10 Blogging Mistakes that Many New Bloggers Make

Every blogger wants to get success with his blog, but it may not be easy unless he puts in hard work and does all things properly. Many new bloggers fail to get success with their blog because of the mistakes that they make. If new bloggers won’t make such mistakes, then they will definitely be able to get success with blogging.

In my journey as a blogger, I have learnt that mistakes are made by all of us. But, it is necessary to learn and improve so that the same blogging mistakes won’t be committed again.

Now I’ll make you know the mistakes which new bloggers make. If you’re making the same mistakes, then you should immediately avoid making the same mistakes again.

Common Blogging Mistakes Made by Bloggers

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1. Missing Out On Quality Content

You can’t get success with blogging unless you’ll write unique and high quality content for your blog.

I know that due to lack of time you may not be able to write high quality blog posts. But, if you want to get success with blogging then the most important thing that you need to do is that you need to give enough time for writing quality content.

Quality content will definitely help you in getting better search engine rankings and at the same time you’ll be able to make your blog readers come again and again to your blog.

Hiring a content writer may be an option available for you, but there are many bloggers who prefer to write content on their own.

2. Doing Social Media Marketing in a Wrong Way

There are many new bloggers who don’t give importance to social media marketing.

You won’t be able to make your blog posts popular on social media unless you’ll try to be active at different social media sites.

It may be important to stay active at Twitter, but at the same time it is necessary to stay active at other social networking sites too.

By getting more friends and followers at different social media sites, you’ll be definitely be able to get maximum shares for most of your blog posts.

3. Not Giving Importance to Internal Linking

Internal linking is something which many bloggers are unable to do properly.

It is necessary that new bloggers should start learning the art of doing internal linking properly. I had written a post in which I mentioned the different benefits of internal linking and the way to do internal linking properly.

So if you’ve been not doing internal linking, then start doing it from now. It’ll help you in getting better search engine rankings as well as you’ll be able to get better bounce rate.

4. Building Backlinks in the Wrong Way

It is necessary to get backlinks from high quality blogs as well as you need to try your best for getting different types of natural backlinks for your blog.

Commenting, guest posting and there are many other ways by which you may be able to get quality backlinks for your blog.

Many new bloggers make the mistake of making more backlinks than they should do, while there are many new bloggers who never build backlinks for their new blogs.

As a new blogger, you need to focus on your blog’s content and at the same time you should always look forward to get natural backlinks for your blog.

5. Thinking About Monetization From the Start Itself

One of the mistakes that new bloggers make is that they start thinking about monetizing their blog from the start itself.

You can’t think about earning money just after you have purchased hosting for your new blog.

You should never think about monetization unless you have written good number of blog posts. Once you’ll start getting good traffic, then automatically you’ll understand that by which ways you should monetize your blog.

If you’ll keep blogging properly, then you’ll be definitely be able to monetize your blog in future. You should just concentrate on doing blogging properly and everything else will start happening on own.

Google Adsense, affiliate, sponsored posts are some of the ways by which you’ll be able to monetize your blog.

6. Inconsistency – A Big Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes which many new bloggers make is that they don’t do blogging consistently.

Many times bloggers are unable to focus properly on the tasks that they need to do. Lack of focus makes bloggers do blogging inconsistently.

It is necessary to blog regularly for getting success with blogging.

If you’re someone who is very dedicated towards blogging, then you definitely need to make a proper blogging schedule for yourself.

Keep posting regularly and then you’ll be definitely be able to see rise in your blog’s readership.

7. Interacting with Other Bloggers is Important

One of the mistakes that many bloggers make is that they don’t interact with other bloggers.

By interacting with other bloggers, a blogger will be able to learn new blogging strategies and at the same time he will be able to know that how other bloggers are monetizing their blogs.

You may be also able to know that which are the best niches and it may also make you know about the new opportunities available for bloggers.

Interaction may also help you in getting more social shares and more comments at your blog posts.

8. Writing Only for the Search Engines

You may definitely want to get maximum organic traffic by targeting the right keywords and optimizing your blog posts as per SEO.

