you’ll be able to work harder and gain the same blogging success.

Best Skills of Bloggers

Different Skills to Gain from Successful Bloggers

I’m mentioning some of the most important skills that you’ll gain by following successful bloggers and interacting with them.

1. Bloggers possess the Best Writing Skills

Every blogger may not be the best writer, but definitely, it is necessary that one keeps improving the writing skills.

I don’t believe that every post needs to be written in the same style, as I believe that one must just go with the flow while writing blog posts for his blog.

Most of the successful bloggers write themselves and sometimes they hire writers.

It is necessary that you improve your writing skills if you want to keep on blogging for years.

The only best way to improve writing skills is by reading a lot and writing a lot.

If you’re trying to be a better writer day by day, then you can also make use of Grammarly, the best proofreading tool.

You can learn new writing styles as well as how to write SEO-Optimized content by following the most successful bloggers.

2. Branding Strategies

Branding helps a lot if someone wants to gain popularity and more popularity brings in more trust and value.

The importance and value of branding have kept on increasing over the years, and bloggers are using new branding strategies to make their presence felt in the blogging world.

I’ve already written many posts on branding and if you think that you want to brand yourself or your blog, then you shouldn’t miss out on reading these blog posts.

3. Social Media Marketing Skills

Social media marketing when done in the right way can double or triple your blog traffic.

Bloggers are making use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social marketing platforms in the best way to achieve their traffic goals. If you really want to achieve huge traffic growth, then just follow the best social media marketing techniques by following the social media profiles of popular bloggers.

4. Determination and Patience

If you blog for 2 to 3 years and then stop, would that bring you the online success that you desire to achieve?

Determination and patience both are necessary for becoming a successful blogger.

Some of the successful bloggers have been blogging for 10 to 15 years, and they have achieved their peak during the last 2-3 years.

This makes me understand that one needs to work hard with patience and keep on improving his blogging skills to get maximum success as a blogger.

5. Affiliate Marketing Skills

Successful bloggers are earning a lot of money by targeting the right products and using their other affiliate marketing skills.

You too can make a lot of money from affiliate marketing by learning affiliate marketing skills.

I shall be posting many blog posts regularly about affiliate marketing and I’ve already posted a few.

You must check the review of ShareASale affiliate platform if you’ve not yet started your affiliate marketing journey. I started my affiliate marketing journey with ShareASale, and you too should start making money from affiliate marketing as immediately as you can.

6. Search Engine Optimization Skills

Knowing the basic On-Page SEO as well as Off-Page SEO basics is very necessary for getting success as a blogger.

These bloggers have optimized their blogs in the best way, and that’s why by visiting these blogs regularly, you’ll be able to make your On-Page SEO skills better.

Also, having a good blog design is necessary.

If you can invest money, then definitely you must buy one of the best WordPress themes which are recommended by me and other bloggers.

Keyword research is a very important part of SEO, and there are many free as well as paid keyword tools available online. If you want to rank for the maximum keywords, then it is necessary that you purchase the best SEO tool. Do check out the SEMrush keyword research tool which is one of the most popular paid keyword research tools. It is a keyword research tool recommended by many successful and popular bloggers.

Until you’ll learn the best SEO skills, you may not be able to achieve massive success with your blog.

You can even start an SEO company if you prove that you have the skills to achieve top Google ranking for any type of keywords.

There are many SEO gurus and SEO companies that are making a lot of money. The scope of SEO will never reduce as people want to rank not only long-form content but also videos on the first page of the Google search engine.

7. Working with Determination to Increase Traffic

If you want to increase your blog’s traffic, then definitely you can learn a lot from these bloggers.

They don’t only get good traffic from the search engines, but also a lot of traffic from sources like Quora, YouTube, etc.

You can learn that they don’t rely on a specific traffic source as they understand the value of diversification.

Many new bloggers have been able to boost their blog’s traffic by developing their skills and by following some specific strategies to increase traffic.

Blogging is like entrepreneurship. It takes a lot of time. You’ll be able to get success only if you’ll put in efforts continuously.

8. Social Skills

These bloggers are not only good at blogging and SEO, but they also socialize with people in the best way.

They attend events and meet new people regularly.

Some bloggers are also very active on YouTube now.

I myself am not that fond of making videos on YouTube as it requires a lot of time, but I may definitely start podcasting in the future. I can say that I’m trying to develop the skills for podcasting as of now, and my maximum focus is upon writing good blog posts for my blog.

Few Successful Bloggers Whom You Should Follow

Neil Patel is one of the most popular bloggers who I follow regularly. He is known as an “SEO KING” and his blog ranks on the top of Google Search Engine for many keywords. I have learned a lot of things related to SEO and different strategies to increase blog traffic by reading his various blogs.

Another international blogger whom I follow is Jeff Bullas. He is a very successful Australian blogger and he mainly writes about Internet Marketing on his blog.

I regularly follow Harsh Agarwal who is a very successful Indian blogger and his blog ShoutMeLoud has gained massive success. He is an engineer by profession and has been running his blog for many years. He is very popular in the Indian blogosphere and now his YouTube videos are also gaining popularity.

Successful bloggers who’re known to me are running many blogs or are having multiple sources of online income. They’ve worked work hard for 10 years and more. If you want to learn multi-tasking, then you must definitely follow these bloggers. Am sorry that I won’t be able to mention all the successful bloggers as the list is very long.

If you’ll visit the blogs of these bloggers, then you’ll be able to even know their monthly and yearly income. The most interesting fact is that some of these bloggers also publish their blog’s income reports regularly. The only reason they do so is that they want to motivate other bloggers to focus more on their blogs.

Even the bloggers who have failed to bring traffic to their blog must feel better by knowing the success journey of these bloggers. Making money online from blogging definitely requires a lot of skills, consistency, and determination, but in the end, success brings a lot of happiness. If you’ve failed to be a successful blogger, then you must definitely gain the skills that these bloggers have.

I hope that you’ll soon learn the best blogging skills that these successful bloggers already possess. By having these skills, you’ll be able to become a very successful blogger in the long term. Do share the name of the bloggers that you follow and the things you’ve learned from them.


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