How to Use Semrush’s SEO Content Template & SWA for Higher Rankings?

Looking to achieve the top Google rankings for the most valuable keywords?

I tested Semrush’s SEO Content Template and Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant for 2 weeks. After taking a trial of the 2 Semrush toolkits, I found out that they have numerous benefits.

I also realized that SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant are useful tools. They helped me have a better content approach while writing the blog posts for my blog.

You can craft SEO-Optimized content in the best way using SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant.

Using both of them together can definitely make a blogger more powerful.

SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant by SEMrush

Remember that the competition is increasing in every niche.

If you don’t target the best keywords, you won’t achieve the top search engine rankings quickly.

SEO Content Template and SWA are the most used Semrush toolkits when it comes to knowing the best keywords, how competitors are using keywords, SEO recommendations, etc.

Disclaimer – This post about Semrush’s SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant includes affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if a purchase is made using my affiliate link.

I’ll cover the benefits of using SEO Content Template and SWA, the free trial offer, etc. I’ll also tell you the step-by-step process to achieve the top rankings for good traffic keywords using the Semrush toolkits.

I hope the guides for the above-mentioned Semrush toolkits will boost your blog’s traffic.

Benefits of Semrush’s SEO Content Template

  • The Best SEO-Friendly Content

SEO Content Template helps you to create the most amazing SEO-friendly content.

  • Optimized Content

You’ll be able to create winning optimized content as claimed by Semrush. This is not an advertisement to your surprise, but it is completely true. I have checked out the SEO Content Template toolkit. It really works in the perfect way to find the related keywords.

  • Perfect Analysis for keywords

It analyzes content for your target keywords for the top 10 pages in the Google search engine. This is the main advantage as Semrush helps you in knowing how the top 10 blogs/websites can rank for your target keywords.

  • Understand your competitors

Helps you in analyzing the posts of your competitors by highlighting the keywords. This enables you to understand the best keywords used by your competitors.

✔ Quick Tip – You can use SEO Content Template for free for 7 days by going for the free trial of the Content Marketing toolkit. You can apply for a free trial using this Content Marketing toolkit free trial link.

How to Make the Best Use of Semrush’s SEO Content Template?

Let me know the steps you need to follow to make the best use of the SEO Content Template.

I’ll be using images so that you understand how SEO Content Template can be used easily.

Please note that I’ll be using the keyword “affiliate marketing guide” while using this toolkit.

This is just an example, and you can use any keyword you want to target to achieve the top Google search engine rankings.

SEMrush SEO Content Template Features

✅Enter your target keywords. Note – Don’t forget to select the country of your choice. This especially helps if you’re looking to target a specific country or a specific region for local keywords.

✅You need to wait while it analyzes the top-10 ranking rivals.

✅SEO recommendations will make you know your top-10 rivals. Looking at the links may make you understand that this includes some of the most popular websites and blogs.

Know the Top 10 Rivals using SEO Content Template


✅After that, you’ll be able to go through the “Key recommendations”.

Key Recommendations by SEMrush SEO Content Template

This is one of the main benefits of using this SEO Content Template toolkit.

Semantically related keywords – You get to know the semantically related words. This helps you understand what you need to cover in your content and how you need to use the keywords in the best way to achieve the best rankings.

Backlinks – This is very useful as you can’t achieve the best keyword rankings without having the best quality backlinks. It analyzes your competitors and makes you know the best backlinks that you gain for your blog or website.

Readability – Everything is changing in this fast-moving world, and one of the changes is that people read content in a few minutes by scrolling through the content or just looking at the sub-headings.

A higher readability score is preferable if your readers keep reading the content regularly and even recommend your blog to their friends.

The readability score should be a minimum of 70 to 80 percent.

I’m always trying to achieve the best readability score for my blog posts by using useful grammar-checking tools like Grammarly. Also, I read content written by some international writers regularly.

Text Length – It also makes you know the recommended text length to achieve the best search engine rankings for competitive keywords. To my surprise, it even makes you understand if the content is lengthier than what is preferable. This toolkit analyzes the top-ranking articles in the Google search engine to recommend the best text length.

✅After that, you need to use the next section that will help you know how your competitors are making use of the primary keyword and different related keywords in the best way.

This is beneficial even for newbies who want to learn the art of writing SEO-friendly content.

    Know how rivals use keywords using Content Template

SEO Content Templa

✅You can read the “Basic recommendations” to understand how SEO works and how you need to use the keywords in your content.

