Learn to Make Money at Fiverr from Ravi Verma

There are different ways to make money online. Offering services is one of the best ways to make regular money online. Fiverr is a platform which is now very popular among those who offer services and those who require them. One of my friends earns money regularly at Fiverr and that’s why I asked him to let my blog readers know some ideas about making money at Fiverr.

Ravi Verma is my friend who makes money online at Fiverr by offering different type of services. In this post you’ll get to know that how Ravi has been able to make good amount of money regularly at Fiverr.

This is going to be a very interesting post for all my blog readers who want to make money online from Fiverr.

1.Ravi let my blog readers know something about yourself

Making Money Online at Fiverr, Learn from Ravi Verma

Hi, Mohit! Thanks to you for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself among your blog readers. I am Ravi Verma, living in the Hisar city in Haryana, turned into a designer from Blogger. I have completed my graduation in Bachelor of Technology from KUK in Computer Science & Engineering and now working as a Freelancer in Graphic Design Industry.

2. So when did you decide that you want to start making money online? Why you didn’t opt for a job?

The story begins when I was in the final semester of my B.Tech and one of my friends introduced me with the Adsense and WordPress. He told me to give it a try and we can earn online at a regular basis with Adsense.

But, the truth came in front of me after 4 or 5 months. It was not so easy to earn online specially with Adsense. The College was over and I had no job in hand and interesting thing was that the website I started in the final semester was not giving any income as I had thought at the time of purchasing those stuff (domain and web hosting).

Even my Adsense account was not approved till then and I had to go for a Job. All of us know that it is not so easy to get a good paying Job in a good company. The time passed with the struggle of getting Job, but somehow I again got into this digital world again and it started to increase my interest with the things over here. But I wanted to have a good career as well, so I learnt graphics from a Local branch of Arena Animation in my city.

After spending a good time with Photoshop, Illustrator now, I was ready to join the graphic industry but I was a fresher too.

I knew it would be risky to go directly into freelancing without any work experience and portfolio, but Fiverr seemed to me the best place to start the work.  As in $5 no one will regret their work done by Newbie.

I had started it in the June 2014 and the result was somewhat hopeful. After digging out the Fiverr System more, and giving it enough time I was able to secure my levels there and earn a decent income from that Online Marketplace.

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3. What type of services you offer at Fiverr?

Basically, I provide Cover Design Services there. I create Book and Ebook cover and render them into a real looking stuff according to buyer’s requirement.

4. Can you give some good ideas to my blog readers for making money from Fiverr?

Sure! If you are going to start at Fiverr, then do a research for the service you are going to offer. There are plenty of opportunities if you have talent.

There are a lot of services that you can offer such as Graphic / Photoshop work, Logo Design, Voice Over Services, WordPress / Website Services, Writing Services etc.

If you own a good number of Social Media Followers then you can use that for earning money on Fiverr. Some people do a tweet on their Twitter just for $5 among their followers. Also, if you have got a good voice, then you can do the voice over job there.  This is the most popular service on Fiverr.

Again, if you are having good knowledge of SEO, then you can start it with that.

In short, if you have any creative ability and it is unique & demanding, then you can make money using it on Fiverr.

Below are some kick start Gigs that you can go with-

  • Tweet Your Message to my followers
  • Create an awesome ebook Cover
  • Fix your WordPress Issues
  • Proofread your document
  • Create a Custom WordPress theme
  • Make Voice Over for 100 words (number of words vary depending on your service)
  • Write an SEO Optimized Article in Any Niche

There is a huge list and depends on what you want start with.

5. Do you think that content writers have a good chance to make money at Fiverr?

Yes, An article writer has a good scope there, but the competition is too high. You’ll have to provide something extra unique that other writers are not providing.

For example, if someone is offering 500 words in $5, then you can extend it to 600 words to beat the competition and also everyone want their work done as fast as possible.

If you can respond faster and complete the task quickly, chances are higher to get more sales. Moreover, it’s about the luck and promotion of the Fiverr Gig.

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6. Do you think that competition is increasing at Fiverr? Is it affecting your work?

Yes, every day new people join the site and this makes it harder to stand out with the Gigs. Suppose what happens if a work was being done by 10 persons and after a few days the same work is being offered by 100’s of people.

But still you can beat it. You can ask for the feedback from your buyers. The more the feedbacks you get, more the sales will come.

Yes, It affects my work, but I own a good number of buyers and their awesome reviews help me to beat the competition. Also, I have some regular clients and they often come to me for their design work.

7. Have you thought about starting your own designing company?

Yes, I am planning to start my own Book Cover Design Services, where I will be offering the creative Covers for Ebooks and Real books.

8. Ravi let us know what are your goals and your thoughts about my blog

As I said above, I am planning to go with my own Business for Cover design next year. Your blog is awesome, Keep working on it.  It’s growing and it needs the hard work to get on top blogs.

Once again, I want to thank you for featuring me on your blog among your readers. Best of luck to all those who want to start making money on Fiverr.

If you want to get designing service from my friend Ravi Verma, then you can contact him on Facebook.

Friends I really appreciate the efforts Ravi has put in for answering to my questions and making my blog readers know about his journey to make money at Fiverr. I hope that my blog readers would have got good idea about how they too can make money at Fiverr by offering the type of services they can.


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