Create WordPress Polls That Get Results – Use WPForms Plugin

There is good news for WPForms users who want to create WordPress polls that get results.

Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate partner with WPForms, and this helps me in getting a small compensation when someone buys a WPForms account using my affiliate link. Support me in my blogging journey by buying a WPForms account. Don’t forget that WPForms is a very useful plugin.

WPForms is one of the best WordPress plugins for creating the most useful forms for WordPress forms, and now it is going to help to create the best WordPress polls. You can attract visitors by using WPForms to create the best WordPress polls.

If you have still now failed to use WordPress polls to attract your site’s visitors, then it shall be the perfect time to use the WPForms plugin to create WordPress polls.

WPForms has been able to provide the most requested WordPress poll feature by bringing the Surveys and Polls addon for its users. This addon is going to be very useful for some of the users, and now they won’t have to look for a separate WordPress plugin to create polls.

Features of Surveys and Polls Addon Introduced by WPForms

Before you decide to invest your hard-earned money in purchasing the very useful WPForms plugin, you should go through the features of the Surveys and Polls addon. You shouldn’t miss out to check these features if you’re purchasing WPForms, especially for the surveys and polls feature.

  • New Form Templates

WPForms has come up with 2 new form templates for its users who want to create polls or surveys easily. Both the forms will help you to save the time and efforts that you may spend to create the best polls and surveys.

  • Smart Survey Fields

Smart Survey Fields of WPForms

One of the best reasons to purchase WPForms for creating surveys is that the survey features are integrated into the existing form fields. Converting an existing form into a survey form is very easy when using WPForms to create surveys.

Just don’t forget to enable the poll or survey option to automatically convert the form fields into smart survey fields.

  • Best Survey Reports Including the Beautiful Visual Reports

The best survey reports are definitely an important factor in considering WPForms over the other WordPress plugins to create surveys and polls. When it comes to visual reports, WPForms gives the option to create the best visual reports and select the visualizations as per your own requirement and also the survey type.

  • Real-time Polls Report

If your site shows the same report the entire week for a single poll, then your readers may think that others have not participated or answered the poll.

A real-time polls report is a very useful feature of the Surveys and Polls addon. WPForms has bought a very systematic real-time polls report feature to keep its users happy.

  • Share Individual Charts Easily

Share Individual Survey Reports Easily

You’ll be surprised to know that you can easily export the survey reports as a PDF or JPG file just with a single click. This amazing option of exporting individual charts is available with this WPForms addon.

Purchase the WPForms plugin now to start using the polls and surveys addon.

WPForms is now been used by many bloggers to create forms and polls. Don’t miss the chance to use this multi-purpose plugin for your blog or website. Do inform us about your experience when you create your first WordPress poll using WPForms.


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