How to Start a WordPress Blog Successfully in 2024?(Free and Paid)

Want to start a Profitable WordPress Blog in 2024? Are you struggling to make money online?

Let me solve your problems today by providing a short blogging guide to make money online by successfully starting a new WordPress blog in 2024.

This post is mainly for those who want to start a paid WordPress blog. You’ll find a small guide for starting a free blog at the end of this post.

Newbies can achieve success by deciding to launch a new blog in 2024. You need to know the basics properly so you don’t waste crucial time establishing your blog.

How to Start a New Profitable Blog?

Beginners should definitely start a new blog in 2024 without delay, as beginning at the right time is crucial.

Blogging has evolved over the years, and that’s why becoming a professional blogger requires a lot of skills.

The increasing number of bloggers in India and other countries has made blogging a competitive field.

You can generate a continuous income from blogging by gaining the right blogging skills and following the necessary steps to start a new blog.

Starting a new blog is not as difficult as you think. You can become a successful blogger by putting in the required time and effort.

Check out my short blogging guide below to start a new blog and earn good profits regularly.

Disclaimer: Buying some of the products using the affiliate links in this post will make me earn a small commission.

Don’t miss out on checking my guide to starting a blog for free at the end of this post.

Table of Contents

Why You Should Start a New Blog in 2024?

Launching a new blog this year could be the best thing for making the maximum amount of money online.

Here are a few reasons to start a new blog immediately:

  • To become the best content writer.
  • To explore social media and establish a digital marketing firm.
  • Becoming the best at SEO and then getting recognized as an SEO expert.
  • Establish your blog as your brand to promote your services.
  • Decide to start a new blog and make it an authority blog in a few months to make a lot of money by using affiliate marketing.

 How to Start a WordPress Blog Successfully? – A Short Guide

1. Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche.

Choosing the Right Profitable Niche for Blogging

Choosing a profitable blogging niche is necessary to achieve success as a blogger.

The profits and income you earn from blogging also depend on the blogging niche you have chosen for yourself.

You need to select a blogging niche that is highly profitable.

If you select the wrong niche, you won’t be able to achieve your blogging goals.

The right blogging niche will make you earn passive income for the long term.

Profitable Blogging Niches to Start a New Blog

  1. Make Money Online.
  2. Technology.
  3. Blogging. (Includes SEO and Affiliate Marketing)
  4. Health and Fitness.
  5. Fashion.
  6. Travel.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Blogging Niche

  • Revenue Potential.
  • Affiliate Marketing Scope.
  • Your interest in the specific niche.
  • Your knowledge about the topics.
  • Knowing the potential high-paying keywords.

2. Buy the Right Domain Name.

Buying a good short domain name is necessary to get success from blogging.

A short, brandable domain name will make you earn long-term passive income from your blog.

Remember that choosing a non-brandable domain name may cause problems in the future.

You must invest your time in searching for a short, brandable domain name.

I’d definitely like to help you find a perfect domain name for your new blog.

Let me tell you some of the crucial factors you need to consider to select a perfect domain name for your new blog.

Factors to Consider to Buy a Perfect Domain Name

  • Select a short domain name.
  • Always go for a domain name ending with .com.
  • Don’t use numbers and hyphens.
  • Select a brandable domain name.
  • Easy to remember domain and an attractive domain name.
  • Use tools and auctions to find the right domain name.
  • Don’t copy others to find a perfect domain name.

3. Buy the Right Hosting account for your New Blog.

Purchasing a good domain name is not enough. You need to also buy a good hosting account for your new blog.

If you’re looking for the best affordable shared hosting for your new blog, then you need to go for BlueHost’s shared hosting plan.

BlueHost is one of the most reputed shared hosting providers, and that’s why bloggers prefer BlueHost shared hosting to start a new blog.

During the BlackFriday sale, there was a massive sale on BlueHost hosting.

You shouldn’t miss out on reading my complete BlueHost hosting review if you want to choose shared hosting for your new blog.

If you’re someone who can invest a good amount of money to purchase the right hosting for your new blog, then you should go for a managed cloud hosting account.

CloudWays managed cloud hosting account is definitely one of the recommended options for new blogs.

Choosing a non-reputed company to buy a hosting account would land you in various problems.

Bloggers should read the best shared hosting reviews before purchasing a hosting plan for their new blog.

Factors to Consider while Buying a Hosting Service for a New Blog

  • Reliability.
  • Reputation.
  • Availability of Customer Support Service.
  • Renewal Price.
  • Backup Option.
  • SSL and the price for it.
  • Option to switch over to a better hosting plan.

