Audiit Competitor Analysis Tool Review(2023): Lifetime Deal /Discount Available

This is a detailed review of the Audiit tool. Let me make you know how this tool can help out.

You’ll find the information about the lifetime deal from Audiit at the end of this post.

On-page SEO is something that most business owners think they get right but don’t.

Yeah, everyone knows to include the keyword in the meta title, headings, alt text, and so on…

Audiit Review, Pros and Cons

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But how long should the content be?

How often should the keyword be included throughout the content?

How often should the keyword be in the alt tags?

While some argue it’s a set number, Audiit takes out the guesswork. Keep reading to learn about our experience using the tool and whether it’s a good fit for you too.

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What is Audiit?

Audiit is an SEO competitor analysis tool that lets you pull key on-page SEO data points so you know exactly how to optimize your article.

It also lets you share this data with clients or compare your site to the top pages ranking in the SERPs. But we’ll talk more about that later on…

The company was founded by internet Entrepreneur Chris M. Walker, who built several businesses to 7-figures.

The other companies he is behind include the Legiit freelancing marketplace and Superstar SEO – an SEO agency, community, and training program.

Who is Audiit For?

Audiit is for anyone who puts out a lot of content for SEO purposes. It helps users save time and do on-page SEO more effectively without guesswork.

Therefore, Audiit is a tool that could help:

  • Bloggers who want to get traffic from SEO
  • SEOs and consultants who work with clients
  • Businesses investing in putting out SEO content

Interestingly, the founder, Chris M. Walker, has mentioned in a Facebook post that he created this tool for his own use.

He went on to say that grabbing the URLs and putting them into a spreadsheet was just too much effort, and many SEOs will know this feeling.

Audiit Features

Best Features of Audiit Tool

Audiit has three main features, making it easy to use thanks to its simplicity.

There are already ENDLESS products solving most SEO problems, and then they all try to do what the other tools do.

That’s why Audiit has stuck to the problem it wants to solve so that the company can also keep the cost down (as we’ll see later on).

Competitor Analysis Report

Audiit Tool Tutorial

Audits core feature is the competitor analysis reports. How does it work?

You type in a keyword, and then Audiit gives you a report that includes the following data from your competitors:

  • The keyword density
  • The wordcounts
  • How many times the keyword was used in the alt tag
  • Whether the keyword was included in your competitors H1
  • Keyword in the URL
  • Keyword in the Meta Description
  • How Many Images Are Present On The page
  • Image File Names

With this overview, you can instantly understand how you need to optimize your article to compete with them.

You also won’t have to guess how long your content should be and can do what is proven to work.

Compare Your Site With Competitors

Another feature that Audiit offers is comparing your site with competitors.

So, Audiit will give you a comparison overview of your site vs. the top pages ranking based on the data points we named above.

This enables you to instantly overview what your site is missing compared to your competitors.

Then, you can make those changes and start seeing your site skyrocket in the SERPs.

Share Reports With Clients Easily

Another cool thing about Audiit is that you can share the reports you generate.

This is useful for a couple of reasons because you can share the reports with clients or employees.

Plus, you could even sell the reports to other SEOs or bloggers – or make them part of a consulting deal.

It’s a valuable perk to have available for when you need them, and for some of you, this might be a nice extra earner.

Audiit Plans and Pricing

Unlike many other SEO tools, Audiit has affordable pricing plans.

The three pricing plans are:

  • Ten reports per month – $9 per month
  • 25 reports per month – $19 per month
  • Unlimited reports – $67 per month

It seems they are having some discount offer currently. You should try to purchase Audiit before this discount offers end. Let me reveal the current price.

Audiit Plans and Price

If you only work on your site, you’ll probably only need one of the lower plans.

Remember, you will only use a report when you’re sure it’s a keyword you’re targeting, so you won’t need many reports.

Limited Lifetime Deal from Audiit

We browsed the internet to find the best deals available.

And although there are already some discounts applied on the regular page, we were able to find an incredible lifetime deal for you.

Chris M. Walker, the founder of Audiit, has partnered with the Appsumo marketplace to offer a one-time fee lifetime deal. So, how much does it cost?

