2 Best WordPress Plugins for GDPR Compliance (Features and Price)

GDPR compliance has become crucial for blogs and websites. This is the reason I’ve decided to inform you about the best WordPress plugins for GDPR compliance.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union (EU) law providing protection to users for their data in Europe.

EU citizens have got full control over their personal data, and it is mainly applied to blogs and websites that are collecting personal data from their users.

If you own a WordPress blog or website collecting personal data, then you definitely need to know the 2 best GDPR plugins for WordPress.

Both plugins are very useful plugins as they are built considering Europe’s legal compliance and some other countries.

These plugins will help you with GDPR compliance, California privacy policy, cookie consent compliance, etc.

Do go through both the plugins, which are considered best currently for GDPR compliance, and choose the plugin that can fulfill your compliance requirement.

Both of the plugins I’m going to mention for legal compliance are plugins from WPEKA CLUB, a popular website providing the best plugins and tools for WordPress bloggers.

I’ll try to mention the best features of both of them so that you can choose the best compliance plugin for your WordPress plugin.

Which are the Best WordPress Plugins for GDPR Compliance?

1. WPEKA’s WPLegalPages Pro Plugin

Best WordPress Plugin for GDPR and CCPA Compliance

WPLegalPages Pro is a handy plugin for GDPR privacy policy and California privacy policy.

It comes with automated legal templates, which are very useful.

Some of the templates are Privacy and Cookie Policies (GDPR, ePrivacy), Affiliate Disclosure Statement, Facebook Privacy Policy, External Linking Policy, etc.

You can generate legal policy pages for your WordPress blog within a few minutes by just adding your business details into the templates.

One of the pros of the WP Legal Pages Pro plugin is the support for different languages. It supports English, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, etc.

WPLegalPages Pro covers the following policies. I’m only mentioning the most important policies.

  • GDPR Cookie Policy.
  • GDPR Privacy Policy.
  • Anti-Spam Policy (CASL Compliant).
  • Privacy Policy for Facebook Apps.
  • Amazon Affiliate Disclosure.
  • Affiliate Marketing Disclosures.
  • California Privacy Rights Policy.
  • Returns and Refunds.
  • Digital Good Refunds.
  • DMCA Policy.
  • General Disclaimers.
  • CCPA (California Consumers Privacy Act)

There are many other crucial policies that are covered by this WordPress plugin, and hence, I feel that WPLegalPages Pro is an all-in-one compliance plugin for WordPress blogs. I’d like to know your thought about the WPLegalPages Pro plugin, and you may leave your feedback below.

WP Legal Pages Pro’s Price

There are 3 options available for bloggers who want to purchase this plugin.

The single-site option costs $39.00 per year.

The 5 sites option costs $79.00 per year.

The 10 sites option costs $99.00 per year.

Purchase WPLegalPagesPro Plugin

2. WPEKA’s GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

Best Legal Compliance and Cookie Consent Plugin for WordPress

This plugin is useful for the following important compliances, which are:

  • GDPR Compliance
  • CCPA Compliance
  • PIPEDA (Canada)
  • AAP (Australia)
  • Other Laws

Some of the best features of the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin are as follows:

  • Geo-targeting – You can display or hide the consent notice depending upon your site’s visitor location.
  • Auto-block third-party cookies
  • Consent Logs – For the consents collected by you from your visitors, you can store a consents log. You can go through the logs to know history.
  • Fully-customizable cookie notice
  • Auto cookie categorization
  • Consent detector (auto-scan) – This feature will help you in detecting your website cookies with a single click. It will help you in saving your time.
  • Granular Consent
  • Powerful Cookie Detection Tool
  • Supports Multiple Languages

GPPR Cookie Consent Plugin Price

The pricing for this plugin is a little bit affordable.

The single-site plan costs $17.00 per year.

The 3 sites plan costs $37.00 per year.

The 10 sites plan costs $67.00 per year.

Purchase GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

Other Popular WordPress Plugins for GPPR Compliance

  • Total GDPR Compliance.
  • Ultimate WP GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress.
  • Ninja GDPR Compliance.

Other Best WordPress Plugins

  • WP Optimize.
  • iThemes Security.
  • Yoast SEO.
  • ReDirection
  • W3 Total Cache.

You can know the features of the above-mentioned best plugins as well as other useful plugins by checking my blog post about the best WordPress plugins.

WordPress cookie consent plugin and WordPress privacy policy generator are definitely very useful for all the bloggers, who want to adhere to legal terms and conditions of Europe and other countries.

Conclusion – Best WordPress Plugins for GDPR Compliance

If you’re collecting very important personal data, which includes addresses, phone numbers, etc, as well as your traffic is from Europe, then these plugins are a must for you.

The best WordPress plugins for GDPR compliance will help you continue with your marketing and promotional activities without worrying about the necessary compliance rules.

Bloggers and website owners must adhere to the countries’ rules from which they’re getting a good number of visitors. Compliance plugins for WordPress are useful for WordPress bloggers as they don’t have to give their time or efforts for writing or developing the compliance pages.

You may find some other plugins too, which are useful for compliance, but these plugins from WPEKA are selected by many bloggers due to their reliability and best features.

I hope that you liked the features of WPLegalPages Pro and WP GDPR Cookie Consent plugins. Currently, both the plugins are in demand as they are useful for legal compliance and useful for site owners.

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