4. Buy a Responsive WordPress Theme for your Blog.

Having a responsive WordPress theme for your blog is necessary to earn regular profits from your blog.

GeneratePress is one of your new blog’s most recommended responsive WordPress themes.

One of the reasons bloggers prefer GeneratePress compared to the other responsive WordPress themes is that it is very lightweight.

If you want your new blog to be one of the fastest-loading blogs, then you should definitely go for GeneratePress.

Google definitely gives a lot of importance to speed regarding search engine rankings, and that’s why I prefer GeneratePress.

I recently started using the accessible version of GeneratePress for one of my blogs, and I’ve started getting more organic traffic to my blog.

You can purchase the premium version of GeneratePress for your new blog if you’ve decided that you’re ready to invest money in starting a new blog professional.

The current price of GeneratePress is $59 only, and if you get the best discount on it, then it may cost very affordable.

I regularly write about the best responsive WordPress themes for new blogs so that you can start your blogging journey with a professional WordPress theme.

Investing in a premium professional WordPress theme could be a tough decision to make, but that will definitely give you massive success in your blogging journey at the start itself.

5. Install the Best WordPress Plugins.

You must install the best WordPress plugins to get success with blogging.

If you’re not choosing the right plugins for your blog, you may not be able to achieve the best functionality with your blog.

The best SEO plugin is SEO Yoast, the best security plugin is iThemes Security. Both are a must for a new blog.

List of Best WordPress Plugins

  • BackWpUp
  • JetPack by WordPress.
  • Optimole for Image Optimization.
  • BackWpUp for taking backup of your WordPress blog.
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Broken Link Checker
  • A Form Builder Plugin

You should read my blog post about the best and useful WordPress plugins to get more information about some of the other best WordPress plugins which new bloggers should definitely use.

6. Start Writing Quality Content for your Blog.

You can’t succeed with blogging if you don’t believe that you can write very high-quality content.

Producing high-quality content regularly is a tough job, and that’s why some bloggers hire writers for their new blogs.

Even if hiring writers for a new blog is a good option, it is not necessary to provide you the satisfaction you need.

You need to work on your writing skills regularly, produce the best content, improve your writing skills, and continuously work hard to achieve your blogging goals.

Reading motivational quotes can be pretty valuable if you need some motivation to write quality content for your new blog.

Why use Grammarly to check the grammar and punctuation mistakes?

  • The best tool to check grammar and punctuation mistakes.
  • Very reliable.
  • Used by famous writers and bloggers.
  • A very high rating in comparison to the other grammar checking tools.
  • The best suggestions to improve your writing style, tone, and use the best language.

Have a look at Grammarly and its best alternatives to easily check grammar and punctuation mistakes.

7. Proper On-Page SEO and High-Quality Backlinks.

You can’t succeed with blogging if you don’t use proper On-Page SEO.

Some tools and websites may help you check for the On-Page SEO of your blog or website.

Make sure that you’re using the proper title, description, and blog settings are as per the On-Page SEO recommendations suggested by the popular SEO experts.

SEO experts make a lot of money as they know the best On-Page SEO techniques that can help a blog rank higher in the Google Search Engine.

I recommend SEO Yoast and RankMath WordPress plugins to implement proper On-Page SEO for your blog posts.

You can select one out of the 2 popular SEO plugins. I recommend bloggers use SEO Yoast as it is highly reliable, and I’m using the same plugin to rank my blog posts higher in the search engine.

8. Join the Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms to Make Money Regularly.

I recommend you immediately join my favorite Affiliate platform for blogging niche bloggers.

I recommend this platform because there are various options available, and you can make money regularly.

The increasing number of merchants is one of the reasons that I recommend this affiliate marketing platform for all the new bloggers.

Once you start your blogging journey, you should try to publish content regularly and then join this affiliate marketing platform.

I know that there are many other affiliate marketing platforms, but this platform can help you to understand the scope of affiliate marketing.

Starting a WordPress blog related to themes, plugins, hosting, social media marketing, and SEO tools is definitely a goal of many.

The best affiliate marketing platform will allow you to find the best merchants and the best products easily.

Many people don’t understand why most bloggers recommend affiliate marketing.

The reason is that affiliate marketing can become a regular income source, unlike some other ways to make money from a blog.

Why Affiliate Marketing is the best method to make money from a blog?

