Best WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins: Avoid Spam Comments

Frustrated because of spam comments? When I started using WordPress I gave importance to comments, but I never knew that I’ll get frustrated deleting spam comments. This is the reason that I started looking out for a solution which can help me in getting rid of spam comments. One of the best ways which I found to reduce spam comments is to install a CAPTCHA plugin which can definitely block spam comments. This is the reason I started searching for best WordPress CAPTCHA plugins.

Many bloggers recommended me to move from Commentluv to Disqus, but I didn’t wanted to do so. I kept searching for CAPTCHA plugins and I was finally able to find some best CAPTCHA plugins which you’ll get to know in this post.

6 Best WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins to get rid of SPAM comments


Blue CAPTCHA is the CAPTCHA plugin which I’m using at one of my blogs. It is very easy to install and it works absolutely fine as I have myself checked it out. You can make use of Blue CAPTCHA not only for preventing spam comments, but also for the login form, registration form and password recovery form.

The best thing about Blue CAPTCHA is that you can easily customize the CAPTCHA. You can select alphabets, numbers or a combination of both. It comes with 7 predefined CAPTCHA levels. Choose the CAPTCHA level according to your requirement.

2. cbnet Really Simple CAPTCHA Comments

cbnet Really Simple CAPTCHA Comments is also very useful plugin to avoid spam comments. This plugin adds CAPTCHA field below the comment form and makes use of API provided by plugin. An interesting thing about this plugin is that developers can make use this plugin’s API for developing their own CAPTCHA plugins.

3. NuCaptcha

I like NuCaptcha because it comes with video CAPTCHAS which can definitely be helpful in preventing all types of spam comments. I don’t think that spam comments can find a way to get approved when a plugin like NuCaptcha is installed.

4. Captcha Bank Plugin

If you’re looking for advanced protection, then you can go for the Premium version of Captcha Bank plugin. Captcha Bank plugin can provide total protection for WordPress blogs. This plugin comes with advanced protection features which you may not find in other simple CAPTCHA plugins. Auto IP Block, Login Logs are some of the advanced protection features which you’ll be able to get with Captcha Bank plugin.

The only thing which you may not like is that its Lite version provides CAPTCHA for login form and registration form, but not for comments form. You can get CAPTCHA for comments form by going for the premium version of this plugin. I recommend this CAPTCHA plugin for those who have a reputed blog and are unable to get rid of spam.

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5. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This plugin is also known as G.A.S.P. and is a very popular one.

How is G.A.S.P. very useful for bloggers using WordPress?

Most of the CAPTCHA plugins require readers to type some numbers or alphabets in the box provided below the comment, while Growmap Anti Spambot plugin provides a client generated checkbox below the comment. A reader just needs to click the box before submitting the comment. If a reader won’t click the checkbox, then the comment won’t get accepted. You may have definitely seen this type of checkbox at many WordPress blogs.



MATH CAPTCHA is also a very easy to use plugin and it works very smoothly. You can display the CAPTCHA on login form, registration form, comments well and Contact Form 7. You also have the option to select from the type of mathematical operations which should be used. There are 4 type of mathematical operations which are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

MATH CAPTCHA is the best CAPTCHA plugin because you won’t miss out on getting important comments. You should change the CAPTCHA input time according to your choice.

Comments are definitely important for a blog, and that’s why we need to try our best to approve all the good comments which we’re getting on different blog posts.

If you’re finding my blog posts useful, then you should feel happy to know that you can read my blog posts easily using your smartphone too. You should check out the best smartphones if you’re not satisfied with the current one. I’ll soon try to make you know about some other best WordPress plugins which can be very useful.

I hope that you’ll soon install one plugin from the above mentioned best CAPTCHA plugins as it will help in reducing the number of spam comments. Let me know the CAPTCHA plugin which you’re using currently or the plugin which you’re soon going to start using for your WordPress blog. Avoiding spam comments is necessary because you may not like to waste your time in finding out the genuine comments from a huge bunch of spam comments.


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