Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Review: Features, Plans Etc

Considering the increasing popularity of managed WordPress hosting services, I’ve decided to come up with this Kinsta hosting review. Kinsta has become a very popular WordPress hosting service provider. The reason for the popularity is that it has a variety of plans for all types of customers.

Kinsta makes use of the best technology to fulfill the requirements of its clients. Blogs have grown from small to popular blogs because of Kinsta’s premium WordPress hosting which offers the best speed and amazing uptime.

In this review, I shall make you know all the features as well as the different plans offered by Kinsta.

 Kinsta Managed Hosting Plans

Kinsta is having a variety of plans making it better than some of the other Managed hosting providers. The ‘Starter‘ plan which costs $30 per month allows 1 WordPress install, 20,000 visits, and comes with 3GB disk space, Free SSL & CDN. The most amazing thing about the Kinsta Managed WordPress hosting service is that all plans come with free SSL & CDN. The costliest plan is the ‘ENTERPRISE 2’ plan which allows 80 WordPress installs, 1,500,000 visits, and comes with 120GB disk space, Free SSL & CDN.  You can compare the different plans by checking the images below.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Plans and Features

Kinsta Premium WordPress Hosting Review

 Backup Retention with Every Plan

One of the reasons which made me recommend Kinsta to a few of my friends is the backup retention feature. The Starter plan comes with a backup retention feature offering backup retention of 14 days. Some of the Kinsta plans even offer 20 days to 30 days backup retention. I like the backup retention feature as one doesn’t need to worry about taking regular backups.

Understanding the requirement of clients having dynamic sites, Kinsta even offers the facility to take backup in every 6 hours or even an hour, but for that, you’ll need to pay an additional fee.

 FREE SSL certificates

Kinsta even understands the required SEO features and that’s the main reason it provides free SSL certificate with every hosting plan. SSL has become a must for many bloggers as many articles have been published stating that sites having an SSL certificate installed will be marked as secured and achieve higher rankings. If your hosting provider doesn’t provide Free SSL Certificate, then it may be the perfect time to choose Kinsta Managed hosting service for your blog.

Kinsta believes in implementing the best security network and that’s why there is continuous monitoring for DDoS attacks. It even has the malware scanning feature and there are hardware firewalls to protect your WordPress blog.

 24/7 Customer Support

Kinsta believes that no customer should wait for getting any issue solved. With Kinsta, you’ll get 24/7 support and their support team has the knowledge to solve any issue with your WordPress blog. Kinsta uses a unified comms system so that you won’t have to worry about the staff moving between shifts and once you state the issue, it will be solved without you having to repeat yourself.

 Free Site Migration from Kinsta

My friend was facing some problems with his previous hosting service provider, and that’s why he required a managed WordPress hosting provider which offers free migration within a day or two. Kinsta team solved his problem by giving free migration facility. They checked if everything is properly transferred and then only made his blog go live on Kinsta hosting.

 Whitelabeled Clear Cache plugin

There are different Cache plugins available which include WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, etc. Cache plugins are useful as they are useful in reducing the WordPress blog loading time making the blog load faster. One of the pros of Kinsta hosting is that they provide a clear cache plugin which is Whitelabeled. You can use this plugin using your blog’s WordPress panel to clear the server cache.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

No Problem Due to Traffic Surges

One of the problems which blog owners face is traffic surges from social media or increased traffic due to trending posts. Kinsta’s managed hosting service is very powerful, and that’s why your site will never go down due to such traffic surges. If you mainly rely on social media traffic, then you should try to host your blog with Kinsta and you won’t face any problem which you may be facing currently because of such traffic surges.

Kinsta’s Control Panel has a Good Interface

If you’re looking for a custom cPanel to manage your blog professionally, then Kinsta is the hosting provider that you should choose.

Kinsta provides a custom dashboard. Using this dashboard, you’ll be able to manage your blog easily as well as it will allow you to check out the analytics and other details easily.

The good interface of Kinsta’s control panel may provide you with the professional experience that you require as a professional blogger.

Kinsta Guarantees 99.9% UpTime

One of the main benefits of going with Kinsta managed hosting is the guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

If you’d read the service agreement of Kinsta, then you’ll get a good idea about this uptime guarantee and how you can claim a small compensation if this guarantee is not fulfilled.

As you know terms and conditions can change anytime, and hence, I’ll recommend you to check out Kinsta’s service agreement before making the final decision of purchase on the basis of this best feature.

Buy popular Kinsta Hosting using this purchase link and make sure that you’re choosing the best plan for yourself as per your budget.

Kinsta Review Overview – The Best Managed Hosting Provider?

Currently, Kinsta is definitely one of the best options when it comes to purchasing a managed hosting provider for WordPress blogs.

Its reputation is increasing day by day.

Many expert bloggers have given good reviews to Kinsta, and they too consider that Kinsta will keep improving and many best bloggers will choose Kinsta to host their WordPress blog with very high traffic.

Its live chat support which responds fast is also one of the reasons that have made many professional bloggers switch over to Kinsta.

There are many reasons which may make you choose Kinsta over the other hosting service providers. You may compare Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting service features and plans with other hosting service providers before you finally choose a managed WordPress hosting plan for hosting your blog.

Do let me know your experience or opinion about Kinsta’s Managed WordPress hosting and whether you consider it as the best managed hosting provider for WordPress blogs.

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