Learn to Improve Alexa Ranking from Vishal Fulwani

Alexa ranking is important for bloggers as it is somewhat Alexa ranking which helps bloggers in getting advertisers for their blogs. Every blogger may not succeed at improving Alexa rank of his blog very fast as it requires lot of social media promotion, good content and much more. Today we have Vishal Fulwani (owner of QuickLinko) who will let my blog readers know some tips to improve Alexa rank.

Vishal Fulwani by using his marketing skills has been able to achieve good global Alexa rank for his blog QuickLinko in a very short period. His new blog is currently having 1 blog post only.

Now let us know how he was able to Improve Alexa ranking for his blog QuickLinko.

Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking from Vishal

  1. Vishal where are you from? What’s Your Qualification?

Hello Mohit! First of all I want to say you thanks for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself on your blog. I’m Vishal Fulwani, living in Jodhpur (Rajasthan). I’m doing BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) from Jodhpur. After BCA I want to start my own Internet Marketing & Web Developing Company. That’s why I have launched QuickLinko.

  1. When you started blogging? Who inspired you to start blogging?

Hey Mohit this is a long story because two people inspired me for blogging. Deepak my friend made me know about blogging and he is also a good blogger. So after it I started my first blog Computer trick on blogger platform.

So after 1 month I got bored from blogging and I decided to leave blogging, but suddenly I found an awesome blog in Google search which gave me a new way to do blogging. The blog is Blogger tips and tricks. So I started to follow this blog and I sent friend request to Ankit, owner of BTT. After long talk he helped me in blogging and gave me suggestion to start blogging on WordPress platform.

After it he gave me his hosting and I started again my new blog Computer Tricks and tips on WordPress platform in 2014 and now my blog posts are ranking on Google. So I said thanks to Ankit Singla about everything and he is now like my big brother.

  1. Vishal let my blog readers know about your Achievements

I’m going to complete BCA in 2015 and I’m working on my main blog computer tricks and tips. I hope to achieve a lot from my blog Computer Tricks and Tips.

Recently I got 10k+ commission from Flipkart which is by ranking some blog posts.

I got 2k traffic on my CTT blog which helped me to earn from affiliate marketing, Google Adsense etc. I’m also giving good time for some of my SEO projects.

  1. Let us know the motive behind starting QuickLinko

The main motive behind starting QuickLinko is to make newbie bloggers and readers aware about proper SEO, Link-Building and Blogging techniques.

On QuickLinko you’ll get to know new SEO techniques and examples for better understanding.

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  1. Reveal the secret – How you Improved Alexa Ranking of QuickLinko so fast?

Now I’ll share my Alexa ranking secret with your blog readers. So if you want to quickly improve your Alexa, then first understand the system of Alexa properly. So after reading many posts about Alexa ranking I finally understood everything about it.

So the most important thing I found is that it is necessary to bring people who have installed Alexa tool bar in their browser. So if you’ll daily get 150-200 bloggers/webmasters visit your blog, then you can improve your Alexa rank up to 15000 daily.

So now I give you some tips for improving your Alexa rank.

       1.Install Alexa toolbar:-

First of all install Alexa toolbar in your browser and visit your own blog daily for minimum 10 times.

  1. Social promotion:-

Promote your blog on social media and also on communities like FB groups, G+ communities. So this will increase your Alexa quickly.

Note: You can share your blog posts with bloggers in your friends list because 90 out of 100 bloggers have Alexa toolbar. So if they will visit your blog, then you will be able to get better Alexa ranking for your blog.

      3. Make Your Blog Design SEO Friendly:-

An important thing that you should do is that you should make your blog design SEO friendly and professional. This will attract your blog readers to visit the other pages of your blog. This helps to get better bounce rate which will improve your blog’s Alexa rank.

      4. Promote your blog before launching:-

This is my secret weapon for quickly boosting Alexa rank. So follow these steps –

First of all promote your new blog before launching it and set up the domain properly. Bloggers who’re your friends will keep visiting your blog to see if you have published any post. Keep making announcements about your blog for 15 days or more. This type of marketing when done properly can be very helpful.

Before you finally launch your blog make it so much popular that your first post will be able to get lot of visitors and comments. You need to make your blog a brand and for this you need to write very professionally for your blog.

So this is my secret of Improving Alexa ranking of QuickLinko so fast.

  1. Vishal What’s Your Next Target

My next target is to start coupons website or my own SEO company. I see many people starting their own coupons website and they have already got success. So that’s why I’m thinking to start a coupons website as soon as possible.

  1. Are you thinking about Starting Your Own SEO Company?

Yes! I’m thinking to start my own internet marketing company in 2015.

  1. Your Opinion About My Blogging Ideas

Hey Mohit! Your blog MyBloggingIdeas is awesome and the design is also good. Your every post provides good information so keep growing bro and work hard to make it become one of the top blogs :-).

I hope that your blog readers will check out my blogs which are CTT and QuickLinko.

Once again thanks Mohit for featuring me on your blog. Best of luck to your blog readers who are going to implement my tips to improve their blog’s Alexa rank. I hope that they will be able to get success by implementing my tips.


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