How to Increase Domain Authority? Know Best Tips for It

Google Page Rank is one of the important factors for bloggers and advertisers.

But, there has been no Google Page Rank update from long time.

Now bloggers and advertisers have started giving importance to domain authority. With time, the importance of domain authority will keep on increasing.

Every blogger want to increase the blog’s domain authority as soon as possible.

Domain authority makes advertisers know that whether your blog has been able to rank properly or not.

Why I decided to Write this Post about Domain Authority?

My friends keep asking me what is domain authority and what things they need to do for improving their blog’s domain authority.

I can’t keep answering to everyone and that’s why I decided to write an informative post about it.

This post will make you know everything about domain authority and you’ll be also able to know the best tips for improving your blog’s domain authority.

What is Domain Authority?

You must be definitely knowing the very popular company Moz. Domain authority is a metric by Moz which helps advertisers in knowing that how good a website/blog is doing.

Your blog may get the domain authority from 1-100. According to me, domain authority above 25 is definitely a good one.

Jumping on from domain authority 25 to domain authority 30 may not be difficult, but getting a big jump that is from DA 25 to DA 40 can be a very difficult task.

Domain authority is calculated on the basis of several factors which includes domain age, backlinks, Moz Rank, content quality etc.

Difference Between Domain Authority and Page Authority

Many bloggers get confused between domain authority and page authority.

I don’t want friends reading my blog posts to be confused between them.

Domain authority lets advertisers know the authority of a domain, while page authority makes advertisers know the authority of individual pages.

As domain authority makes advertisers know the authority of the complete domain, it is that’s why that advertisers give lot of importance to this metric.

Tools I Prefer for Checking Domain Authority

Domain authority gets updated after every 15 days and sometimes it even gets delayed.

There are variety of tools available for checking blog’s domain authority.

You should try to check your blog’s domain authority regularly as it will help you in understanding the progress that you’ve made.

I mainly make use of Moz’s Open Site Explorer and the tool at Moonsy for checking domain authority.

I’ve not focused much on domain authority of this blog of mine as it has still now not completed 1 year. I’m having long term plans with My Blogging Ideas and I just want to provide my readers with useful content.

How to Increase Domain Authority Easily?

Improving domain authority is not as difficult as you think.

But, you can’t expect the domain authority to get improved in a very short period.

You’ll need to spend time in implementing the right strategies for months as then only you’ll be able to improve your blog’s domain authority.

Here are some tips which you should always consider to increase your blog’s domain authority.

Best Strategies to Increase Domain Authority of a Blog/Website

1. Domain Age is an Important Factor

You may not believe it, but domain age plays a very important role when it comes to domain authority.

If your blog’s domain age is more than 5 years, then you may definitely will be able to get a very good domain authority by working hard for few months.

Things may change in future and domain age may not be considered as an important factor for calculating domain authority. As for now domain age plays an important role, this is the reason that many bloggers prefer to buy domains from auctions.

If you’re looking to do blogging for long term, then you may definitely renew your domain for the next 3 years or even more.

I want my blog readers to share their opinion about the same.

2. Quality Content is a Must

Submitting blog posts daily may not improve your blog’s domain authority, but some superb lengthy posts may definitely improve the domain authority in few months.

Bloggers should always focus on quality as it is more important than quantity.

Unique content helps in getting best search engine rankings which automatically increases the domain authority.

If your blog’s domain authority is not increasing, then you need to have patience and focus on writing the best quality content for your blog.

3. High Quality Natural Backlinks

You should focus on getting backlinks from high quality sites. It is quality which is more important than quantity.

Even if you’ll get few high quality backlinks, then there are chances that your blog’s domain authority may get increased.

Moz Rank is one of the important factors for calculating domain authority. Moz Rank gives importance to quality backlinks and that’s why bloggers have started focusing on getting backlinks from high quality blogs.

4. Internal Linking

Internal linking doesn’t only help in getting better search engine rankings, but it also helps in increasing the domain authority.

