GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro Integrations by MonsterInsights: Know the Benefits

If you’re using MonsterInsights as the Google Analytics plugin for your website or blog, then you need to know about the new integrations.

MonsterInsights has announced 2 new integrations and this is awesome news for the users who were waiting for these integrations.

Do note that if you’ll decide to purchase MonsterInsights considering the 2 new Integrations, then I’ll earn a small commission.

MonsterInsights has also announced Project Delight and you’ll also get information about the eCommerce tracking feature.

I’ll make you know about the new integrations that MonsterInsights has announced, and the various other MonsterInsights eCommerce tracking features.

MonsterInsights: The Best Google Analytics Plugin with New Integrations

One of the best announcements for MonsterInsights users is that MonsterInsights now works together with GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro.

If you’re using MonsterInsights, then collecting donations, managing donations and donations forms will become easier because of its integration with GiveWP. You’ll be able to track the donations using MonsterInsights.

The benefit of Restricted Content Pro integration is that this plugin allows you to launch paid memberships and manage the membership plans easily. If you’re someone who is providing premium content on your website or blog, then this integration will be of utmost usefulness. Keeping a track of memberships will become easier for anyone who is using the Restricted Content Pro plugin along with MonsterInsights.

 eCommerce Addon by MonsterInsights

eCommerce Tracking Addon by MonsterInsights

One of the best features is the eCommerce addon.

The eCommerce add-on will allow you to track the performance of the donations collected using GiveWP and the memberships provided using Restricted Content Pro very easily. The eCommerce add-on makes tracking of donations and memberships not only easier, but the lesser the time consumed, it will help you to spend time on other tasks.

With the eCommerce tracking option, you’ll be able to track transactions, conversions, etc very easily.

What are the MonsterInsights Project Delight Improvements?

Another exciting announcement by MonsterInsights is the MonsterInsights Project Delight Improvements.

MonsterInsights is now going to collect your feedback and come up with new improvements regularly.

MonsterInsights plans to improve your user experience by providing accurate data and also improving the dashboard.

Even the contextual insights option to show the popular posts has been improved by MonsterInsights.

You may hear more announcements regarding the other improvements from MonsterInsights in the coming few days.

It will be exciting to check out the improvements already done, and We can expect some of the best improvements in this Google Analytics plugin in the next few weeks.

Why the New Integrations of MonsterInsights are Very Useful?

Firstly, you need to purchase the MonsterInsights premium plugin if you want to use this best Google Analytics plugin with new integrations.

The new integrations provide new features as well as eCommerce tracking becomes easier.

The 2 new integrations may make many people try out MonsterInsights, and this may make MonsterInsights come with integrations for other plugins which can be very useful.

eCommerce websites will be able to collect more donations and provide more membership plans by keeping a constant track of such activities. It seems that MonsterInsights is going to make tracking of different tasks easier by bringing more integrations.

The 2 new integrations of MonsterInsights which are GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro are definitely very useful. Do let me know your opinion about the new integrations of MonsterInsights. If you think that the 2 integrations are going to make MonsterInsights become more useful for eCommerce tracking, then don’t forget to give your opinion about eCommerce tracking with MonsterInsights.


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