Semrush Review and Tutorial(2023): Benefits of this Best SEO Tool

Semrush is one of the best SEO tools for domain overview, keyword research, backlink analysis, site audit, and many other SEO tasks.

This Semrush review and tutorial will make you know the best features, benefits, price, pros and cons, and other details about Semrush.

Unless you know the full features, you may not want to invest a good amount to purchase this popular SEO tool.

The best features of Semrush are covered in this review, so that making the right decision becomes easier for you.

Disclaimer – Do note that if you use my affiliate link to purchase Semrush at the best price, I’ll earn a small commission because of you.

SEMrush Review and Tutorial

Even if there are other best alternatives available, most SEO experts recommend Semrush over the other best SEO tools.

Opting for the free trial of Semrush would allow you to understand how you can use the different toolkits provided in the Semrush SEO tool.

Read this Semrush review if you want to use this best SEO tool to succeed with your own blog or your search engine optimization projects.

Knowing the features, benefits, pros, and cons of Semrush will help you decide whether you should invest your money to purchase the Semrush SEO tool.

Table of Contents

Semrush’s SEO Toolkit Tutorial

SEO toolkit is definitely one of the main reasons making people invest their money in the Semrush SEO tool.

Semrush is one of the best SEO tools as it helps in keyword research and link building in the best way.

You can check out the SEO toolkit to understand why people find it worthy of purchasing the Semrush tool.

The SEO toolkit provided by Semrush is definitely better than the SEO toolkit provided by some of the other popular SEO tools.

Competitive Research Tutorial

Competitive research will quickly analyze your domain or any other domain names.

Let me make you know the different sections available under the Competitive Research tab.

The Domain Analysis tool is the main tool available and using this tool, you’ll be able to understand what you’ve achieved from your hard work.

How to do Domain Analysis using SEMrush?

I used the domain analysis feature to find the keywords I’m ranking for, the best do-follow backlinks, organic traffic sources, etc.

You can check the image below to know how I could understand the crucial data for my domain name using the domain analysis.

Domain Analysis using SEMrush

How to do Organic Research using SEMrush?

Semrush is definitely the most helpful tool to analyze any domain name.

Knowing the crucial data related to the domain is necessary to improve the search engine rankings using Semrush.

The Traffic Analytics section is handy to analyze the user behavior on a blog or website.

The other tools available under the Competitive Research tab are as follows:

Keyword Gap tool will allow you to compare the keywords you’re ranking for and the keywords targeted by your competitors.

How to use Keyword Gap feature of SEMrush?

The backlink Gap tool is another helpful tool that will allow you to analyze the difference between your domain’s backlinks and the backlinks of your competitor. This tool will make you understand why your competitors are ranking higher than you.

How to Use Backlink Analysis with SEMrush?

Using the Backlink Gap tool, you’ll be able to understand how backlink quality helps in getting ranking.

It is definitely the best SEO tool to find the best backlinks of your competitors, and that’s why the Backlink Gap tool section is very useful.

If you’re unable to find the best backlinks to rank your blog or website higher in the search engine, then you need to use the Backlink Gap tool. You’ll be able to find the best backlinks using this tool, and then you can work hard to gain similar backlinks like your competitors.

Keyword Research Feature

Keyword Research is one of the most important sections of Semrush.

Using the Keyword Research section, you’ll be able to find the best keywords.

Finding less competitive keywords and the keywords that can bring maximum organic traffic is crucial to increasing search engine traffic.

By targeting the best keywords having the top searches, you’ll be able to maximize your search engine traffic.

If you want to find the best long-tail keywords using the Semrush SEO tool, you need to go to the ‘Questions’ section after searching for a particular keyword.

The Keyword Magic tool will help you find the maximum number of related keywords.

Keyword Difficulty tool will allow you to add all the keywords together in a list form and then find the complex score for different keywords.

Let me tell you how I used the Keyword Research feature of Semrush to find some of the best keywords.

‘Affiliate Marketing’ is the main keyword I’m targeting to increase my blog’s traffic.

