How to Build a Blog That Attracts Readers?

I started My Blogging Ideas especially to provide my ideas about blogging to newbies as well as those who’re already earning money doing blogging. This post is especially for newbies or those bloggers who have still now not been able to build a successful blog. If you think that you have not built a perfect blog for yourself still now, then definitely going through this post may help you out.

Daily new blogs are built worldwide, but every blog doesn’t become successful. Building a successful blog requires planning and proper implementation of the ideas.

In this post I’ll make my blog readers know that how they can make a blog which attracts readers. You’ll be able to know the points which need to be considered while building a new blog.

Building a Blog that can get lot of New Readers Regularly


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1. Select an Easy to Remember Domain Name

A domain name should be selected according to the niche. Many people believe that one of the keywords should be included in the domain name. As per my experience, inclusion of a keyword in domain name is definitely helpful, but some people believe in having an unique domain name for their blog.

One of the main things you should remember while picking a domain name for your new blog is that you should try to select a domain which is easy to remember. I selected ‘My Blogging Ideas‘ as the domain as I think that it will be easy to remember for my blog readers.

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2. Purchase Hosting from a Reputed Provider

Some bloggers think that they can purchase hosting from any service provider as hosting doesn’t matters much.

According to me, buying hosting from good service provider is very much important. Your blog should load fast as it will make the readers go through your blog easily without getting frustrated. Readers don’t like blogs which load very slow and they may not come to your blog again.

Never go for cheap hosting plans unless you know that the hosting service provider is a reputed one.

One of the important things that you need to consider while buying a hosting package for yourself is the type of support provided by the hosting service provider. Always try to check out yourself that whether the hosting service provider is providing 24 hours support or not.

Investing few dollars more for buying a good hosting package will definitely be a good decision. Soon I’ll try to review some good hosting service providers.

3. A Good Logo is a Must

The next thing you don’t need to miss out on is getting a good logo designed for your blog from a professional designer. You may be thinking that hiring a professional logo designer is not necessary for now, but you’re wrong. I will suggest you to get a good logo before writing the first post for your blog.

A good looking logo is very much important as it can be helpful in leaving good impression in the mind of readers. I hope that you liked the logo on the blog. You can let me know your feedback about my blog’s logo.

4. Select a Good Theme

Once you have got a good domain name, hosting and a good logo, then you need to start your search for a good theme.

A good theme is a theme which not only makes the blog look good and professional, but also make the blog load very fast. If you’re building your first blog, then you can go for a free theme for now and later on you can buy a paid theme for your blog.

My blog works on Genesis Framework. I’ll also suggest you to buy Genesis Framework as child themes which work on Genesis Framework make the blog look very professional.

5. ON Page SEO is Important

Before you start writing content for your blog, you should try to do proper ON Page SEO for your blog.

I find that many newbies don’t have the required knowledge about ON Page SEO. If you’re a newbie, I’ll advice you to go through some posts regarding basic ON Page SEO tips. In future I’ll also cover some tips on doing ON Page SEO properly.

You won’t become an expert in doing ON Page SEO in few days as it will require months. It is necessary that a blogger should try to keep on increasing his knowledge regarding ON Page and also OFF Page SEO.

6. Start Writing Awesome Content for Your Blog

I already wrote a post in which I made my blog readers know about the importance of writing good quality content.

Many times after writing few posts some bloggers fail to get ideas for writing content for their blog. It is that’s why I recommend bloggers to regularly keep thinking about the topic of the next blog post. Generating content ideas is an art which you’ll learn with time.

If you’re not good in writing content, then you can definitely think about hiring a professional content writer for your blog. In the start you may hire writers who write at an affordable price, while in future you can decide to hire a writer who can provide you with the best type of content.

7. Start Guest Posting and Commenting on Other Blogs

The next thing which you need to do is that you need to start guest posting and commenting on other blogs.

Value of guest posting seems to be reduced now as building natural backlinks has become more important. Blog commenting can definitely be one of the best ways for making other bloggers know about your blog. When you’ll comment on other blogs, it is definitely possible that your blog may also start getting more comments than what it is getting now.

8. Make Your Own Social Media Marketing Strategies

Online Markting for Making a Blog Successful


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According to me, a blog cannot succeed without good social media promotion.

Making good social marketing strategies is very important. You need to know the social networking sites at which you need to promote your blog posts. It is necessary that you should promote your blog posts on social networking sites in a way that the promotion brings maximum number of new readers.

Another thing that you need to remember is that you need to share posts on social networking sites at the right time. Sharing posts at night time when none of the bloggers from your country is online may be of no use. With experience you’ll definitely understand that what is the right time to share posts at various social networking sites.

I promote blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and some other platforms. Do check out tips for getting good traffic from Google +.

9. Determination is Important for Making a Blog Successful

Even after doing all things properly, you may not get success with your blog and this may frustrate you. Getting success from blogging is not as easy as some think. You need to be determined and keep working hard for getting success from blogging.

I hope that my post made you understand that how you too can build a blog that attracts readers. Do you have any other tips for building a successful blog? I hope that you’ll share your tips for building a successful blog by leaving a comment below this post.


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