How to Increase Engagement by Adding Spin to Win Optin?

Want to increase the engagement at your blog or WooCommerce store?

I recommend you to make use of “Spin to Win” optin as it definitely helps in increasing engagement and sales.

Spin to win optin brings a special spin to win game at your website, and most of the people love to play such a game to claim an offer or a special reward.

Many bloggers and online stores are making use of such spin to win optin and have been able to see a 200% increase in engagement.

If you’re unable to get more number of sales, then less engagement could be one of the factors.

By making sure that you’re getting maximum engagement, you’ll surely achieve success.

Many people don’t make use of “Spin to Win” optin just because they don’t know the proper way to install it.

Let me solve your problem by providing you the easiest way to install a spin to win optin.

Steps to Install a Spin to Win Optin

1. Activate OptinMonster

The best way to install a “Spin to Win” optin is by installing and activating the OptinMonster plugin.

You need to purchase OptinMonster by selecting the Growth plan.

This is the plan that will allow you to create a spin to win optin easily.

2. Create a Spin to Win Campaign

Create new spin to win campaign

Once you start making use of the OptinMonster plugin, you need to create a new campaign.

Here, you need to choose “Fullscreen” as the campaign type.

3. Select a Campaign Template

Spin to Win Campaign Type

It is necessary that you choose the right template that is suitable for your blog as then only you’ll be able to get maximum engagement and conversion.

Thereafter, you need to name the template as well as select the website where you’re going to run the campaign.

4. Design Your Spin

Design Spin to Win in the Best Way

This is a very important step.

You need to select the right colors as well as the right font to make sure that the wheel looks impressive.

Different Color Options for Spin to Win

Depending upon your blog or store, you can provide the offers that can increase engagement.

5. Display Rules – When to Show the Spin Wheel

It is necessary that you display the spinning wheel at the right time.

You need to understand the perfect time to make the spin appear at your blog or online store.

Using the OptinMonster’s display options, you’ll be able to set up the perfect targeting and display options.

For changing the display rules, you need to click on the “Display Rules” tab available at the OptinMonster dashboard.

6. Add the Spinning Wheel to Your Website

This is the final step that you need to complete for adding the spinning wheel to your website.

If you’ll forget this step, then you may miss out on adding the spin to your website.

You need to visit the OptinMonster dashboard, and then click on the “Publish” tab.

Once you publish the campaign, you also need to make the status of the campaign is “Live”.

After completing all the above steps for setting up the spinning wheel, you need to click on “Save” for saving all the changes.

I hope that the steps mentioned above will help you in setting up the spin to wheel optin easily.

Why Use Spin to Win optin?

Here are the different benefits that will motivate you to start making use of spin to win optin immediately.

  • Increase Engagement.
  • Increase Sales.
  • Share your offers easily.
  • Reward your regular customers.
  • Turn the new visitors into regular visitors.
  • Increase the popularity of your website.

Achieving the best engagement is definitely possible with the use of spin to wheel option. You’ll be able to achieve success if you have set up the spin perfectly.

Sometimes, you may have to do some change in the settings, designing and display rules for achieving success.

You shouldn’t lose patience if you’re not able to get the instant result using the spin to wheel optin.

If you’ll purchase OptinMonster using the link provided in this post, then I may get some compensation. You should definitely invest in this plugin as it has become a very famous plugin in the year 2020.

Conclusion – Spin to Wheel Optin is the Best Solution to Increase Engagement

If you were still now not sure that whether a spin to wheel optin is the best solution, then definitely you might have gained the confidence to use it immediately. Do let me know your opinion about this special optin.

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