How to do Keyword Research using SEMrush?

Link Building

The link Building section will help you analyze the backlinks of your domain and the backlinks of your competitors.

You can conduct an in-depth backlinks analysis to find your domain name’s good and bad backlinks.

The link Building section helped me know the backlinks I have lost and the new backlinks I have gained.

I’ll be regularly making you know my experience with the Link Building section of Semrush.

If you’re unable to monitor your website or blog’s backlinks, then you should start making use of the Link Building section immediately.

Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking will help you know the position of your pages for the different keywords.

It will help you know the top performing pages, posts, and reviews of your blog.

On-Page and Tech SEO

On-Page SEO is definitely one of the most important things you need to consider to improve your search engine rankings for various keywords.

Semrush comes with the best tool for On-Page SEO.

It will help you do a proper On-Page audit of your website or blog.

You can use this feature to ensure proper site structure, interlinking, speed, and much more.

A proper On-Page SEO audit is necessary, and you should conduct On-Page SEO audits regularly.

Proper On-Page and Tech SEO audits are very crucial. Without proper On-Page SEO, your website won’t get search engine traffic even after having the best quality backlinks.

HTTPS health, crawl depth, etc are some of the other factors that Semrush will consider while doing the SEO audit.

THE On-Page SEO checker tool will help you know how your pages are performing and what you need to do to improve the rankings.

Proper On-Page optimization will definitely make your keyword rankings improve drastically.

Semrush’s Local SEO Toolkit

The local SEO toolkit is handy.

You’ll be able to use it in the best way to achieve the best rankings for local content.

If you’re someone who is targeting keywords related to a particular city or state, then the local SEO toolkit would be handy.

I didn’t give much time to it, but I’ve heard from others that the local SEO toolkit is also very useful.

Semrush’s Advertising ToolKit

The advertising toolkit is very useful for all professionals who’re into online advertising.

It will help you in designing and launching the best advertising campaigns.

If you’re unable to find the right keywords for your advertising campaigns, then the Advertising toolkit of Semrush shall be the ultimate solution for you.

CPC Map tool will help you know the CPC prices of ads prices for various keywords over the globe.

You can plan your marketing campaigns in the best way by using the CPC compare feature.

‘Ad history’ is beneficial for all advertising professionals.

By going through the history, you’ll know the different advertising campaigns that brands have run recently for the particular keyword.

‘Ad Builder’ is another helpful tool that you can use to launch the best advertising campaigns.

It will help you to know the keywords targeted by your competitors, and using the different options in the Ad Builder tool, you’ll be able to launch the most profitable ad campaigns.

SemRush’s Social Media Toolkit

The social Media Toolkit of SemRush is very useful.

You can use this kit to easily connect with your social networking profiles and publish content on your profiles.

You won’t need a separate social media tool if you’ve purchased Semrush.

It will even make you know your competitors’ social media marketing strategies.

Semrush is trying to provide all the features that a social media marketer may need to manage different social media profiles easily.

You’ll be able to manage your different digital marketing projects easily by using the ‘Projects’ option.

I’m going to learn to make proper use of the social media toolkit in the future, as it may help me provide digital marketing services.

Semrush is definitely a valuable tool for digital marketers who want to provide the best quality digital marketing service along with SEO services.

SemRush’s Content Marketing ToolKit

I’m incredibly sorry to disappoint you, but the truth is that you can’t rank on the Google Search Engine unless you’re writing top-notch SEO-optimized content.

The content marketing toolkit by Semrush will help you produce the best quality content for your blog.

I’ll let you know all the features of the Content Marketing Toolkit so that you can decide whether it will be worth the investment or not.

Topic Research

Choosing the right topic and sub-topics is crucial if you want to achieve better rankings than your competitors.

The topic research option will allow you to do proper topic research.

It will make you know the best sub-topics/sub-headings, and it will also make you know the best articles on the web as per the topic.

While writing content focused on the readers, Semrush’s topic research feature helps writers cover the essential sub-topics.

If you’re unable to bring a lot of organic traffic to your blog, you definitely need to use the Topic Research feature to produce highly optimized content.

