Semrush Free Trial Offer Coupon in January 2023 (Guru or Pro Plan)

Semrush offers all new users a free trial of the Guru and Pro plan.

You can try the best Semrush plan for free in January 2023 by claiming the free trial offer using the available link or coupon code.

Claim Semrush Guru plan free trial

I’ll regularly update this post with the latest Semrush free trial link or the latest Semrush free trial coupon code. This will help my readers find and claim the best Semrush free trial offer available in India, the UK, the USA, and other countries.

You can earn more money by claiming the free trial offer on Semrush, which will help you with your SEO tasks.

Semrush is a complete SEO tool; hence, the price is slightly higher than other SEO tools. I have already written a detailed post about Semrush.

The trial offer allows you to use this tool for a particular duration before purchasing a paid Semrush plan. It is for those who want to try Semrush but are unable because there is no free version available.

Apart from a full trial of the complete Semrush package, you can even try out the exclusive new Backlink tool of Semrush for free.

If you want to learn to use Semrush, Semrush’s free tutorial will help you

Because Semrush is the most popular SEO tool, people search for the best trial offers and deals.

Semrush’s free trial has provided numerous advantages to new bloggers and website owners looking for tools to increase their organic traffic.

Apart from the free trial offer, I want to let my blog readers know the top 10 advantages of using Semrush for free.

Considering the advantages of Semrush, it is said to be the complete SEO tool for bloggers and webmasters.

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Semrush’s Guru or Pro Plan Free Trial Offer/Coupon Details

You can use this free trial link to claim the free trial offer.

Apply now because Semrush can end the free trial offer at any time.

This trial link was provided to me by their related team. If they provide me any new Semrush free trial link or coupon code to access the trial, I’ll change the link or provide the new coupon code.

I contacted their team to know if my blog readers will be provided with a Pro or Guru plan.

I got the answer that the blog readers will get the option to choose from the “Pro” or “Guru” plan.

I’ll advise you to go for the Guru plan as it is the best Semrush plan.

The current price of the Pro plan is $99.95 only, whereas the price of the Guru plan is $199.95.

You’ll get the advantages of the best Semrush plan for a few days.

Comparison of the Semrush Guru and Pro Plan

Semrush Guru vs Pro Plan Comparison

Different Limits of the Semrush plans

  • With the Pro plan, you get 10,000 results per the report of each domain or keyword research, whereas the Guru plan offers 30,000 results per report.
  • The Pro plan allows keyword tracking to a maximum of 1500 keywords and 15 domains, whereas the Guru plan allows keyword tracking to a maximum of 5000 keywords and 15 domains.
  • Pro plan offers you 1000 keyword metric updates per month, whereas the Guru plan offers 5000 keyword metric updates per month.
  • The Pro plan offers 20 scheduled PDF reports , whereas the Guru plan offers 50 scheduled PDF reports.
  • The Guru plan also allows you to use the Plagiarism checker 5 times. No such feature is provided with the Pro plan.

Price Comparison of the Guru and Pro Plan

Semrush Plan Type Semrush Plan Price
Pro Plan $99.95 per month.
Guru Plan $199.95 per month.

Those mentioned above are just the main differences. The Guru plan comes with more features than the Pro plan. You can even check their business plan if you want the maximum features and extended limits.

You shouldn’t lose this opportunity to use the popular SEO tool with the best keyword research feature.

You don’t need to waste your time searching for a coupon code to activate the free trial of the Guru or Pro plan.

I hope the comparison of guru and pro plan made you understand which plan you should have after the free trial expires. As Semrush doesn’t offer any free version, you must pay for it after the trial ends.

Before leaving this post, check the steps to claim a free trial offer.

How to Claim the Free Trial Offer from Semrush in January 2023?

Here are the steps to claim the free trial offer from Semrush.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to use Semrush for free.

I understand you’re excited to try out Semrush, but you’re still waiting to find the best deal to save some money of yours.

I’m making it easier for you by revealing the basic steps to claim the trial offer from Semrush.

Semrush Guru and Pro plan Free Trial Page

👉The first step is to click on this “Semrush guru/pro plan free trial offer page“.

👉Create your new Semrush account. You’ll need to use your personal email for this.

Create a free account to claim Semrush trial offer

👉You’ll be directed to a page where you need to provide your credit card details.

👉After that, you’ll have to click on “Place the Order” to complete the process of claiming the free trial offer.

Top 10 Benefits of choosing Free Trial of Guru Plan

Here are the benefits and reasons to choose a free trial of Semrush’s Guru Plan.

Why to try out Semrush Guru plan for free?

  1. The Best Keyword Research Tool

Semrush offers the best keyword research tool.

If you’re unable to find the keywords that can bring you the maximum traffic or keywords that can help you to increase the income from the advertisement on your blogs, then Semrush will help you.

You won’t stay frustrated as Semrush will quickly help you find the best keywords.

Semrush has got a database of 20 billion and above keywords.

It is the best keyword research tool as you can rely on it entirely

If you purchase a Semrush plan, you shouldn’t spend on any other keyword research tool.