  • Regular income.
  • Recurring commissions.
  • Very high-paying affiliate programs can make you earn a considerable amount of money in a short period.
  • No need to wait for new advertisers.
  • You can write various blog posts to get sales for a particular product.
  • The scope of affiliate marketing is increasing day by day.
  • Affiliate marketing guides have made affiliate marketing more accessible than before.
  • Affiliate marketing is the primary source of income for most bloggers.
  • Making money from affiliate marketing is not that difficult.
  • You can become an affiliate marketing expert and make more money by guiding others in earning money from affiliate marketing.

9. Use SEMrush to Find the Most Profitable Keywords.

SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools for finding the most profitable keywords.

For me, the most profitable keywords are the keywords that can provide the maximum organic traffic.

For most people, profitable keywords are the keywords that have the highest CPC rate. These keywords make them earn the maximum amount of money if they decide to display ads on their blog.

As I go with my own thinking, SEMrush helps me find the most profitable keywords.

I use SEMrush to find a variety of long-tail keywords with decent search volume.

At the same time, SEMrush helps me find short keywords that are searched the most.

By targeting a combination of short and long-tail keywords, I can drive more organic traffic to my blog.

So if you want the keywords that can help you to increase your blog’s organic traffic,  you need to use SEMrush.

SEMrush is a perfect keyword research tool for different niche bloggers.

It has a huge database and the best features allowing a user to customize the keyword research in the best way.

More than 5 billion searches are made every day, so you should use SEMrush to know the keywords that people are searching for regularly. Achieving success with keyword research has become more accessible due to SEMrush.

Example of using SEMrush to find Profitable Keywords

As I’m doing affiliate marketing, I used SEMrush to see some of the best profitable keywords related to affiliate marketing.

In the future, I’ll cover more of such examples of using SEMrush to find the most profitable keywords.

How to find Profitable Keywords using SEMrush?

Purchase SEMrush or Start the Free Trial using this link if you want to find the most profitable keywords for more organic traffic

Pro Tip:

Have your own keyword research strategy while using SEMrush. You may make your blog the most profitable one by regularly targeting the right keywords.

10. Use Elementor to Create the Most Profitable Landing Pages

Most professional bloggers use Elementor to create the most profitable landing pages.

Elementor is one of the recommended plugins to build such landing pages.

If you’re a blogger who focuses on Call to Action strategy, you need to invest your money to purchase Elementor.

Elementor will help you pick the best colors and fonts for designing very good landing pages for your blog.

I don’t want you to fail in creating professional landing pages, and that’s why I recommend new bloggers to use Elementor.

I did try out Elementor once, but I’m not able to give time to build professional land pages, and the reason is that I’m focusing on writing quality content for my blogs.

Currently, Elementor is the best WordPress plugin to create professional and profitable landing plugins.

You must start using this plugin to make more money from your blog by creating professional landing pages.

11. Establish Yourself as a Brand over the Various Social Media Sites

Social media marketing is an important part and parcel of every blogger’s blogging journey.

Unless you establish yourself as a brand over the different social networking platforms, you won’t get good social media to reach your blog.

You must keep gaining new followers over platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tooter, etc, to make your blog famous through social media.

You need not copy other bloggers to make your blog more profitable, as you can have your own writing style and strategies.

Blogging definitely has a lot of scope, but you need to make sure that you’re using the power of SEO and social media to regularly increase the total traffic to your blog.

Why Social Media traffic is crucial for making more money from your blog?

  • More Exposure.
  • An increasing number of followers means a regular increase in the number of blog readers.
  • More traffic sources.
  • It will help you in reaching your target audience.

Tip for Social Media Marketing

Apart from social networking sites, also be active on the question and answer sites like Quora, blogging communities, etc. Focus on different blogging sources to bring more traffic to your blog.

12. Use Email Marketing to Get Maximum Online Success

Email marketing has become a crucial way of maximizing blogging income for many bloggers.

You need to increase your email subscribers to earn more profits.

Achieving online success is not that difficult. It is all about having a passion for blogging.

You can learn advanced email marketing skills from the best email marketers to maximize your blogging profits.

If you want your blogging profits to be double or triple, then having a good list of email subscribers could be one of the solutions for you.

How to Increase Email Subscribers for More Profits?

  • Write the best quality content to attract subscribers.
  • Make the readers know that you’ll be sharing useful stuff by sending emails.
  • Use content locking and exit-intent technology.
  • Make use of new strategies to ensure that the readers subscribe to your email list.
  • Make your subscribers recommend others to subscribe to your emails.

