How to Earn Money Online by Starting a Tech Blog in 2024?

Everyone wants to earn money online, and one of the best ways is by starting a tech blog.

Many people love technology, gadgets, and apps. This is why the technology niche is among the most popular blogging niches.

There are many successful technology bloggers earning money online and have been able to turn their hobby into a profession.

Making money online blogging is not that difficult, but it requires content writing skills, knowledge, patience, etc.

To answer your questions, I shall tell you the type of tech blogs you can start, ways to monetize a technology blog, and much more.

This short guide about Tech Blogging on my blog My Blogging Ideas will be useful not only for tech bloggers but also for all the other new bloggers who want to start a new blog in another niche.

Starting a Technology Blog

You definitely need a few thousand to start a professional tech blog.

You’ll require to purchase the following things for starting a tech blog.

  • Domain Name

A good domain name is a must as you’ll be able to create a brand with a good domain name.

I’ll advise you to go for a unique domain name as this is what I’ve learned after blogging for years.

Godaddy is one of the recommended sites for purchasing a domain name, while there are many other options too.

I recommend it because it is a popular company for buying a domain name for starting a website or blog.

  • Hosting

Blogger may allow you to start blogging without purchasing hosting, but WordPress is a blogging platform most successful bloggers recommend.

Bloggers believe that WordPress is the best blogging platform as it is very easy to use and offers maximum features.

You can check out a popular managed hosting provider if you believe that your blog traffic will be growing in a few months.

Also, you can regularly check out my blog to know about the best hosting providers for WordPress bloggers.

Many good hosting providers provide affordable shared hosting services, and I recommend a shared hosting service for new bloggers.

Don’t forget to read BlueHost’s shared hosting review as it is a very popular shared hosting provider in India and other countries.

  • Premium WordPress Theme

Most new bloggers go for a free WordPress theme, and you’ll find many good free WordPress themes online.

If you have enough money to start a new blog, you should find it worth investing in a Premium WordPress theme.

A premium WordPress theme for your tech blog will allow you to leave a good impression and make your blog readers come again to your blog.

Also, I advise you to choose a premium WordPress theme with the latest features so that you’ll get the latest features to make your blog work smoothly.

An additional tool that you may need is a Grammarly premium account.

My Informative Grammarly review shall make you understand why this online grammar correction tool is useful for bloggers.

We may even publish a complete guide in the future for those who don’t have any idea about starting a new blog.

I’ll advise you to take the above-mentioned steps immediately as time is valuable.

It may be the perfect time for you to make a long-term investment by starting a professional tech blog.

How to Earn Money Online from Tech Blogging?

Different Types of Tech Blogs

1. Tutorials Blog

Tutorials blog may get more traffic as the competition must be lesser than other types of tech niche blogs.

If you have technology expertise, you can use the newest tech product and write tutorials about them.

I advise new bloggers to target new products and write tutorials and how-to guides on their own to produce the best content.

Tutorials blog make a good amount of money as people need a tutorial to guide them while using a new tool or software.

2. Reviews Blog

You can start a review blog if you like to review tech products.

Reviews blogs are very popular, and that’s why there is huge competition.

If you’re someone who can create videos, then you can not only publish written reviews but also make YouTube videos reviewing the products.

3. Technology News Blog

Everyone is becoming tech-savvy, and hence, starting a tech news blog can be a good idea.

But, you’ll definitely need to produce content regularly, and you may even need to hire a few people to increase the income generated by your tech blog.

Ways to Make Money from a Technology Blog

1. Text/Banner Ads

Regarding banner ads, everyone remembers Google Adsense, but now many other options are available.

A technology blog with good traffic can make a lot of money from banner ads as people tend to view them and click on them.

If you can publish quality content on your blog frequently and get a lot of traffic, then banner ads will make you earn a decent monthly income.

Professional bloggers who do blogging full-time rely on banner ads to earn a constant monthly income from their blogs.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is becoming one of the best ways to earn money online for most bloggers.

Bloggers can earn commission by promoting products, which is a good way of making money online.

Affiliate marketing will be gaining maximum popularity in the coming years, and that’s why it is the perfect time to learn affiliate marketing.

Focus on writing blog posts that target specific keywords related to the product or service you want to promote. Don’t forget to include tutorial videos or images that showcase the benefits of your chosen product. However, be careful not to over-promote – this can turn off readers and hurt your engagement. To ensure success, conduct thorough keyword research and use Google Analytics data to guide your content creation.

3. Sponsored Advertising

If your blog looks professional and you’re posting content frequently, then companies and brands will approach you on their own for sponsored advertisements.

This income is not a regular income for bloggers, but sometimes it is a good way to get instant cash as a blogger.

4. Premium Membership

Are you an expert in your blogging niche?

If you feel that you’re an expert and can offer premium content to your blog readers, then you can offer premium membership to your blog readers.

You can share special content with your premium members, and if they like your content, then they will keep subscribing for this premium content.

5. Sell Your Own Product/Service

If you want to maximize your blogging income, you must take some big steps.

You need to develop your own product or service to sell it on your technology blog.

The crucial thing will be having a product or service that your blog readers require and that’s why you need to make the decision carefully.

Increasing Competition in the Technology Niche

Yes, this is the truth that you need to accept.

Still, you can earn enough amount of money regularly from tech blogging, but you’ll have to write regularly, promote regularly, and learn the basics of SEO.

Search engine optimization is a necessity to monetize a tech blog.