Compared to the other keyword research tools, Semrush stands out to be the best tool.👍👍

  1. Analyze the Performance of your Website/Blog

If you want to check how your website or blog performs and whether the rankings are improving, then Semrush will help you.

You’ll be able to keep a watch if the rankings are improving or not, then Semrush will help you out.

  1. Know your Competition and the keywords targeted by your Competitors

Knowing the keywords targeted by your competitors will help you to rank higher.

The competition will keep increasing, and that’s why you need to try your best to beat your competitors.

Semrush will help you to do a perfect analysis to know the keywords targeted by your competitors.

You can target the exact keywords and increase your organic traffic.

Semrush is the best tool for keeping a watch on your competitors and their targeted keywords👍👍

  1. Backlink Analytics Tool

Semrush offers the best Backlink analytics tool.

If you think you cannot rank higher because you have a few backlinks, then a backlink analytics tool will help you.

You can check out your competitors’ best backlinks using the Backlink Analytics toolkit.

By targeting the best backlinks, you can achieve higher search engine rankings.

  1. Draft SEO-Optimized Content Easily

You can draft top-quality content using Semrush’s toolkits: SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant.

If you’re unable to draft the best quality blog posts, including the best keywords, then Semrush will solve your problem.

I have already written a guide on using both toolkits for writing SEO-optimized content.

  1. Perfect Site Audit using Semrush

You can audit your website’s On-Page SEO in the best way using Semrush.

If the On-Page SEO is not proper, your website’s organic traffic won’t increase.

Semrush helps with site audits considering several factors: HTTPS internal linking, crawlability, redirections, errors, broken issues, performance, etc.👌👌👌👌

  1. Find the Best Advertisement Opportunities

If you’re unable to find the best advertisers for your blog or website, then Semrush will solve your problem.

A reduction in your website’s earnings can definitely make you feel frustrated.

Semrush will go through the keywords you’re targeting to find the best businesses you can contact for advertisement purposes.

Semrush has already helped many bloggers and webmasters to find the best advertising opportunities.

You should use this Semrush feature to find the best advertisers so that you can increase your earnings.

  1. Start your Social Media Marketing Business

You can bring more traffic to your blog or website using social media channels.

You also have the opportunity to make more money by handling the social media profiles of your clients.

If you invest money in Semrush, you don’t need a separate tool for social media marketing.

Semrush will solve your problem by helping you to handle different social media profiles using a single tool.

By doing proper analytics of your own social media profiles and profiles of your clients, you’ll be able to make more money through social media marketing.

      9. Compare your Blog/Website with that of the Competitors

So, you can now understand which competitors are moving up and which competitors are moving down.

Once you apply for the free trial, you should try to gather the links of your best competitors.

You should analyze how your competitors are moving ahead to rank for different keywords.

The advantage of comparing 5 different domains at the same time definitely helps those using the free trial option to rank the competitors. Once you rank higher than your competitors, you can immediately go for the paid plan.

You should try to complete the domain comparison as much as possible within the trial period as you won’t get the option of this special trial again from the Semrush team.

   10. Know Your Online Reputation

The brand management tool by Semrush is handy

You can now understand whether your online reputation is increasing or decreasing.

You’ll  know the brand mentions and much more using this unique tool of brand management from Semrush.

During the trial, you should try to know your online reputation so that you can work hard to increase it in the future.

Why Semrush is Worth its Price?

Semrush comes with different toolkits providing different advantages.

If you purchase different tools, you’ll be spending a lot of money.

Even if Semrush is priced higher, it is worth the price because you get numerous advantages, and you don’t need to purchase additional tools for your work.

Instead of spending $1000 a month to purchase different tools, it is always better to invest in a single tool called Semrush.

FAQs related to Semrush’s Guru Plan Free Trial Offer

  1. Is Semrush available for free?

Semrush is not available for free. You can just claim the free trial offer. You can avail of the Semrush plan of your choice by paying the current price for that particular plan.

  1. How to avail of Semrush’s free trial without a credit card?

Sorry, this is not possible. They are asking for your credit card details just because they want to ensure that they don’t provide a free trial again to the same user. Beware of fake links and sites. You should share your card details only on the main Semrush website.

  1. Can you claim Semrush’s free trial for one time only?

Yes, Semrush may not allow you to claim a free trial offer again. Semrush needs new users, and that’s why it is using a free trial offer.

  1. Does Semrush provide an extension of the free trial period?

This is not possible unless you’re a blogger or YouTuber. If you’re going to review Semrush, you can get in touch with them to know if they can provide you an extension.

  1. Does Semrush come with the best deals for new users?

Yes, Semrush regularly comes with special deals. I’ll publish a new blog post as soon as Semrush launches its most special deal. You can grab the best deal to save your money while purchasing a new Semrush plan.

  1. Why you should go for the Guru plan in the future?

You can use all the features and there are fewer limitations. Most users feel that the Guru plan is the best Semrush plan currently. I’ll inform you about the new Semrush plans in the future.

