How to Increase Conversions using Popup Coupon Promotions?

Unable to increase conversions or sales?

You need to use popup coupon promotions to attract visitors for making the purchase.

Setup Popup Coupon Promotions to Increase Sales

Popup coupon promotions have helped many bloggers and website owners to increase the number of conversions and sales.

I’ll help you to create popup coupon promotions easily, as well as I’ll list down the various benefits of setting up a popup coupon promotion.

If you also want to get all the benefits of a popup coupon promotion, then you should use this guide to setup a popup coupon promotion immediately.

Why Use OptinMonster to create Popup Coupon Promotions?

There are various different Apps and plugins available to create a popup coupon promotion.

OptinMonster is the best WordPress plugin to create popup coupon promotions because it is easy to use.

OptinMonster is an all-in-one WordPress plugin and a must-have plugin to increase conversions.

You may find new features regularly provided by OptinMonster to help you to increase conversions and sales.

If you’re still not using OptinMonster, then purchase OptinMonster now. Use the link provided in the sentence before this one and you may make me earn a small commission.

OptinMonster will allow you to create the best campaigns to promote products and services.

One of the best reasons to choose OptinMonster could be its availability for WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and other platforms. Even if you’ll compare OptinMonster with the other Apps and plugins, you may find that it has the maximum number of features.

How to Setup a Popup Coupon Promotion using OptinMonster?

Here are the different steps that you need to complete to setup a popup coupon promotion using OptinMonster.

1. Create Your Campaign.

Once you’ve purchased OptinMonster, you need to setup the popup coupon campaign.

You need to visit the OptinMonster dashboard, and then click on “Create Campaign”.

You need to select the campaign type which is “Popup”.

Thereafter, you need to name the campaign and select the right template.

Provide the details required and then follow the next steps to set up the popup coupon promotion.

2. Customize Your Coupon

This is a crucial step as you need to customize the popup coupon using the design of your choice.

Having the right headline and body text is crucial. Text formatting in the right way is crucial to make the coupon look attractive.

You need to click on “+Add Blocks” for adding images to your popup coupon.

You can edit the button and the background both before you complete this step.

3. Delivery Option for sending your coupons

This is a crucial step to complete, as you may definitely want to send the coupon to the people who want to really use them.

Immediate view of coupon and sending the coupon by email are really good options.

Apart from the immediate Success View, you also have the option to redirect the visitors to a new page.

Immediate success view is the default option, and if you need to do the redirection setting, then you need to visit the “Action section”.

4. Publish the Coupon and then set the Display Rules

You need to publish the coupon to make the popup coupon promotion go live.

Popup Coupon Promotion Display Settings and Example

Thereafter, you need to visit your campaign’s dashboard and click on “Display Rules” tab.

You need to set the display rules as per your preference.

For some websites, immediate appearance might be the right option, while making it appear after a few seconds will be perfect for a few websites.

Benefits of Popup Coupon Promotions

  • Increases Sales.
  • Increases Conversions.
  • Makes a reader or buyer visit the same blog or website again.
  • The coupons shared on a blog or website may make the blog get more popular.
  • Readers may recommend your website to their friends and relatives, especially if they have saved money using a discount coupon.
  • Makes a site look attractive.
  • Makes a reader stay on the website for a longer time.
  • Helps to develop a form of interaction with the visitor.
  • Popup coupon promotions may increase social sharing.

Other Type of Popups to Increase Conversions

There are various other popups that may also help you to increase conversions.

I suggest bloggers use different types of popups depending upon their blog and the strategy chosen by them.

The other popups that I recommend are as follows:

Conclusion – Popup Coupon Promotions can Increase Conversions and Sales

After going through this post, you may have definitely understood the benefits of using a popup coupon promotion.

Everyone loves discounts, and that’s why popup coupon promotions are very useful.

Do use my method to create a popup coupon promotion for your website or blog.

Are you able to increase conversions and sales using popup coupon promotions? Did you have any problem in creating a popup coupon campaign using OptinMonster?


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