9 Tips to Improve Keywords Ranking in Google Easily

Thinking that – “How will you improve Google Keywords Ranking for making your blog get more organic traffic?

If this is the question which keeps coming to your mind, then this is the post you should definitely read.

You’ll be able to know answer to not only this question, but all your questions regarding keywords ranking by going through this post properly. This post will provide you with 9 tips which’ll help you in improving keywords ranking in Google Search Engine.

Getting more organic traffic is one of the goals for most of the bloggers.

For achieving more search engine traffic, you’ll have to do lot of hard work and at the same time you’ll have to do many other things perfectly.

If you had a tough time ranking your blog posts, then you shouldn’t worry. Every blogger may not get success immediately. I have seen many bloggers struggling for 2 years and more to achieve success. There are some bloggers who often stay confused in choosingΒ between job and blogging.

So lets get started. I’ll be now making you know 9 tips which have helped me and other bloggers in ranking for variety of keywords in ‘Google Search Engine‘.

How to Improve Google Keywords Ranking Easily?

1. Keyword Research is Important

You may be thinking to rank for different keywords, but may not be thinking about the competition. Some keywords can be very hard to rank just because some of the top blogs may be also trying to rank for the same.

It is that’s why important that you should try to rank for keywords which are not very competitive. You should try to rank for competitive keywords only if you have been easily able to rank for keywords having less and medium competition.

According to me, one should first start blogging and then think about keywords ranking in future. If you’ll from the start think about ranking for different keywords, then you may never get success.

2. Proper Title for Blog Posts

I see many newbies making the mistake of not having proper title for their blog posts. Please remember that you won’t be able to rank for keywords or may not be able to maintain the ranking if your blog post’s title is not a proper one.

You should always try to include the keyword in the blog post title. If you won’t have the keyword in your blog post title, then achieving good search engine ranking can be very hard. At the same time you should try to have nothing more than 60 characters in your blog post title.

Very long titles are of no use and that’s why I’ll recommend you to avoid them completely.

3. Description Plays an Important Role

Always try to have proper description for all your blog posts. I have seen that my blog posts which have proper description rank better than blog posts which don’t have proper descrition.

A proper description is the one which includes not more than 160 characters and at the same time includes the keywords.

Your blog post description can be a very short summary about the blog post. Always try to keep the descrition as appropriate as possible as people may tend to land on your blog post just because of the appropriate descrition that you have used for your blog post.

4. Content Length and Quality Both Matters

You can’t expect your blog posts to rank if the quality is not good or if the content length is short.

I have seen that posts with more than 1500/2000 words rank much easily than posts having 500 or 800 words only. The main benefit of writing lengthy posts is that you’ll be to maintain the keywords ranking for a longer duration.

If you’ll regularly post good quality posts with minimum of 1000 to 1500 words, then competitors may not be able to outrank you easily.

You need to plan your posts, do proper keyword research and at the same time you need to keep improving the quality of content as it’ll be helpful in attracting more readers easily.

5. Image ALT Tags

If you’re looking forward to really rank your blog posts, then you shouldn’t miss out on making use of ‘ALT Tags’. You should always try to make use of keyword in the ALT tags as this can be definitely helpful in getting better keywords ranking.

Many bloggers miss out on making use of ALT tags which can definitely be one of the reasons that they may not be able to get good search engine rankings.

6. Internal Linking

Newbies think that internal linking is not very beneficial, but they’re wrong.

Internal linking is helpful as you’ll be able to get backlinks from your own blog as well as internal linking can help in getting better alexa ranking.

The day from which I started focusing on doing internal linking properly, it helped me in improving the bounce rate and at the same time I was able to get better ranking for various keywords.

While doing internal linking, always try to interlink related posts only. At the same time you should avoid interlinking to many old posts from a single blog post as the readers may find it boring. Too much internal linking can even harm your keywords ranking.

7. Build Backlinks By Commenting, Guest Posting Etc

Backlinks are very important as they will help you in getting better keywords ranking.

Commenting and guest posting on other blogs related to the same niche will provide your blog with good backlinks which will improve your keywords ranking.

When it comes to commenting you should always try to comment at related blogs only. You should do commenting regularly, but excessive commenting should be avoided as it may result in Google penalty.

I’ll advice you to always focus on natural link building as Google is against artificial and un-natural link building practices.

8. Get More Social Shares to Improve Keywords Ranking

In a previous post I made my blog readers know the tips to double social media traffic as social media marketing is very important.

If you want to get better keywords ranking in Google search engine, then you need to get more number of social shares.

You need to have your presence at Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and other social networking sites.

For getting more number of social shares you need to share your posts at the right time. At the same time you need to adopt the best social media marketing strategies for getting maximum number of social shares.