Writing content in an organized manner is necessary to rank for different sub-topics and achieve the best rankings for various keywords.

SEO Content Template

SEO Content Template feature will help you know your competitor’s keywords, and it will help you develop an outline for your content.

How to Use SEO Content Template with SEMRush?

SEO Writing Assistant

Writing Assistant will help you with writing tasks.

I tried out the tool and some of the features for a small duration.

Many other good features are provided in Content Writing Toolkit.

You need to try out Semrush to explore all the features.

I’ve tried my best to cover each and every feature of Semrush.

If I’ve missed out, you can mention that feature below, which will help out my readers.

How to get Free Trial from SemRush?

You can use this Semrush free trial offer to get 1 week of Semrush trial.

Semrush’s free trial will allow you to use this tool without making any investment.

If you take the trail, then you’ll be able to explore the Semrush SEO tool in the best way.

Here are some of the main reasons to opt for the free trial of Semrush:

  • Know all the features.
  • No investment is required.
  • Use the free trial to increase your profits to purchase Semrush in the future.
  • Make your friends understand the benefits of using Semrush by making a video about Semrush.
  • To decide if you should invest in Semrush or an alternative SEO tool.

I will advise you to not waste time and immediately apply for the free trial of Semrush.

If you have any questions after using the Semrush tool in the trial period, then you may contact Semrush’s support team to get your answers.

Apply for Free Trial of Semrush Now

You can easily check my post on steps to apply for Semrush’s guru plan free trial.

Semrush Pricing for Different Plans

There are 3 plans available.

The basic plan, which is the Pro plan, comes at $119.95 per month, while it costs $99.95 per month if you go for the annual plan.

The Guru plan, which is one of the most recommended plans, comes at $229.95 per month, while it costs $191.62 if you go for the annual plan.

The best plan is priced at $449.95 per month, while it costs $374.95 per month if you go for the annual plan.

Have a look at the below-mentioned image to compare the pricing and features of different Semrush plans.

SEMRush Plans and Pricing Details

Semrush Plan Name Semrush Plan Price Semrush Plan Review
Semrush Pro Plan $119.95 per month Basic plan for first-time users.
Semrush Guru Plan $229.95 per month Most-selling and recommended plan.
Semrush Business Plan $449.95 per month Semrush business plan is recommended for businesses, digital marketing agencies, and SEO companies.

Buy SemRush SEO Tool Now

The Best Alternatives of the Semrush Tool

The biggest competitor and the primary alternative of Semrush is Ahrefs.

The backlink-building tool is one of the best features of Ahrefs. Certain other features are liked by many SEO experts.

Semrush has more employees than Ahrefs, and it is getting more popular day by day.

Also, Semrush was founded in the year 2008, while Ahrefs was founded in 2011.

SerpStat is also one of the best alternatives of Semrush, and it has been gaining popularity recently.

UberSuggest, Moz are some of the other best alternatives of Semrush.

The increasing number of SEO tools is definitely good for SEO experts.

In the future, you may find many more best alternatives to Semrush.

It will be interesting to see whether new StartUps will come with an SEO tool with the best features.

There is a massive scope in the SEO field, and people are ready to invest in SEO tools to get the maximum benefits.

The increasing benefit of using this tool is making many people purchase it immediately.

Every SEO tool has its pros and cons. The main reason that has made Semrush popular worldwide is its benefits.

People working in the search engine optimization field need to use this tool.

People who have good knowledge of SEO but still not using Semrush are definitely missing out on some of the best benefits of this SEO tool.

