How to Share Your Website’s Google Analytics Report Easily?

Google Analytics report helps a website or a blog owner to know how well it is performing.

Every website owner or a blogger tries his best to bring maximum traffic. Google Analytics report helps an owner to know the traffic sources as well as other details about the traffic.

Sharing a Google Analytics report is something every blog or website owner should know about.

If you want to share your Google Analytics report with a client who wants to publish an advertisement on your website, then definitely you would need to know a few easy ways to share the report.

Sharing a Google Analytics report may help you in attracting more customers, advertisers, and potential partners.

Let me make you know the different ways to share a Google Analytics report easily.

Different Ways to Share Google Analytics Report Easily

1. Export Your Google Analytics Reports as PDFs

If you’ve installed MonsterInsights, which is one of the most recommended tools for viewing Google Analytics reports, then you’ll be able to complete this task very easily.

You may not be able to find the option to export your Google Analytics reports if you’re not using MonsterInsights.

After visiting the MonsterInsights reports section, you’ll be able to find the “Export PDF” option very easily.

I believe that this is one of the best options as a PDF file can be shared very easily and even your clients may get impressed with your professional approach.

2. Give Permission to Your Client to View the Report

This is one of the new ways that some website owners use for sharing their Google Analytics report.

If you’ve MonsterInsights installed, then you’ll be able to make sure that you allow selected people to view the reports.

The most amazing thing is that you’ll be able to do such changes from the WordPress dashboard itself.

Just go to the Settings of the MonsterInsights plugin, and then go to Advanced>>Permissions.

Here, you’ll be able to find all the reports, setting and you’ll be able to grant the required permissions easily.

3. Weekly Reports by the Way of Emails

Google Analytics Report by Email

The most amazing feature of MonsterInsights is that it gives you the option of getting email summaries directly to your email id.

There can be some clients or customers who may ask you for the latest weekly report and this option from MonsterInsights will definitely solve your problem.

Just visit your WordPress dashboard and then navigate to Insights>>Settings>>Advanced>>Email Summaries.

MonsterInsights gives you the option of adding up to 5 email addresses as well as you can customize the header. If you want to impress your clients, then customizing the reports can be very useful.

These are some of the easiest ways to share a Google Analytics report. I shall try to make you know some more ways of sharing a Google Analytics report in the future.

Why You Should Share Your Google Analytics Report?

Here are some of the crucial reasons which may make you share your Google Analytics report.

  • Helps in building trust.
  • Advertisers prefer blogs and websites having good traffic and a Google Analytics report is proof of the same.
  • Potential partners may contact you on their own and you may be able to increase your revenue.
  • Boost the performance of your employees by sharing a Google Analytics report with them.

I hope that you’ll be now able to share Google Analytics report with your clients easily.  I shall be publishing more useful guides for you in the future so that you’ll be able to achieve the goals that you want to with your website or your blog.

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