9. Start Focusing on Long-Tail Keywords

There are many bloggers who have got lot of success just because of the reason that they have decided to target long-tail keywords only.
Ranking for long-tail keywords is easier than ranking for two to three words keywords having lot of competition.

You can make use of Long Tail Pro tool for finding out different long tail keywords. This tool has helped many bloggers in getting lot of traffic by targeting variety of long tail keywords.

I hope that these 10 tips will help you out in getting the best keywords ranking for all your blog posts. Dedication, determination and confidence is what you need to have for achieving the Google keywords ranking that you have always dreamt about.

Success may be very near to you and the only reason that you may not be able to see it is that you’re not ready to spend more time for blogging. I’ll keep providing best tips, blog post ideas and information about different plugins so that you’ll definitely be able to improve keywords ranking which will ultimate provide you with more search engine traffic.


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    Hello Mohit, thanks for your this article. Really good one indeed. You know that i am going to launch my new Brand Blog with my Own Name as well Tonmoy Parves.com . So, this is really helpful for me. I will follow your these 9 steps for my own Blog to get Ranking.

    Happy Blogging. Have a Good Week End

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    Tonmoy all the best for your new brand and blog. I hope that you’ll get success with it.. If you’ll keep learning, then you’ll be definitely be able to rank for different keywords easily.

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      Samir I hope that you’ll make full use of the SEO tips which I have listed down. Do let me know about the improvements which you get by implementing my tips.

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    Nice post Mohit but I would like to correct you wherre you mentioned “Alt Tags”. They are not actually the tags rather it is called “Alt text” because alt is a property of a tag. It is not itself a tag.

    I think writing better content + building some quality links in a natural way works well for improving ranking in Google.

    Thanks for the post.

    • says

      Thanks for the correction Atish. ‘ALT text’ is definitely very important and we need to make use of it in the right way.

      Atish you’re totally correct. On one of my blogs, I’m just writing natural content and am able to get good traffic to it.

      We need to keep learning more so that we will be able to get more organic traffic.

    • says

      Hi Mohit,

      Very informative and helpful post. πŸ™‚

      As far as I know, you correctly named it as “ALT Tags”. ALT tags are an alternative text used by the blind and the search engines to understand what the image represents. So whether one uses “ALT Tags” or “ALT text” both are correct,

      ~ Rohan.

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        Hey Rohan, I feel happy that this post was helpful for you. I hope that you’ll be soon able to achieve best ranking for the keywords you’re targeting.

        I too think that ‘Alt Tag’ or ‘Alt Text’ both are right.

        Rohan I hope to see you at my blog regularly. You’re doing awesome work at your new blog.

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    You have included almost all point except the use of multiple targeted keywords in description. Most of the new bloggers use only one keyword but they should use more than one to get more exposure. Anyway thanks for this article.

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      Christina I’m glad that you liked my post. I didn’t include that point because of a reason. Sometimes while people try to use multiple keywords in the description, they start over-doing it. They try to include all the keywords in the description and then the description doesn’t looks natural.

      Christina I hope that you’ll work properly on your blog and get the best ranking for different keywords. Keep providing suggestions to me.

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    Awesome post, after reading your article I discovered more tools I still need to enhance my blogging career.
    Thanks for sharing.

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      I hope that you’ll soon make use of all such tools you got to know by reading my blog post. I wish you luck for your blogging career. Start working hard to achieve your goals.

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        Oh Such a great Checklist of Backlink Building Strategies. Earlier I don’t know about Few Techniques but After Reading this Post I get full Ideas. I must say one of my Favorite is Getting Contextual Backlinks by Providing Great Article.
        It looks Natural and It’s Most Effective.

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    Hi Mohit, Theses are great suggestions to improve search rank in Google. Keywords are, well, key to making sure Google can detect the topic of your article.

    I’ve used Long Tail Pro and really appreciate its great features.

    Thanks for these helpful tips!

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      Carolyn, Long Tail Pro is definitely an amazing tool for finding all the long tail keywords easily.

      We definitely need to target the right keywords for getting more traffic.

      Good to see you on my blog. Keep coming πŸ™‚

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    Logically, if you want to have a higher keyword ranking, you must analyze and should focus on the right keywords on your website. People short-change keyword research, I must say.

    I would like to suggest the very last number. Focusing on long-tail keyword along with a solid content plan can be very profitable to your SEO strategy. This will allow you to achieve a more desirable position while targeting better users and at a lower cost.

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      Yes Metz, long tail keywords can definitely provide us the success that we want.

      This post of mine has been useful for many and I’m happy seeing the response.

      I’m going to try to work harder to get better results :-).

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      Suresh am happy to know that Long Tail Pro has helped you in knowing the best keywords that you can target. Keep targeting the right keywords and you’ll definitely be able to make your blog a popular one.

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    These are very useful tips for beginners. Keyword research will always be the major factor while preparing a content, even though experts are always stating for high quality content.