Top Benefits of using the Semrush Tool

Top Benefits of Semrush SEO Tool

  • Better organic rankings – Manage your organic rankings in the best way by keeping a constant watch on your rankings. The position tracker is definitely beneficial.
  • Domain overview – This is the most helpful feature. Know the best backlinks and the best keywords targeted by any competitor using this feature.
  • Find the best keywords – Use the Semrush keyword research tool to find high volume and less competitive keywords easily. It is one of the tools that is very easy to use. I believe even a newbie can do keyword research using Semrush. A beginner will just need to use Semrush for an hour or two to understand the features and how it works.
  • Design Creative PPC ads – You can now understand how your competitors work. You can analyze their ads to design better PPC ads for your own campaigns.
  • Do a Proper Backlink Audit – Yes, you can now check the type of backlinks you’ve got for your website or your blog. A proper analysis will help you understand whether you need more additions or any deletions.
  • Site Audit to know the Mistakes – I love the Site Audit feature of the Semrush tool. One gets to know all the On-Page SEO mistakes.
  • Build backlinks quickly with Semrush – You can do a competitor analysis or use any other feature to build the best backlinks using Semrush.
  • Work with social media marketing clients – This is the best tool for digital marketing agencies. If you want to run the best social media campaigns for your clients, Semrush will help you out. It has the toolkit that you require for social media marketing campaigns.

Semrush Reviews/Ratings by Experts/Websites

Sharing some of the ratings and reviews of some of the experts/websites.

Reviews/Ratings by G2 Website

Semrush G2 Review

Review/Ratings by PCMAG Website

Semrush PCMAG Reviews and Ratings

Semmrush New Features and Updates – More Benefits

After reading this Semrush review and tutorial, you must be feeling happy and excited to go for the free trial or purchase Semrush at the best-discounted price.

You should read about the new features and updates to get an idea of how Semrush has kept improving to provide more benefits. It has become a complete SEO tool with the best features. I believe it will be a complete SEO solution for many digital marketing agencies, online shopping websites, and bloggers.

Note – I’ll keep updating this post whenever new features and updates are introduced by Semrush. Also, I’ll try to keep the latest Semrush features and updates at the top of this section to make it easier for you.

New updates from Semrush! Excitement! More benefits!

  •  New and Improved Backlink Analytics Database – There is good news for everyone who is trying to build high-quality backlinks using Semrush. You’ll find that they now have an improved database. Semrush has added 500+ new servers and 14,000 terabytes of storage to provide you with the best backlink checker service. You can compare this backlink checker with the backlink checker of any other SEO tool to find why this is the best one.
  • More focus on keyword intent – Now, the Semrush tool has a special feature. It gives importance to the 4 keyword intent categories. Knowing the keyword intent will help you draft the best-quality content as per the requirement of the potential reader.
  • Most accurate keyword difficulty metric – Knowing the keyword difficulty ideally can definitely benefit you. It will help you target keywords having a little less competition than those very competitive keywords. It allows you to know the KD score as per a particular country. You should always target some less competitive keywords using Semrush to get more organic traffic.
  • More importance to Core Web Vitals – Heard about Core Web Vitals? Google gives a lot of significance to Core Web Vitals. You can improve your ranking by using the Site Audit tool of Semrush that now gives importance to Core Web Vitals.
  • Mini Keyword Overview – Now, Semrush comes with a Mini keyword overview feature to provide you the maximum benefits.
  • Best Backlink Audit with Profile Insights – Yes, now you can do backlink audits in the best way. You’ll get the profile insights at the right top of the report section. You’ll now know warnings, potential problems, etc.
  • Local SEO – Semrush has even started providing tools and features for local SEO. The listing management tool is now available for Semrush users in Canada. I believe Semrush is going to get a lot of popularity in Canada.
  • Agency Growth Kit – Agency Growth Kit provides additional benefits for digital marketing agencies. Now, you can generate more leads and get more clients. You can check this Growth Kit to get more benefits and more features to grow your agency.
  • Sellzone – It is a complete toolkit for Amazon sellers. You can now increase your Sales by making use of this toolkit.
  • Amazon Keyword Wizard tool – You can now use this tool to rank your products higher on Amazon. You can find the best long-tail keyword, low competition keywords and use the other keywords to rank higher than your competitors on Amazon.
  • Amazon PPC Optimizer tool – If you believe in choosing paid advertisements to promote your product, this tool will help you as an Amazon seller.
  • New features for Instagram and Linkedin marketing – Social media marketing has got easier for Semrush users. There are new features incorporated for Instagram and Linkedin marketing.

