How to Comply Your Google Analytics with the CCPA Easily?

If you’re having a blog or an online shopping store or any other form of website, then you may need to make sure that your website’s Google Analytics complies with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Organizations in the United States need to know everything about this new law.

Most of the website and blog owners make use of Google Analytics as it is the most useful tool for tracking the visitors.

Complying with the CCPA is not necessary for everyone and you’ll understand if you need to comply your Google Analytics with CCPA after going this informative blog post.

Legal Disclaimer: Kindly note that this post is written for informative purposes only. 100% legal compliance may not be possible by using the method mentioned by me in this blog post. You should make sure that you consult the right legal attorney in California to know more about the compliance procedure. Also, do not consider this post as legal advice. I’m just writing this post as a blogger to provide some useful information to my blog readers.

General Information About CCPA

CCPA is the new comprehensive data protection law in the United States. This law came into effect on 1st January, 2020 and now it has become enforceable from 1st July, 2020.

There are certain reasons for the formation of this new data protection law.

The main reason is that they want organizations to make the people know about the data they’re collecting about them, the way they use it, and other necessary information.

This new law is very useful for the residents of California as it provides them with different rights. Some of the rights are as follows:

  • Right to have data deleted
  • Right to be Informed
  • Right to Equal Services and Equal Price
  • Right to Opt-Out

California residents can now make sure that their data is protected and it will ensure that there is no improper use of data by the organizations in the USA.

Does Everyone Need to Comply with the CCPA?

No, everyone doesn’t need to comply their Google Analytics with the CCPA.

Only those organizations which meet certain conditions need to comply with CCPA as otherwise, they will have to face a penalty.

If you own an organization in the United States, then definitely check out some of the conditions mentioned below:

  • You buy, receive or sell personal information of 50,000 or more consumers, devices or households.
  • If your 50% or more of your annual revenue is from selling consumer’s personal information.
  • Your annual gross revenue is $25 million or higher.

I hope that you’ve understood that whether your organization needs to comply with the CCPA.

How to Install Google Analytics Easily?

If you’re looking to install Google Analytics first, and then comply with the CCPA, then don’t worry.

Installing Google Analytics is no longer a hectic job.

There is a plugin that has made the installation much easier.

The plugin is none other than Monster Insights. I recommend you to immediately purchase the Monster Insights plugin so that you’ll be able to make use of the full-fledged version of it and track the visitors very easily.

You can also go through the guide to install Google Analytics using Monster Insights at my blog if you’re not knowing the way to install it.

Steps for Making Your Google Analytics Comply with the CCPA

Here are the various steps that you’ll need to follow if you want to make sure that your website’s Google Analytics is complying with the CCPA.

  • Install the Monster Insights Plugin.
  • Go to Insights>>Addons>>EU Compliance.
  • Install and Activate the EU Compliance Addon.

Comply Google Analytics with CCPA

  • After activating the Addon, you need to go to Insights >> Settings >> Engagement.
  • Scroll down to EU Compliance and change the settings as well as disable the tracking features as required.
  • Create an Opt-Out Consent box by making use of an opt-out consent box plugin. You can make use of popular plugins like CookieBot or Cookie Notice.
  • Update your Privacy Policy page as required under the CCPA.

You may have thought complying the Google Analytics will take a lot of time, but you were wrong.

Monster Insights has made things very easier. Once you purchase the Monster Insights plugin, you may even contact their team to ask any of your queries.

I hope that the information provided by me will help you in making sure that your Google Analytics complies with the CCPA. Monster Insights has made many things easier for bloggers and website owners. I shall be providing you with more useful information about this best Google Analytics plugin in the future too.

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