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    Hi Mohit,

    Very informative and good post. In today time there has lot of competition for get good ranking on search engines. So its very important that we done quality based work and also used new ways to get good ranking.

    In your post you have share very good tips and I’m sure its very helpful for many people.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

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      Yes Lakshmi, the increasing competition has made ranking for some difficult keywords a very difficult task. Just try to rank for keywords having less competition and especially target long tail keywords.

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    Nice article Mohit. You have included almost all point.. Long tail keywords are one of the best way to improve Google search ranking,
    Thanks for sharing this useful information.


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      Jasmit as per me it definitely plays an important role. A good Meta description may definitely make a post get better search engine ranking. The most important thing a blogger needs to do is that he has to keep learning and keep improving as then only he will be able to get best search engine ranking for his blog posts.

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    Hey Mohit,

    I Have read this post and very thankful to you for sharing such a great content. i want to learn about the Building Quality Backlinks, If you share then please inform me. I have visited First Time, and really feeling good to visit your website.

    once again thanks for sharing this content πŸ™‚

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    Hey Mohit,
    Improving ranking on the Google search engine means improving SEO tactics. The strategies shared here are based on what works best on on-page SEO. They are very practical and result-oriented.

    However, providing valuable contents should be the first step before keyword research and link building!

    I left the above comment in kingged.com where this post was shared.

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    Hi ,

    Thanks for Sharing Great tips, well you have shared great tips to improve keyword ranking and i’ll make a lot of all the tips.

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      Neha am happy that these tips were useful for you. I hope that you’ll implement them soon for getting the best search engine ranking and that may definitely make your blog become a popular one.

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    You have included almost all points. Most of the new bloggers use only one keyword but they should use more than one to get more exposure. Anyway thanks for this article. Really very very informative blog.

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          Pragti you’re totally right. If we will work properly on long tail keywords, then definitely we may get more profits. A blogger needs to target the right long tail keywords for bringing maximum traffic to his blog.

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      The key to improve your keyword ranking in Google is to use your keywords wisely and it should be always there at the places which you have mentioned on your post. Keep up the good work mate.

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      Thank u so much brother for such a nice and detailed article πŸ™‚ I always love to find different techniques to build back links you site have some strong content which is really helpful for me πŸ™‚ Keep updating us with such useful information πŸ™‚

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    Awesome tips Bro. Its really very informative. However i am currently focus on creating quality content and think this article will really help me to create a SEO friendly content.

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    Thanks for sharing such content but i think google penalize if you are doing a lot of blog and guest commenting and also it provides you with no follow backlinks only.

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    thanks for sharing good tips to do well in search,i have started my website recently and hence i am looking for these kind of tips

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    Amazing Post!

    I really loved reading it, I just wanted to know more about creating backlink via commenting,,, do you really think it is still useful?

    Faiz Israili

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      Ashish, Keywords are definitely always important to get good rankings in search engine…Target the right keywords as it is the one of the most important things that a blogger needs to do to get success in start.

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    I have been doing many of these but still I am not able to get the desired rankings. I have done deep research for keywords, have optimized my meta title and description tags with appropriate long tail keywords. I have ALT tags for all the images, also the pages have proper internal lining. I have also tried commenting and getting backlink from high authoritative websites. I have promoted many blogs on social media. Still I am lacking in my keywords ranking. Please suggest some more tips that can help me out.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is a great post I always wanted to learn how to improve keywords ranking in google easily. Thanks for this valuable, insightful and informative post.

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      I am happy yo know that your search to get the information about ranking high in Google has ended with my post. Do check out the review of different tools and plugins as that may help you in achieving better search ranking.

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    Thanks for sharing this wonderful check list. Keywords are very important. Also using those keywords in all following formats will help search bot to recognize your search term,. That is placing the search term in Title, description, keywords, URL, breadcrumb and also in header tags inside content. I hope this will help.

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    As well u say these all things to do for rank a keyword in google but in my case my website have to domain with same design and content because its a Import and Export Company HPJ Exim Pvt Ltd so i want redirect both side in one domain.

    But i continue work in keyword but i did not get any results for my website plz help me

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      Try to do the On Page and Off Page SEO properly.

      You need to have lot of patience if you really want to rank it. As yours is an Import and Export company, there will be many competitors already ranking very high for the keywords you’re targeting. Try to target keywords having less competition.

      Just have patience and keep reading more about SEO. Ranking for some keywords may take months and you that’s why need to keep working.

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    Awesome tips Mohit. Its really very informative. However i am currently focus on creating quality content and think this article will really help me to create a SEO friendly content.

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    Natural links are an indicator of quality content. It means that people are linking to you because they find your site interesting and they’re receiving any incentives for the links. Of course, if you’re paying for links you can always try to make your link profile look more natural.

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