I hope you’re feeling excited to go for Semrush immediately, especially after knowing the new features.

You should purchase Semrush now to get all the benefits.

Purchase SemRush SEO Tool Now

FAQs related to Semrush’s Review, Tutorial, and Free Trial

  1. Is Semrush the best SEO tool?

Yes, I found Semrush to be very useful. Everyone has a different opinion, and that’s why you should share your review of your favorite SEO tool by commenting below.

  1. Why do some people like Semrush more in comparison to Ahrefs?

Semrush has an excellent support team, and it is adding new features regularly.

Even the current features of Semrush are constantly improving, making Semrush a perfect tool for SEO professionals.

  1. Which Semrush plan you should prefer for yourself?

I can’t answer this question. The reason is that it all depends on the usage. You should check the price and various features available with different Semrush plans before deciding.

  1. Whether any new SEO tool would become the best alternative to Semrush?

Yes, this is definitely possible.

Understanding the increasing use of SEO tools, many companies may like to develop a new SEO tool.

  1. Whether you can get more success with your SEO campaigns using Semrush?

Yes, Semrush may help you achieve more success with your SEO campaigns.

People working as a professional in the search engine optimization field find Semrush as a gift to them.

SEO has become a little bit easier due to tools like Semrush.

  1. Why Semrush is more popular than the other paid SEO tools?

Semrush’s support team is very professional, and the tool keeps on improving.

The availability of numerous features and good support is one of the reasons that makes Semrush better than some of the competitors.

  1. Can newbies make use of Semrush without going through a tutorial?

Tutorials definitely help in understanding the way a tool works.

This Semrush review and tutorial written by me may make you understand the best features of the Semrush tool.

There are many video tutorials available online to learn to use Semrush for online success.

  1. Does this Semrush tutorial make you succeed with blogging and affiliate marketing?

Yes, the different features like domain analysis, keyword research, backlink tool, and content marketing tool may help you achieve the best search engine rankings.

Many bloggers and affiliate marketers have achieved the best search engine rankings for different keywords using the Semrush SEO tool.

  1. Whether investing money in Semrush to improve SEO skills a good decision?

I’ll advise newbies to first learn SEO basics and then invest money in this SEO tool.

If you can use this SEO tool to increase your website’s income or profits, then you should definitely invest in this SEO tool.

You should understand how you’ll get better returns on your investment by using the Semrush tool for SEO purposes.

  1. Whether one can upgrade or downgrade a Semrush plan at any time?

Yes, Semrush allows you to upgrade or downgrade a plan at any time. You should check the current terms and conditions to know the fees and the complete procedure to upgrade or downgrade the plan.

  1. What are the payment modes accepted by Semrush?

Semrush accepts debit and credit cards. Once you visit the purchase page, you’ll get to understand that which other payment options are available for purchasing Semrush. Depending on your preference and available payment options, you may buy the best Semrush plan immediately.

  1. Whether the high pricing is one of the cons of Semrush?

Semrush’s high pricing is why this tool is one of the best SEO tools.

If you’re investing in this tool, you can expect to rely on it entirely for your SEO needs.

By going through this review and tutorial, you might have understood how you can use Semrush in the best way to achieve better results.

    13. Whether the new features and updates make Semrush more useful?

Yes, it provides you perfection as well as you can use the new features to grow your website or your blog.

     14. Whether one should give importance to pros and cons?

If you have a tight budget, you must go through the pros and cons of Semrush. You should read the complete post to read the pros and cons. You’ll find the highlights of the pros and cons at the top of this post.

All the bloggers doing blogging professionally use Semrush and achieve the best search engine rankings. Are you going to purchase Semrush after reading this review and tutorial? Will you try out the free Semrush trial and then make the purchase decision?

Conclusion of this Semrush Review – Semrush is the best SEO tool

Semrush is definitely one of the best options. The competition will increase in the future once companies come up with new SEO tools. Do share your personal review of Semrush tool with me by commenting below.

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