You’ll be able to get maximum traffic only if you’ll target the right keywords and make people come to your tech blog from the search engine.

I believe that competition will increase in every blogging niche.

Even the travel niche is getting saturated as many people are interested in travel blogging.

Previously, very few people were earning from travel blogging, but now there are a good number of successful bloggers earning a decent amount of money from travel blogging.

Just stop thinking about the competition in the tech niche and become a successful tech blogger.

Successful Technology Bloggers in India

You may feel absolutely surprised to know that there are many successful tech bloggers in India..

Many youngsters are starting a tech blog while in school or college and can even make more money than a normal job.

Amit Agarwal is a professional technology blogger that made tech blogging popular in India.

His blog is very popular, and as per the information available, he is the highest earning tech blogger in India.

His blogging income may surprise you, but we don’t want to go into the numbers.

We should respect him for his efforts, and we can also get motivation from him to make a lot of money from tech blogging.

Success from tech blogging depends upon your writing skills, knowledge, and patience.

You can’t expect to become a successful tech blogger by writing a few posts.

You’ll have to write regularly for a few months or even a year to see the desired results.

Even if the income from tech blogging is unpredictable, it is still worth trying as it may make you earn a good amount of money in the long term.

Once you complete this blog post, comment about the tech blogger you follow regularly.

Other Blogging Niches to Make Money Online

Apart from the tech niche, there are other popular blogging niches that you can choose for starting a new blog.

The below-mentioned niches are recommended by most bloggers for making money online.

  1. Make Money Online
  2. Health and Fitness
  3. Finance
  4. Fashion and Beauty
  5. Travel and Adventure

Choose the niche that you love so that you won’t get bored while writing blog posts for your blog.

Choosing the wrong blogging niche is one of the biggest mistakes many new bloggers make, and that’s why you need to be careful.

Current trends and market demand are the 2 crucial factors that will help you choose the right blogging niche.

Tips for New Tech Bloggers Starting a Technology Blog

  • 👉 Focus on traffic from the USA.
  • 👉 Target the keywords that can bring more traffic to your tech blog.
  • 👉 Analyze your competitors in the tech niche.
  • 👉 Follow the latest tech trends.
  • 👉 Start a tech blog only after proper planning and research, and even try to write down posts for your new blog in advance so that you can publish a good number of posts once it is active.
  • 👉 Don’t compare yourself with other technology bloggers who’ve been blogging for years; learn from them.

Email Opt-In Strategy for Gaining More Readers

If you’re looking to monetize your tech blog, email opt-ins are an absolute must! The Magic Email Opt-In Formula is the key to success and it’s all about providing your readers with added value. This can be achieved through a free course or e-book that’s both compelling and informative. To make sure your opt-in form gets noticed, position it in prominent locations such as the sidebar or at the end of each post. And don’t forget to use clear and concise copy that outlines the benefits of signing up for your newsletter. Once you’ve got subscribers, it’s important to keep them engaged with high-quality content that builds trust.

But that’s not all – social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can also help generate traffic and engagement for your blog! Just make sure to tailor your strategies to each platform’s unique audience and features. Get excited – this is going to be great!

The Best Tools for Tech Bloggers

In 2023, you can become a successful tech blogger and make money online through blogging! But, you need to equip yourself with the right resources. One of the most important resources is content creation tools that help you generate clear, error-free writing. Luckily, there are some amazing apps out there like Grammarly and Hemingway that provide powerful feedback on your writing’s readability and sentence structure complexity.

But, that’s not all! SEO optimization is also crucial for your blog to rank higher in search results. That’s where Google Analytics and SEMrush come in handy, providing valuable insights into how people interact with your blog site analytics at every level. From page views per visit to click-through rates from specific pages, these analytics services are essential.

Last but not least, don’t forget about scheduling social media posts! This is an important way to promote your blog and engage with your audience. So, get excited and start equipping yourself with these resources to become a successful tech blogger in 2023!

FAQs regarding Making Money Online from Tech Blogging

1. Should one start exploring the technology niche for blogging in 2023?

Yes, the technology niche even if competitive, still has the best opportunities for those who love technology.

2. Is a lot of knowledge related to tech topics necessary for this niche?

No, even if you don’t know much, you can gain knowledge by reading and watching YouTube videos.

3. Whether starting a tech blog enough to get success as a tech blogger?

If you know SEO and keyword research, you can still succeed with a tech blog without starting an Instagram page or a YouTube channel. I advise you to be active on Instagram and YouTube to get massive success after you start a tech blog.

4. Whether tech bloggers are gaining a lot of popularity in 2023?

Some tech bloggers sharing informative content and reviews are very popular in 2023. As more people are falling in love with technology, some tech bloggers have got millions of subscribers on their Instagram page and YouTube channel.

Overview – Earning Money Online from Tech Blogging

Tech blogging is definitely a good way to make money online, but at the same time, it is very competitive now.

Every blogging niche is becoming competitive every day, and that’s why you need a lot of motivation and belief in your skills.

I love to share my blogging ideas with my blog readers, and if you have any questions about making money blogging, you can drop me an email immediately. I’ll try my best to reply to your doubts related to blogging and the monetization of blogs.

If you don’t want to make money online from tech blogging, check out the other best work from home opportunities.

I hope you’ll be able to start a tech blog soon and make money from it as soon as possible. Are you able to earn a decent amount of money from your technology niche blog?


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