13. Keep Improving Your Blogging Skills to Make More Money

If you get success with blogging, then you shouldn’t stop.

You should aim to not only make more money from blogging but also to improve your blogging skills.

New bloggers often forget that the competition is going to keep on increasing.

If you don’t improve your blogging skills, you may lack behind the other bloggers.

You may not be competing with anyone, but if you want to get maximum traffic, you definitely need to compete.

Improve your blogging skills regularly by following the best bloggers of different countries, writing regularly, using other SEO tools, and keep trying new things with the motive to achieve maximum success.

14. Focus on Making Money Online from Blogging

You need to stay very focused if you want to get long-term success with blogging.

Blogging is not a short-term plan to make money online. It is a long-term journey of improving writing skills, becoming an SEO expert, and doing social media marketing in the best way.

If you don’t focus on making a decent amount of money from blogging every month, then success with blogging will become difficult.

You need to focus on improving your blogging skills, try different ways to make money from your blog, find ways to improve the search engine ranking for your blog posts, and much more.

If you focus more on your blogging journey and take action, your result will be better.

How to Start a Free Blog?

If you don’t have the budget to start a paid blog, you also have the option to start a free blog.

Here are some ways to start a free blog without any investment.

    • You can use the free to start your personal blog. There are very limited features that you get when you choose to start a free blog using WordPress. This could be a good option if you don’t know much about blogging.
    • Wix offers a free website-building tool. They also have paid website-building packages for those who want to build a good website or blog. One of the benefits of choosing Wix to start your website or blog is that it offers a wide range of free and premium templates.
    • You can even start your free blog using Medium. One of the benefits of starting a free blog using Medium is that you’ll be able to reach a vast audience even with a free blog.
    • Blogger also gives you the option to start a free blog. You have the option to purchase a domain name later if you don’t have the budget for it currently.
    • Weebly is a very good website that helps to create a free blog or website. Check out best offers from Weebly now.

Benefits of Choosing Weebly to Create a Free Blog or Website

There are various benefits of creating a free blog or website using Weebly. Here are some of the best advantages of using Weebly.

  • Easy signup – No wastage of your crucial time.
  • Various free and premium themes.
  • Easy setup using the drag-and-drop feature.
  • Weebly is getting popular like Wix.
  • Affordable premium packages for those who love to create blogs or websites using Weebly.
  • Third-party integrations to create the best website, blog, or online store.
  • Build-In SEO integrations are used for websites and blogs built using Weebly to rank in the Google search engine.

You can build a free site, but you need to go for a premium package if you need unlimited storage. Exploring the blog is one of the difficulties Weebly users face. I expect Weebly to get over such cons soon. Weebly is the easiest online website builder, so you should try it out soon.

Weebly Paid Plans and Price

Let me make you know the pricing of different Weebly plans:

  • The Free Plan offers 500MB of storage.
  • The Connect Plan allows you to connect a domain, and it costs $5 only per month.
  • The Pro Plan costs $12 per month. It is the best Weebly plan for groups and organizations. Some of the benefits of Weebly’s Pro plan are a free domain, free $100 Google Ads credit, unlimited storage, remove Weebly ads, eCommerce features, site stats, phone support, etc.
  • The highest-price and best Weebly plan with maximum features is the Business plan costing $25 per month.

Many other platforms can help you to start a free blog without any money. I always advise new bloggers to choose the paid WordPress option.

If you’re a student and don’t want to invest money before learning A-Z of WordPress blogging, the free option could be the right one.

How to become more focused on making more money from blogging?

  • Develop a passion for blogging.
  • Give some time to blogging daily.
  • Keep following the most experienced and successful bloggers to improve their blogging skills.
  • Read motivational books to get the inspiration to achieve your blogging goals.

Conclusion: Start a New Blog Successfully to Make Passive Income

Your decision to create a new blog may definitely make you achieve a lot of success.

You should keep working hard to achieve massive success with blogging.

People make a lot of money from their blogs only because they didn’t give up and worked hard to improve their blogging skills.

It may take you years to make your new blog become a very profitable blog, but your hard work will definitely give you long-term benefits.

Don’t think short-term when it comes to blogging, and then you’ll be able to build a profitable blog to achieve your dream of earning a decent amount of money online regularly.

Are you going to create a new WordPress blog in 2024? Why are you choosing to start a free blog when a paid blog can make you earn more money online?


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