✅You can use the Semrush SEO Content template created for this specific keyword at any time from the Semrush dashboard. You also get an option of “Export to Doc” if you believe that you need to download it as you’ll go through it regularly in the future.

Download SEMrush SEO Content Template

I believe this option of exporting it to Doc is beneficial as it will help in saving time. One may waste time creating the content template again and again for similar keywords.

I used the “Export to Doc” option so that I could view the semantically related keywords easily in the future.

Benefits of Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant Toolkit

SEO Writing Assistant Best Features

  • Overall score

The SEO Writing Assistant toolkit provides a complete score considering different metrics.

It considers readability, text length, and keywords in finding the overall score for your blog posts. An excellent overall score may bring a smile to your face.

  • Readability score

Semrush helps you to evaluate the readability score.

You can know the readability score using the recommended Flesh-Kincaid reading-ease score.

  • Tone of voice

I believe a sad tone is not good as it may make the readers feel unhappy.

Good tone is necessary if you want your readers to keep coming to your blog.

The best bloggers use the perfect tone for their content, which is why readers feel happy and share the content on social media.

  • Plagiarism

If you don’t check your content for plagiarism, that could be the worst mistake. The SEO Writing Assistant will help you understand whether any sort of plagiarism is committed and how you can improve.

How to Use SEO Writing Assistant in the Best Way?

Here is a short guide for making use of SEO Writing Assistant.

SEO Writing Assistant for Google Docs

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant WordPress Plugin

▶You can get the add-on for Google docs or the add-on for WordPress.

▶I’ll try the add-on for WordPress as I always prefer a WordPress plugin as it brings in the features directly to the WordPress Dashboard and the post editor.

▶You can install the add-on for WordPress by clicking on “Add Plugins” and then searching for “SEO Writing Assistant by Semrush”. This is very easy, and you might have followed the same steps while installing any other WordPress plugin.

▶After that, activate the SEO Writing Assistant plugin and go to the post editor in the WordPress dashboard.

▶To make my readers understand how it works, I just tried to write down a 1000-words post that I’ll publish in the coming days. I tried to write down the post in an hour so that it is not perfect, and then we all can know how this tool is helpful.

▶You can look at the below images to understand how Semrush makes us know the complete score and gives you the option to check the particular aspects, which are readability, SEO, originality, and tone of voice.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant Complete Score

Writing Assistant Result and Overview

How did SEO Content Template and SWA help me?

✅Finding Easy-to-target Keywords – Long-tail keywords and question keywords that I found out using SEO content template for one of my posts help me get more traffic to that particular post.

✅The Power of Analyzing Top Competitors never thought that analyzing competitors could be the most powerful thing you can do to get better with content marketing. When you understand the semantically related keywords and question keywords used by your competitors, you can make the best use of them in your articles and blog posts. Also, doing this regularly in the future will help me to know how my competitors are improving their content.

✅The Right Tone and Avoiding Plagiarism – SEO Writing Assistant, helped me write content with a better tone and avoid plagiarism altogether.

✅Understanding the importance of Readability and Content-Length – SEO Writing Assistant made me know the readability level, and I was able to optimize the content in the best way. I realized that extremely long content may not be helpful when it comes to search engine rankings. This may not be known to many who’re not into SEO completely. We need to know the length of the top 10 pages for the particular keyword in the Google search engine and then write the content. This will help in understanding the perfect content length.

If you want to write SEO-Optimized content in the best way using the popular Semrush toolkits, check out the free trial offer details.

Content Marketing Toolkit’s Free Trial for 7 Days

You can use Content Marketing Toolkit for free for 7 days.

This is really one of the best benefits provided by Semrush currently.

The Content Marketing tool of Semrush comes with the best features, and that’s why you should definitely try out this toolkit once for free.

The trial offer on Content Marketing Toolkit may end in the future. This is the best opportunity to use the exclusive features of this toolkit before you purchase it.

You can avail of the free trial or even purchase the Content Marketing Toolkit at the best price using the link mentioned below.

Apply for Content Marketing Toolkit’s Free Trial

Conclusion – Use Semrush’s Best Toolkits for Top Rankings


I believe that many people must have achieved the top search engine rankings by using the above-mentioned Semrush toolkits. You can know about the other toolkits by checking my Semrush review with complete details.

I hope you’ll go for the trial of the content marketing toolkit immediately and then purchase the Semrush plan as per your choice.

I never thought SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant are the most amazing toolkits by Semrush until I used them. I’ve provided the short guide to use the 2 popular toolkits so that you understand the benefits of using Semrush, specifically the SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant toolkits.


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