If you’re inter linking your blog posts in the right way, then definitely your blog’s domain authority will keep on increasing.

Bloggers who’re not giving importance to internal linking may not be able to increase their blog’s domain authority easily.

Check Out – Strategies for Inter Linking Blog Posts Properly

5. ON Page SEO Plays a Crucial Role

Proper Blog title, description and other ON Page SEO factors play very important role.

If you’re someone who is expert in ON Page SEO, then your blog will get more traffic than other blogs. Blogs with proper ON Page SEO easily beat other blogs of the same niche which may make it get better domain authority as compared to other blogs.

You may be giving importance to ON Page SEO, but you may be forgetting the important factor which is blog speed.

Good blog speed also plays an important role in increasing the domain authority. If your blog’s main page loads in few seconds, then definitely you’ll be able to get good search engine rankings which will increase the domain authority.

6. Spend Time for Social Media Marketing

More social shares is also one of the main factors which may improve your blog’s domain authority.

If you’ll do social media marketing properly, then you’ll be able to make your blog become a brand.

A blog which has able to become a brand may definitely be able to get more social shares, high quality backlinks and other benefits.

I hope that my blog post made you understand the meaning of domain authority. You should soon implement the tips provided by me for increasing the domain authority. Patience is the key for getting success with blogging and that’s why you just need to implement the right blogging strategies for getting long term success with your blog.


  1. says

    Hi Mohit,

    This is my first time here. I found your blog on Kingged. Nice to meet you. Also, I find a lot of interesting article here, including this one. 🙂

    Informative post, indeed!

    Domain authority is something that should be known by bloggers. There are many factors that affect the domain authority and you have summarize it well. I really appreciate the hard work you for it. 🙂

    Oh yes, I agree with you. There are many people who are confused between domain authority and page authority. There are some people who ask it to me as well. Thank you for having explained it well to us. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Mohit.
    Thanks for contributing in my learning curve as well.

    Have a nice day!


  2. says

    Nanda Rahamanius good to see you coming to my blog from Kingged. Yes, new bloggers shouldn’t get confused between Domain Authority and Page Authority. I hope that you’ll be able to achieve a good domain authority for your blog by implementing the tips mentioned by me in this post.

  3. says

    Hello Mohit,

    Great ways to increase domain authority and i too believe that we domain authority is quite important today alongwith Page rank and Alexa Rank. Focusing on building domain authority automatically increase the trust of our readers and ultimately can increase your Alexa rank as well. What you think?

    Ovais Mirza

    • says

      Yes, Ovais Mirza if the domain authority will increase it may definitely improve the Alexa ranking too. Advertisers may soon start giving more importance to Alexa Rank and Domain Authority and not to Page Rank as Page Rank update may never happen again.

  4. says

    Domain Authority (DA) represents the best prediction of a website which can rank high in search engines.

    Everyone should be aware of the meaning and importance of DA (Domain Authority).

    I concur with you. I will just give my views in number 5. I must say that “ON Page SEO Plays a Crucial Role” is true. You need you ensure that your technical SEO is in place. As what I have read on one blog, to improve your DA, you need to improve your overall SEO.

    The content of your blog should be steadfast and high quality. This will help out to perk up your DA.
    Additionally, regularly removing toxic back-links will also help.

    • says

      Yes Metz, you’re totally right. It is the combination of ON Page SEO and Off Page SEO which may make a blog get very good domain authority.

      Many bloggers are still not giving importance to domain authority, and that’s why for making them know about it I wrote this post.

      I hope that new bloggers too will start writing high quality content for their blogs for getting the best domain authority.

  5. says

    Hello Mohit,

    Great post. You explain each and every small point in very descriptive way. All the way that you suggest to increase domain authority are excellent. I enjoyed your post and also agree with that domain authority is very important for any blogger or website owner.

    All the points that you mentioned in this post are easily to implement in SEO.I sure this post was very helpful for those people who not understand about domain authority.

    Thanks for sharing this post and always keep posting.