$47 as a one-time fee…. for lifetime access on the agency/UNLIMITED plan.

Of course, snatching it at this price is practically a steal.

But we have no idea how long this plan will be available, so if you work in SEO/do it for your websites – it’s probably worth picking up.

Purchase Audiit for Lifetime

Audiit Review: Pros and Cons

As we have already seen, Audiit is a pretty effective tool for on-page SEO. However, we still wanted to give you an overview and explain the pros and cons.

Check them out below.

Audiit Pros:

Easy to use + Video Tutorials

Audiit is extremely easy to use.

With practice, a 10-year old could use this thing… You add in the keyword, and it gives you the data points that you can use in your blog post or give to your writer.

There aren’t any complaints about ease of use because it does not have a learning curve.

The owner, Chris M. Walker, also personally makes video tutorials using it, which you can access to understand the software better.

Saves time & Gives You Clarity

Before Audiit, we and many other SEOs used to grab the URLs of the top results and put them into a spreadsheet with their:

  • Wordcounts
  • Keyword density

Then compare that to our site, or use the data to write our next article. Audiit has built-in features, so you don’t have to do this.

So, it’s a pretty good time-saver.

Private Facebook Group

Another cool thing about Audiit is that you access the private Facebook group, where Chris M. Walker and other members will answer your questions.

Whether it’s tips for using the software or other questions you can ask them here.


Audiit pulls this data from your competitors that are already ranking.

Since Google has already confirmed they like how these competitors have optimized their posts, if you do something similar, you will rank too.

Very affordable

Even the regular Audiit plans are pretty affordable, but the lifetime deal is just a whole other league.

There isn’t anything else at the level for such affordable lifetime pricing options. So it deserves some bonus points for pricing.

Audiit Cons

Audiit is a pretty effective tool and does what it’s meant to do very well.

Meaning we had a pretty hard time finding some cons, but we did come up with a few things you should keep in mind when you sign up for SEO.

Doesn’t Cover All Aspects of SEO

Audiit doesn’t give you any information on related terms that may be important to rank for the keyword you’re targeting.

But, the truth is that there are endless tools out there that do that.

You can find these keywords using any keyword research tool, and if the search intent is related, build them into your main article.

Now, that’s not a big con, but if you were looking for a tool that does them, too, it’s something to keep in mind.

Lower Plans Are Limited

Although the reports should be plenty for individuals or smaller businesses, they are pretty limited.

However, a current lifetime deal is available for the agency plan, so you don’t need to be on the lower plans anyway, as it’s available for an affordable one-time fee.

Audiit Review: Frequently Asked Questions

We also wanted to answer some frequently asked questions around Audiit.

How much does Audiit cost?

Audiits pricing plans range from $9 to $67 per month. However, the founder is offering a lifetime deal for just $47 (one-time fee) for a limited time. That’s definitely a steal over the long term, because you can use it forever.

Is Audiit effective for on-page SEO?

Yes, audiit is effective for on-page SEO.

It pulls data from the SERPs and gives you an easy-to-understand overview so that you can use that data for your content.

This enables you to optimize your article effectively even if you’re not the most experienced SEO.

What are the other best on-page SEO tools?

Besides Audiit, other popular on-page SEO tools include:

  • SurferSEO
  • Rank Math SEO (WordPress plugin)
  • Yoast SEO (WordPress plugin)

However, none of them do what Audiit does, nor do they have a lifetime pricing deal.

Audiit may soon have many new features, and considering the affordable price, it may soon turn out to be the best tool for competition analysis.

Audiit Review: Our Verdict

Audiit is a very effective on-page analysis tool as we have seen throughout.

However, unlike other on-page SEO tools, it doesn’t guess the data points. Nor does it give you generic on-page SEO advice; it pulls the data from pages that are already ranking which means it entirely takes out the guesswork.

Ultimately it gives you everything you need to optimize for on-page SEO.

Plus, when you sign up for the lifetime deal using the button below, you will get lifetime access for just $49, which is a one-time fee.

Therefore, if you’re someone in SEO or even just putting out a lot of content on your website, we recommend picking this up.

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