  1. Is there any coupon code available for the free trial offer?

I don’t know if any new coupon code is available, but I was not provided with any coupon code as the link provided by their team is enough to activate the free trial offer. If there is any new Semrush coupon code for a better trial offer or extended Semrush trial offer, I shall update this post with the latest information.

     8. Which other alternative tools one should try out along with Semrush?

You can try out other tools: Ahrefs, Long Tail Pro, and KW Finder. I’ll be adding more of such excellent tools to this list. If you’re getting any special trial offer, you should definitely claim it.

    9. Whether one should give time to claim the new free trial offer from Semrush?

Yes, Semrush is offering advantages that are similar to its premium plan. You shouldn’t lose this opportunity to claim the free trial offer using the link mentioned above.

   10. Will one have to cancel the subscription after the free trial period?

Yes, if you don’t want to use it after the free trial period, you should cancel it on the last day. You should make sure that you’re not charged for the subscription if you don’t want to use it in the future. You’ll need to send an email to the Semrush team to make sure you’re not charged if you don’t want to go for any of its paid/premium plans.

   11. Is there any change in the procedure to apply for the trial?

No, you should follow the steps mentioned above to apply for it. The steps are mentioned by me in a way that shall be very easy to understand.

   12. Can you remove the limits imposed during the free trial period?

No, this trial is provided by the Semrush team. You can’t go for a better trial than what Semrush is offering. I believe Semrush is one of the only companies offering an amazing trial of its complete SEO tool. Sometimes, some people get very excited as they dream of trying out a comprehensive SEO tool. Newbies definitely feel amazing trying it out as they never thought that doing SEO can be so easier because of tools like Semrush.

  13. Whether you’ll be able to use all the important features while using Semrush for free?

Yes, the free trial covers most of the essential features. You may even forget that you’re using the trial option. The amazing experience provided by the Semrush team made me appreciate them.

  14. Whether it is better to invest in Semrush for at least 3 or 6 months?

Yes, it can be a good idea. You can do the complete keyword research, domain comparison, site audit, backlink analysis, etc for your website or blog in this period. I believe you need to invest money if you’re really serious to take your blog or website to the next level. You may not find the same features in other SEO tools compared to Semrush. So, I’ll recommend investing in this tool for 3 to 6 months or a year, then it may definitely change the scenario for you. You’ll be able to make this decision only during the last few days of the trial.

   15. Whether the pricing can change after the trial period?

The Semrush team is one of the best teams. It is coming with new amazing tools regularly. A good thing is that Semrush is trying to have a fixed price for its different plans. Yes, the price may increase with better features,but I don’t think they will disappoint their regular users by increasing the price. You can definitely recheck the price on the last day of your trial. The advantages you get will also increase if they choose to increase the price of the Pro or Guru plan in the future.

   16. Whether Semrush accepts virtual cards to claim the trial offer?

No, you can’t use a virtual card. It may accept only some of the virtual cards, leading to time waste. You should use your credit card or even try your debit card. You shouldn’t waste your time as such confusion may make you lose this opportunity.

    17. Can I cancel the paid subscription that I opt for after the trial ends?

Yes, Semrush gives you a week to cancel your subscription. Once your subscription is activated,and you don’t cancel it within a week, you won’t have any cancellation option. You should revisit the terms and conditions page whenever you’re unsure about this. Semrush may remove this cancellation term at any time, and hence, you should keep a regular watch on their new terms and conditions.

   18. Will I recommend an Annual plan immediately after the free period expires?

I believe this will be the right option only if you’re sure after the trial period that you’re going to use Semrush for the long term. Semrush offers a 10-20% discount on its annual plan. You can even contact the support to get the maximum discount on its yearly plan, especially if you’re feeling excited to go for the paid subscription.

    19. Why does Semrush not offer a free version for the long term?

Semrush tool has high demand already. It already has a good number of customers. Their team has worked hard over the years to provide the maximum advantages to their users. It is impossible for them to have a free version, as otherwise, they would have definitely got one. They may have a free version in the future, but they may allow you to only use it once or twice a day. Keep coming to this post if you want to know about the updates or news related to the same. Once the trial ends and you have not opted for their paid plan, you’ll have very limited access. You may be able to check the projects and the data you have saved.

Semrush’s Money-Back Policy

You may be afraid to invest your money as you’re not acquainted with using Semrush.

You don’t need to worry while investing money to purchase the Semrush tool, as it offers a money-back policy.

If you make the request within 7 days of subscribing or renewing a plan, Semrush will definitely return your money.

You can contact their team to know if there are any changes to their money-back policy.

Semrush’s Guru Plan Free Trial in January 2023 is Useful

I hope you’re excited to try out Semrush after knowing the advantages of claiming the trial offer.

If you can’t find the best deal on Semrush, then you can try out Semrush for free by claiming the free trial offer. You can wait to find the best deal on Semrush by utilizing the different features for free for a short duration. I hope you’ll save money for a few months by claiming the Semrush’s best and popular free trial offer in January 2023.


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