How All in One SEO Integration of MonsterInsights is Beneficial?

If you’re someone who keeps working on the SEO of your website, then MonsterInsights has amazing news for you.

MonsterInsights has come in with a new All in One SEO integration bringing the SEO features that are going to be very useful for you.

The SEO features have been integrated into the custom dimensions of MonsterInsights which makes MonsterInsights a more amazing WordPress plugin.

The addition of the SEO features to this Google Analytics plugin increases the usefulness of this plugin making it very beneficial.

Note – Being a MonsterInsights affiliate, I’ll be able to earn a small commission if a purchase is made using the affiliate link mentioned in this post.

MonsterInsights has already introduced the script loading speed feature helping website owners to increase speed. This new integration makes MonsterInsights more useful as SEO is the most important factor for webmasters to rank their websites.

Let me make you know the benefits of the new All In One SEO integration.

Benefits of All In One SEO Integration

All In One SEO Integration by MonsterInsights

This new partnership of MonsterInsights with All In One SEO is definitely very beneficial.

The incorporation of the numerous features is definitely a very big addition to the MonsterInsights plugin.

I’ll let you know the best All In One SEO features that you can use with MonsterInsights. This may not only help you with SEO but also make the process easier for you.

Focus Keyphrase

With this feature, you’ll know whether the keywords chosen by you are bringing you the traffic.

Sometimes, the targeted keywords don’t bring in enough traffic, and doing some improvements may boost the traffic.

Knowing the right keywords and key phrases is very crucial. At the same time, you need an integration like this to know if the selected keywords bring you enough traffic.

TruSEO Score

This score will help you know whether the posts that you have SEO-optimized require more work or not.

The TruSEO score will guide you in understanding the mistakes you might have made, and how you can improve the TruSEO score.

TruSEO score makes use of the actionable checklist to make sure that your post is optimized properly. Proper OnPage optimization and including the right keywords are crucial to rank a post at the top of the Google Search Engine.

I expect that MonsterInsights may incorporate more SEO features in the future to make the plugin more beneficial for those who’re not very knowledgeable when it comes to SEO.

The inclusion of more useful SEO features may make MonsterInsights an ultimate plugin, and no WordPress user will want to lose out on the opportunity to use the Analytics and SEO features.

Is MonsterInsights becoming an All In One plugin?

The integration of the SEO features available with All In One SEO plugin makes it an All In One plugin.

The most amazing thing is that these features are in addition to the Google Analytics features of this plugin.

MonsterInsights with its SEO and other integrations will help you in saving your costs too, as otherwise, you may have to purchase more WordPress plugins.

If you want to use the All In One SEO integration, then purchase the MonsterInsights plugin now.

Please let us know about your experience using the All In One SEO plugin features with the MonsterInsights plugin itself. Also, let me know if you think that All In One SEO integration is the best integration by MonsterInsights.

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