How to Improve Core Web Vitals Using Speed Reports?

Want to improve the Core Web Vitals of your website or blog? You’re at the right blog post to know the best tips for improving Core Web Vitals.

Everything is changing in 2021. Technology is getting better day by day, and the same goes with the factors that Google considers for search engine ranking.

From May 2021, Core Web Vitals are going to play a very important role when it comes to search engine ranking.

As Google will give a lot of importance to Core Web Vitals, the blogs with fast loading speed will definitely rank higher than the blogs which load slowly.

I’m going to make you know some of the best tips to improve Core Web Vitals, and especially by making use of speed reports provided by the MonsterInsights plugin.

What is Core Web Vitals?

If you’re someone who is new to SEO or who hasn’t read a lot about Core Web Vitals, then I will help you out.

Core Web Vitals includes the following 3 factors:

  • Interactivity.
  • Loading Speed.
  • Visual Stability.

This means that site speed, mobile-friendliness, security are becoming more and more important for Google.

If your site loads very slowly and you’ve not purchased an SSL certificate, then you won’t be able to beat your competitors.

Your competitors with an SSL certificate and the best loading speed will definitely be able to rank higher in the search engine as they have already had the best Core Web Vitals.

You need to make appropriate changes to your site in 2021 so that you’ll achieve the best rankings for your site and not face a Google penalty due to the importance being given to some new ranking factors.

Google regularly comes with new search engine updates and new ranking factors, and hence, it is necessary you give a priority to new ranking factors to get blogging success in 2021.

It seems Google is going to make webmasters and bloggers work harder by ensuring that they give more importance to site speed, security, and some other ranking factors in 2021.

If you’re not a master in SEO and don’t understand the importance of Core Web Vitals in 2021, then you might have to hire an SEO expert to ensure that you don’t reduce your blogging profits.

Focus on Content and Page Experience

You definitely need to work on new rankings factors in 2021, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t give importance to content quality.

Quality content will definitely remain an important factor to achieve higher search engine rankings.

If you’ll spend your time writing quality content and improving page experience, then you won’t have any problems in the year 2021.

You’ll be able to achieve the best search engine rankings by giving equal priority to quality content and page experience.

I expect that Google will make many new announcements in this year for websites, and it is necessary that one follows them.

One will be able to learn and understand the new factors if one reads about them and tries to implement some changes on his site.

MonsterInsights 7.14 Comes with Site Reports

One of the most important announcements from MonsterInsights in 2021 is that the 7.14 version comes with site reports feature.

This addition to MonsterInsights has been done to help webmasters and bloggers to improve Core Web Vitals.

With the upcoming Google updates, it is necessary that you work on your website so that you don’t lose the search engine rankings.

Maintaining the best search engine rankings is going to be difficult for bloggers who don’t give importance to the site speed and user experience.

MonsterInsights is just trying to make things easier by going with the trend and bringing the site reports to its new version.

You should purchase the premium version of MonsterInsights now to know the site reports. MonsterInsights will now make you know the overall score, server response time, first contentful paint, and other crucial speed reports.

Have a look at the next section to know the best way of utilizing the site reports to improve the site speed and other things for ranking higher in the Google search engine.

How to Use Site Reports to Improve Core Web Vitals?

Improve Core Web Vitals using Core Web Vitals

MonsterInsights is going to be one of the most useful WordPress plugins to improve Core Web Vitals.

It will give you recommendations so that you can improve Core Web Vitals easily.

You’ll be recommended to change some settings or to install a useful WordPress plugin.

For example, MonsterInsights may recommend you to install a plugin to smush images or some other Cache plugin depending on the site speed.

The stats related to Server Response Time can be used to understand whether you need to purchase a better hosting for your blog.

First Contenful Paint is another very useful report. It makes you know the time taken by different fonts and images to load. You can use the stats to improve the quality of images, as well as change the font as per the requirement.

Time to interactive is yet another report that helps to know when the page again starts loading when it has already stopped loading. The monsterInsights team will also help you to know how you can use this report in the best way.

Year in Review report is going to be useful for bloggers who’re thinking of getting huge success in the long term with their blog.

With the focus on page experience increasing more in the second part of 2021, you may expect MonsterInsights to add more types of reports.

MonsterInsights by bringing additional SEO features has definitely become a better option in comparison to the other Google Analytics tools.

Conclusion – Use MonsterInsights to Improve Core Web Vitals

The demand for the MonsterInsights plugin is definitely going to increase in the year 2021.

It is really good to see that a Google Analytics plugin like MonsterInsights will now also help to improve Core Web Vitals so that one doesn’t see a downfall in rankings and traffic.

If you think that improving Core Web Vitals will improve your site’s search engine rankings in 2021, then you shouldn’t think much before making the final decision to buy the premium version of MonsterInsights.

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