5 Benefits of Choosing Managed WordPress Hosting

What is Managed WordPress hosting? Why to Choose Managed WordPress hosting? You must be having these questions in your mind as a blogger and I’m here to answer all of them. I’m trying to read a lot as well as trying out different things, and now I tried to compare managed WordPress hosting and shared WordPress hosting. It made me understood the benefits of managed WordPress hosting over the shared WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting means hosting service specifically built for WordPress blogs.

On a shared hosting, you may host any type of blog, whereas managed WordPress hosting is only for WordPress bloggers.

Blogging is evolving day by day, and that’s why bloggers are giving priority to their blog speed as well as blog’s security.

The features and benefits that you’ll get with managed WordPress hosting may definitely make you one of the fans of this type of hosting plans. It makes things easier for WordPress bloggers and the blog runs much faster in comparison to blogs hosted on shared hosting plans.

When it comes to shared hosting plans, then BlueHost is a very reliable hosting provider providing cheapest and different types of shared hosting plans at an affordable price. Don’t forget to read the review at my blog as you’ll get to know the most affordable plan.

If you’re having a good budget and still confused that why should go for managed WordPress hosting, then you must definitely read the managed WordPress hosting benefits mentioned below.

Managed WordPress Hosting Benefits and Comparison

Benefits of Choosing a Managed Hosting Plan

1. Support from WordPress Experts

With shared hosting plan you may be getting good customer support, but with managed hosting services you’ll be able to get support from WordPress experts.

You won’t have to worry about the technical aspects anytime as the WordPress experts will make sure that your blog is fine tuned and working at a super-fast speed.

Managing problem with plugins, updating WordPress version and some other technical aspects can be difficult for someone who doesn’t specialized in WordPress and that’s why some bloggers prefer managed hosting.

The benefit of getting support from WordPress experts will be that you’ll never have to incur additional expenditure for managing your WordPress blog.

If you need any plugin or any feature in your blog, then you may just request an expert for the same. WordPress experts will help you promptly as they have lot of knowledge regarding the WordPress platform.

You should always choose a provider which has 24/7 customer support as managed hosting plans are very much costlier than shared hosting plans. If you’re spending good amount of money, then the biggest advantage is an all-time available customer support and that’s why make sure that you take the right decision.

2. Add SSL Certificates to your Blogs Easily

SSL Certificate is a must if you want to get good search engine rankings.

Many bloggers haven’t been able to get higher search engine ranking just because they have not added a SSL certificate to their blog.

If you won’t add a SSL certificate, then the biggest problem which you’ll be facing is that your site will be shown as “Not Secured” to many blog visitors.

I believe that you must take steps immediately and get a SSL certificate for your blog as well as optimized your blog in the best way.

With managed hosting plan, you’ll be able to add SSL certificate easily without wasting your time. I believe that delay in optimizing the blog can delay the success, and hence, as a blogger you should get everything sorted for your blog. Do let me know that whether you’re able to see any increase in organic traffic after installing a SSL certificate for your blog.

3. Automated Malware Scanning and Backups

The best advantage of going with managed hosting is that you’ll be able to get the best security features.

Most of the managed hosting plans come with the option of automated daily backups.

There are good number of backup plugins available, but if you’re not into technical stuff, then definitely this type of hosting plan shall solve all your problems.

If your blog’s security is one of the priority and you can increase your budget a little, then definitely you’ll be able to purchase the best plan for yourself.

4. Best Performance and Super-fast Speed

If your blog is not performing properly, then definitely you need to choose a better hosting plan.

With managed hosting, your blog will start performing better at a super-fast speed.

I believe that the bloggers who’re able to get massive increase in traffic every month should definitely go with one of the best hosting plans.

5. Optimization and Maintenance by the Provider

Once you purchase a managed hosting plan, then you’ll be tension free. Technical aspects make some bloggers think a lot.

You won’t have to worry about the optimization and maintenance of your blog if you’ve selecting the right plan and the right hosting provider.

Your provider will make sure that the plugins, WordPress version, the PHP version and everything else is properly updated.

If you’re not having a managed hosting and facing the problem with the PHP version for your WordPress blog, then contact the support team immediately as then only they will get it sorted for you.

Bloggers who want to completely focus upon content writing, SEO and marketing aspects are now preferring to go for the best managed WordPress hosting plan.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

Kinsta and WPEngine both are popular managed WordPress hosting providers.

I’ve already posted information about Kinsta’s hosting plans as well as WPEngine hosting plans. If you’ll read the reviews at my blog, you’ll be able to select a suitable plan for yourself.

I like the dashboard of Kinsta as you’ll able to do the analysis of the usage as well as your blog’s visitors.

If you’ll do the comparison of Kinsta and WPEngine, you may find that both are offering variety of plans at different prices.

Both’re having good customer support and their customers are having good experience with them.

Do check out the current best offers by Kinsta, as it may be the perfect time to purchase a managed hosting at the best price.

Why Many Bloggers Prefer Managed Hosting Over Shared Hosting?

As the blog traffic increases, the need for managed hosting arises.

When you select a shared hosting plan, the resources are shared with many sites and the site may work slowly due to the load on server.

Sometimes, the customer support too may take time to respond, and this may frustrate you.

Managed hosting doesn’t only makes a site work faster, but at the same time there is very less downtime.

I advise you to select a cheap managed WordPress hosting plan if your blog is not that much old, and one of the best managed WordPress hosting plans if you own an old blog having thousands of daily visitors.

I shall be regularly sharing information about best managed WordPress hosting providers as well as the new comers in the industry. As the competition is increasing, hosting companies are providing the maximum benefits to their users. I hope that you’ll let me know your opinion about managed hosting plans as well as your favorite hosting provider.


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