Why to Have Best Design for Your Blog? Know the Importance

Even if content is the King, the importance of having a good web design for the blog is something which can never be forgotten. If your blog design is not attracting, then you may not be able to become a very successful blogger. If you still now didn’t think that blog design is important, then definitely your thinking will change after going through this post. It may be the right time to become more professional and improve the design of your blog.

As things are changing online and everything has become innovative, the design has started playing crucial role for websites as well as blogs.

Know the different reasons making blog design become more important and then you’ll definitely focus on having your blog look better.

Is Your Blog Design Attracting the Readers?

If your blog design won’t attract the readers, then they won’t come to your blog again.

A good blog design may make the readers get attracted to your blog. They may keep coming to your blog again and again just because they like the way your blog looks. Even if your content is of the best quality, readers may not return to your blog if the design is not making them become happy.

A good looking blog will make the readers comment about its design and they may even get attracted to the content.

One of the ways to know that whether your blog is looking attractive or not is by asking some people to visit your blog for the first time. Don’t tell them that its your blog and then ask them that whether they liked the design of the blog.

Blogs making use of attractive Genesis Child Themes often attract the readers and such blogs may definitely be able to get regular readership.

Better Design Makes People Read Content Properly

It may be possible that even if your content is useful, the readers may not be reading it just because they don’t like the design of your blog.

Readers always love the combination of amazing content and superb design as it makes them enjoy the time they are spending at a blog. The superb design of a blog may make a reader go through each and every word of even a 2000 words post in just 10 to 15 minutes.

If you think that readers are not reading your content properly, then definitely it may be the best time to improve your blog design.

Best Design and Images to Get More Social Shares

Are social shares important for you?

Most of the bloggers want their blog to get organic traffic as well as social media traffic. A superb looking blog having social sharing buttons placed at the right place may definitely be able to generate more social shares for the blog posts. You’ll find that the blogs getting lot of social shares have got a very professional design and images are used appropriately as per the content published at the blog.

A blogger who wants his blog to be very popular at all the social networking platforms will definitely spend more time in improving the design as well as for finding the best images for the different blog posts.

If you’re focusing upon getting lot of traffic from social media, then try to have an attractive design for your blog immediately. Even check out the stock images sites which other bloggers are using for getting amazing images for their blogs.

Easy Navigation May Result in Better Conversion

We love to blog, but definitely we all need some sales too as then only running the blog successfully for a long term can become possible.

Readers don’t like blogs which function slowly as then they have to spend more time for reading. Fast and easy navigation makes readers read more than they usually would have done. In today’s time, no one wants to waste time and that’s why readers love to visit blogs where they will be able to go through very useful content easily.

You may find that the top blogs are very easy to navigate and they may that’s why they get the best conversion rate.

Better design may not always lead to better conversion as the content quality as well as keywords ranking also plays a crucial role.

Web Design is Important As Per SEO Perspective

Google loves blogs which give importance on having a good design. A properly designed blog has all the important keywords placed properly in the content as well as at all the different pages of the blogs.

These days readers browse blogs not only through desktop and laptop, but also through other devices like smartphones, tablets etc.

Your blog should be SEO optimized and it should have a responsive design.

Blogs having responsive design look proper on smartphones and tablets too which may make readers read the new posts even when they are travelling.

Always make sure that the design is attractive as well as SEO optimized, this will make you get more organic as well as more social media traffic.

Best Web Design for Blogs

Image Credits to Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos

Blog Design is Important for Branding

You won’t be able to make your blog become a brand unless you’ll give importance to blog design.

An amazing looking blog having everything perfect will be able to gain more reputation and it may definitely become a brand. The most important thing is having a good logo as it may help people in remembering your blog. There are bloggers which don’t consider images important, but they are wrong. Having good images may make your blog posts get more shares which may make your blog become a popular one. Even the colors used may make a blog look attractive and proper alignment of different advertisements may play a crucial role.

You may be required to invest in your blog design if you really consider branding as an important aspect.

Standing Out in the Crowd

There are so many blogs already there in the blogosphere and there are many more coming up.

You need to make your blog stand out in the crowd as then only it will become very successful.

For making your blog stand out differently from other blogs, you need to have a very unique design for it. An unique design may make readers love your blogs more than the other blogs. You may find that most of the popular blogs have got a very unique design as good investment is done in hiring a professional designer for designing it.

If your blog is not getting the recognizition it deserves, then definitely you need to get an amazing design by hiring a professional web designer. You may even need to change the theme that you’re using for your blog as the current theme may not be making it appear professional.

Conclusion : Why You Should Make Your Blog Look the Best?

Better blog design definitely means more readers and more revenue. Yes, web design is now playing an important role as everything is getting innovative. In the start you may not spend money for hiring a professional web designer, but once you’re earning enough then you should definitely try to get the best design so that your blog becomes a very attractive one. The blogs earning lot of money have got the best design and yet these bloggers keep trying to make the design become more better.


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