    • says

      Laxmi thanks for liking the way I have described each and every point. I hope that after understanding the importance of domain authority, you’ll try your best to improve domain authority of your blog. Hope to see you soon on my blog.

  6. says

    Hi Mohit,
    Domain Authority has been an important factor to rank and invest in blogs/websites. Many businesses that truly want to consider taking advantage of online marketing ensures that Domain Authority for the site/blog of their choice is high.

    The tips shared here on how to increase domain authority are spot-on. Newbies and experts alike can benefit from them.

    Quality content and quality engagement and highly optimized blog bring about the best domain authority!
    I shared this comment in as well

    • says

      Sunday you’re right that advertisers have started giving lot of importance to domain authority as then they will be able to find the perfect websites for advertising their business.

      Yes, good quality content and quality engagement can definitely improve domain authority faster.

  7. says

    Domain Authority (DA) must be taken serious by bloggers who want to improve and take their blog to another level. Heard about quality content and engagement now I understand Quality plus Domain authority is achievable goal for any blogger thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Patrice nice to see you at my blog. Domain authority needs to be taken seriously and one important reason is that page rank update doesn’t happen any more. All bloggers who will focus on quality content will definitely be able to achieve best domain authority by making use of the right strategies.

  8. says

    My website is related new (less than 6 months old), and doesn’t have too many backlinks. It has a DA=14.34, and PA=19.28. How bad is that?
    I’m thinking to actively do some SEO

    • says

      Your blog’s domain authority is not that bad..But, it will be only considered good and you’ll be able to get advertisers once the DA is above 20 or 25. Try to work hard and you may soon improve it little more.

  9. Raymond Blanchett says

    Been on your website a number of times. My own experience is that you do not need any website traffic to increase DA, Since the beginning of 2012 I have not updated my website and the DA went up to 34, although now 32. Quality content and a few good links has helped. DA above 45 is good. I have started working on 2500 posts for my site once again. Yes, 6 years old domain. Thanks for the information on your website.

    • says

      Hey Raymond good to know that your blog’s DA has improved. Yes, sometimes a blog’s domain authority may improve even if traffic is very less. Quality content and natural links always play an important role. I hope that your blog’s DA will keep on increasing and you’ll achieve all your goals.

  10. Ray Blanchett says


    You asked readers to share their opinion.Mohit and my experience.. I have visited your website and this page a number of times.

    Just discovered DA summer 2015 after returning to my website which I have not updated for 3.5. years. Panda and Penguin have hit big time and waiting for the nest update. I have greatly updated to long articles and disavowed 200+ free directory links. Just left with a few links, 49% no follow. My website has been live since December 2009 and domain age is the main factor that I have a DA 33, also, a few good links. Good content may have also helped.

    DA of 33 you do not require to update a website if you have 50+ pages of content, also no need for any social signals, as I am only just starting now with social media. Will see what happens to my DA as I add 2-3 good pages a week and start social media, as well as add new links,

    Would you like your DA article to stand out from other articles? Add references from Moz.

    Thanks for the information here,

  11. says

    Well, I am new to this field, and recently got to know, that Domain Authority is a vital factor, as it increases the reputation of our blog in advertisers eye’s, but I was not aware of the fact, How can I increase domain authority quickly.

    Now, after reading this article, I have a little bit of confusion, Will nofollow links help me increase DA or not?

    And how much time it will take my blog to get good domain authority?

    • says

      Jasvinder, glad to know that my articles are useful for newbies. Yes, domain authority is becoming an important factor. You need to keep building links and at the same time you need to come with unique posts. I don’t know if nofollow links will help you as for me they have always been very useful. It may take 3 months or even more than it. It all depends on the way you’re working as well as the luck factor. The only thing I’ll tell to a newbie is that keep working hard, but don’t depend on a single blog. Offer some services online as well as try out other ways of making money online.

      Keep coming by to my blog. Lets keep learning and keep interacting.

  12. says

    Improving Domain Authority is proving very difficult task for me, I was wondering how, Domain authority 40 can be achieved.

