How to Set Up Form Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics?(Easy Way)

Form conversion tracking is definitely an important Google Analytics feature for website owners as well as bloggers to increase form conversions.

In this post, I’ll tell you one of the easiest ways of setting up form conversion tracking in Google Analytics.

Knowing the source of people who’ve just filled a form may help you in increasing the form conversions easily.

MonsterInsights WordPress plugin for form conversion tracking

Form conversion tracking may help you in getting more people to fill the form on your website, and for that, you need to learn to use the form conversion tracking feature in Google Analytics.

Tracking the form conversion source in Google Analytics has become easier because of the availability of new WordPress plugins.

Best WordPress Plugin for Form Conversion Tracking

One of the best WordPress plugins that makes form conversion tracking easier in Google Analytics is MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights WordPress plugin is the plugin that I recommend to most bloggers. It is the most useful plugin to set up form conversion tracking or use the other best features in Google Analytics for increasing conversions.

You can use the above-mentioned affiliate link to purchase the best version of MonsterInsights. I may get a small commission if you’ll prefer MonsterInsights over the other Google Analytics plugins.

I understand that you may do a comparison of the best Google Analytics plugins, but do also check out the different posts about MonsterInsights that I’ve already published.

Keep reading to know the method of setting up form conversion tracking with MonsterInsights and numerous other benefits.

How to set up Form Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics?

You need to make use of this method of setting up form conversion tracking using MonsterInsights to make things easier for you.

This method is recommended as it is not a time-consuming method and at the same time one of the best ways for form conversion tracking.

Let me make you know the different steps to set up the form conversion tracking feature in Google Analytics using the MonsterInsights plugin.

1. Purchase the MonsterInsights Plugin.

I’ve already mentioned my affiliate link above, and this best Google Analytics plugin is used by many WordPress bloggers for tracking traffic and leads.

2. Install the Forms addon.

You can have any forms plugin installed, but you definitely need the form addon of MonsterInsights to track form conversions.

Just go to Insights>>AddOn>>and then install the “Forms addon”.

Thereafter, you need to activate the Addon.

Now, you’ll be able to see the form conversions and conversion rate just by visiting the Reports section of MonsterInsights.

Knowing the number of impressions and conversion rate of different forms will help you in taking the right steps for getting more conversions.

3. Tracking the Source of Leads

MonsterInsights will make you know about the impressions, conversions, and conversion rate. But it is Google Analytics that will make you know the conversion source.

Form Conversion Tracking Reports with MonsterInsights

Knowing the source of leads for your forms will help you to get a better form conversion rate.

This step is very crucial as it will make you know the conversion source. Let me tell you what you need to do.

  • Log in to your Google Analytics account.
  • Thereafter, you need to go to Behavior>>Events>>Top Events.
  • Thereafter, click on “Form”.
  • Now, you’ll see event action, total impressions, and conversions.
  • Click on conversions to know the traffic source.
  • After clicking on conversions, you need to select the particular form for which you want to find the traffic source.
  • Now, you can use filters to know the form conversion sources in the best way.

If you’ve any problem in tracking the source of a form conversion, then you need to contact the MonsterInsights team.

MonsterInsights has made the process of form conversion tracking a lot easier than before.

In comparison to the other WordPress plugins for form conversion tracking, this plugin is recommended as it comes with many other features.

Why Use the Form Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics?

  • Helps in knowing the traffic source of the person who has filled the form.
  • Makes you know the best sources to target for getting more conversions.
  • Tracking the forms filled may help you increase your profits.
  • Form conversion tracking may make you an expert in tracking leads and conversions using Google Analytics.

Conclusion – Use MonsterInsights Plugin for Form Conversion Tracking

I hope that you’ve understood why MonsterInsights is the best plugin for form conversion tracking in Google Analytics.

If you want to build a new professional form for your blog, then you should check out the popular form building plugins for WordPress.

MonsterInsights will make your tasks become less time-consuming, and using this Google Analytics plugin will definitely increase the form conversions.

Are you going to make use of MonsterInsights WordPress plugin for form conversion tracking?

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