How to Interlink Blog Posts Properly? Also Know the Benefits

Doing SEO in 2015 is not going to be as easy as you think. You’ll need to make use of proper ON Page and Off Page SEO strategies for ranking higher in search engines. If you’ll makes any mistakes, then your site ranking may definitely get affected. Interlinking plays an important role as it can definitely boost your blog’s traffic. Doing interlinking properly is necessary and that’s why you should properly go through this blog post of mine.

Learning all the strategies of interlinking may take time, but once you’ll learn it, then definitely you’ll be able to get all the benefits of interlinking blog posts properly.

Best Ways to Do Interlinking and the Benefits

Firstly I’ll let you know the benefits which you can get by doing interlinking properly.

1. Helps in Indexing

When you’ll interlink properly your blog posts will get indexed in a quick span of time. Bots will crawl more pages and more blog posts which will definitely improve your blog’s keywords ranking. If your blog posts are not getting indexed properly, then you definitely need to start following the right interlinking strategies.

Most SEO experts say that interlinking is very important from SEO perspective.

2. Readers will Start Spending More Time at Your Blog

I have seen that readers love blogs which provide them with the best type of information. If you’ll interlink related blog posts properly, then readers will definitely be able to get all the information which they require. Readers love to go through related posts if they are able to get more information about the topic they are interested in. When readers will start spending more time at your blog, then your blog’s page views will definitely increase.

3. Better Bounce Rate

One of the main benefits of interlinking is that it helps in improving the bounce rate. If you’ll regularly interlink your blog posts properly, then the bounce rate may keep reducing. Lower bounce rate may also improve your blog’s Alexa Ranking.

After knowing the benefits of interlinking, you may start giving more importance to interlinking. You may love to spend more time in knowing the perfect interlinking strategies. If you want to know some more benefits of interlinking, then doing discussion about it with a successful full time blogger can definitely a good option.

Now I’ll make you know the tips which you should follow for interlinking your blog posts properly.

1. Spread Out the Links Throughout the Blog Post

When it comes to interlinking to your own blog posts, I always recommend to spreadout the links. Spreading out the interlinks will provide you much more benefit than having interlinks from one or two paragraphs only.

You should always try to have one interlink in the first paragraph as readers tend to mostly click on the link appearing at the starting of any blog post. If you’ll spread out links throughout the post, then it will definitely make the readers read at least one of your older blog posts.

2. Interlink to Pages, Posts and Categories

It is not necessary to interlink to blog posts only. Sometimes interlinking to a page or category can be a better option than linking to a particular blog post. By interlinking to a category you may make your blog readers go through all the blog posts written under that particular category.

3. Making Use of Right Anchor Text

Anchor text means the text from which you’ll interlink to an older blog post of yours. By making use of the right anchor text you’ll be able to get better ranking for the keywords you are targeting. You should always try to have your keyword included in the anchor text. SEO experts give lot of importance to anchor text while they interlink blog posts, and may be this is one of the reasons that they always achieve the best ranking for different keywords.

I still now didn’t give much importance to anchor text that I use for interlinking blog posts. But, from now I’ll be giving importance to anchor text as I’ve now realized its importance from SEO perspective. If you’ll use very long anchor text always, then readers may get disappointed.

If you want to build a perfect blog, then you need to make use of shorter anchor text as longer anchor text may distract the readers while they’re reading your blog posts.

4. Display Related Blog Posts

One of the easiest ways to interlink to related posts is by making use of related posts plugin. There are variety of WordPress interlink plugins which will help you in displaying related blog posts below each and every blog post published at your blog. I’ll recommend you to go for the related posts plugin which displays related posts with thumbnails.

5. Use WordPress Insights Plugin

If your blog has many blog posts and you’re really having tough time in finding related blog posts, then you can make use of free WordPress plugin which is WordPress Insights. This plugin will help you in finding related blog posts not only which you have published at your own blog, but also the related blog posts published by other best bloggers.

SEO smart link is the another plugin which can definitely be helpful in doing interlinking perfectly. SEO smart link is a paid plugin and that’s why bloggers who’re not getting much revenue from their blog may definitely prefer to go with WordPress Insights plugin.

I hope that my tips will help you out in doing interlinking properly. SEO is the combination of different factors and interlinking is one of the important factors which you need to always remember for getting better search engine rankings. Do you know any other benefits of interlinking? Also share some of your ideas regarding interlinking properly.


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