    But recently getting help from many experts, so now I am focusing on tips which can increase DA,

    Although, I have a question here, Will High DA means my ranking will be good? or it’s just a waste?


    • says

      Rubel, there are many things which can’t be known perfectly. According to me, better DA definitely helps. Some people have the opinion that improvement in search engine rankings improve the domain authority. My suggestion to you will be to keep working hard and just try to make your blog become a community. Always focus on quality stuff.

  13. says

    Well, recently I started a Blog but as I am new, looking to improve my Domain Authority, so that I can get some advertisers attracted as I read it on articles online.

    But in last update got nothing, Where I am making mistake? and When is the Next Domain Authority Update?

    • says

      Domain authority updates regularly. You should try to make more backlinks and have more quality content. You need to have patience if you want to get good domain authority as sometimes it takes lot of time to get a good domain authority.

  14. siddhesh says

    Domain age is important ranking factor. My site is 6 months old and has domain authority 20 but still at 5 page of google.
    My competitors has low domain authority but has domain age 1 year old and it’s ranking very good in google.

  15. says

    Yes right, I agree with these all points. In traditional language people call “customer is king” and in online world, we call “content is king”.

    Therefore we can say “content is the greatest asset for any website”.

  16. says


    I have been trying hard to increase domain authority of my blog, but even after working for few months, I haven’t seen any improvements.

    So, where I am going wrong? Does I need to create links in bulk to get high Domain Authority?

    If yes, then How many links to need to get?

    I am not sure what to do.

    looking for quick response.

    • says

      Siya, it depends on the quality of links. Don’t do link building all the time as otherwise your blog will get penalized. You should at the same time write the best quality content on your blog and try to make use of the best responsive theme. I hope you get success with your blog.

  17. says


    Great Post Indeed!

    But recently I have heard that, the algorithm used by Moz to calculate Domain Authority is dying and giving many false results. Many bloggers are saying that, blogs Penalized by Google has High Domain Authority.

    So, My question is, Is it correct that, DA is dying? or it is just a to keep spammers away from Domain Authority?

    • says

      Lisa Chaves, I don’t believe that blogs having higher domain authority are been penalized. I was not blogging from few days due to studies. I am back now and will try to have a look at the changes in the blogging world. I myself feel that DA will become more important as page rank update has stopped.

    • says

      Yes Sakshi. If you’ll implement all these tips, then you’ll definitely get success. Make sure that you’re persistent and trying hard to make your blog become an authority blog.

  18. says

    Awesome post, long time that i don’t do seo. Years ago only PR and backlinks matters, now i see that DA and PA can give some boost. just wanted to ask 2 things.

    i seen high DA domains and ways to get backlinks like profiles, forums, and stuff like that. do you have any list of where we can sign up for get some DA. since there isnt in moz any option for search domains by rank. already tried to build a private blog network in the fair way but all expired domains with quality are in auctions for 50+ bucks each. i want to start the cheap and safe way.

    also, do you think that nofollow links still pass some authority?

    keept the good work dude.

  19. says


    As I am new in blogging and just started with some micro niche blogs and i have also been reading many articles about various topics, including domain authority.

    So, I have confusion in mind, I want to ask that, whether domain authority directly effects search ranking or not?

    If yes, then how can increase DA quickly and how much it will effect my rankings?

    Looking for quick Response.

    Shanaya Aggarwal

  20. says

    Hi, Mohit Chabria

    Thank you very much for the beautiful post on domain authority. I have read several blogs regarding increasing domain authority, but none of them giving proper advice, you have mentioned it clearly. Thank you!

    I am planning for a topic on my blog – Increase X Domain authority in X month for new domain, I am planning to post month wise step by step guide, If you can input your ideas, then I am sure the content that I am going to produce will be very useful for users.

    Best Regards
    Vijay Bhabhor

  21. says

    Lack of information nobody can write on difficult subject, so you have complete information and skill on this topic because it is well written and good for readers.

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