If you’ll just focus on writing for Search Engines, then you may not be able to get the right flow while writing. You may not be able to impress your blog readers with your blog’s content and this is something which may decrease your blog’s readership.

It is that’s why important to write content which can make the blog readers happy. By making your blog readers happy, you’ll be definitely able to make your blog grow into an online community.

9. Not Encouraging Comments

Comments play a very important role as good number of comments will mean that your blog is definitely having good number of readers.

It is necessary to have a good commenting system so that the readers will be able to easily comment at your blog.

You should try to reply to most of the comments as by doing this you’ll be interacting with your blog readers. This may also motivate your blog readers to comment at your blog regularly.

10. Lack of Patience – The Biggest Mistake

Blogging is not like a job nor it is like freelancing. Building blog readership and getting good traffic takes time.

You need lot of patience for getting success with blogging. There is no fix income, but perseverance may make you earn lot of money from your blogs.

So if you’re not able to make money even after blogging for 2 to 3 months, then you shouldn’t give up.

Patience has made many bloggers get lot of success from blogging, this is one of the reasons which should make you stay patient for making money from blogging.

If you’ll stay cool and follow the right blogging strategies, then you’ll be definitely able to monetize your blog easily.

I hope that this post of mine which covered blogging mistakes would have made you realize that which things you were not doing in the right way. It is necessary to avoid these mistakes and at the same time you should try to keep improving yourself. Do let me know about the blogging mistakes that you’ve made still now.


  1. says

    Nice post for the bloggers Mohit

    Out of 10 blogging mistakes, inconsistency and presenting poor content for the audience are the major blogging mistakes as they both related to reputation.

    Yes, of course! It is essential to build natural & quality backlinks and network with other bloggers to create a brand name for our blog.

    We always should keep our visitors in mind and write quality information for them. Thanks for crafting this nice post for us, keep writing.

    • says

      Nirmala you’re right. Inconsistency and improper presentation is something which may make many readers come very rarely to our blogs. We need to post regularly and at the same time we need to improve our writing and presentation.

      Yes, this post is especially for my blog readers. I want to provide them with information which can definitely be useful and make them get success with blogging.

  2. says

    Hi Mohit,
    Yes, these are blogging mistakes that newbies commit. They can prevent the blogger from making any headway in the blogosphere.

    In addition to the above, new bloggers must avoid “I know it all syndrome”.

    They must follow other successful bloggers and be ready to make the sacrifices needed to solve issues for customers.

    The mindset of providing value to the customers should be ignited often and reflected in the practice of blogging!

    This comment shared in kingged.com as well.

    • says

      Sunday you’re extremely right that mistakes may not allow new bloggers to get success and that’s why I pointed out the mistakes.

      Bloggers can definitely learn a lot from other bloggers who’re doing blogging with patience and focusing on quality content.

      I don’t know where you have been from a month or so. Hoping to see you regularly at my blog.

    • says

      haha Roohi. Seeing you first time at my blog and that’s why I expected a better comment. Yeah I had to install it due to some reasons. I hope to see you coming again and again at my blog. I hope that you’ll avoid the blogging mistakes which I have mentioned.

    • says

      What an awesome website, actually I made the mistake of monetizing my blog from the first day and soon after I realized that there is no benefits of inserting ads or affiliate link into blog post if you don’t have any traffic.
      Then I removed ads and focused on getting organic traffic. Now I am getting more than 30k per month, it’s not awesome but good for a blog started from scratches.
      Thanks for this article.

      • says

        Muhammad, there are many bloggers who make the same mistake. Never think about monetizing the blog from the first day. The first target should be to have at least 15-20 posts as well as good traffic. All ads and affiliate links will just make the bad look bad, if one is not able to monetize the blog. Focus on quality content and traffic as then only a blogger can get success.

  3. says

    Come again, what did you say the biggest mistake was? Obviously, lack of patience is what is killing many bloggers. Most people venture into blogging because they do see it as a get rich scheme and seem to rush at things as soon they enter into but at the end, they are left with disappoints.

    Thanks for this piece and please do have a great day.

    • says

      Kabbie you’re totally right. Patience is definitely the most important thing.

      Lack of patience is something which has made many bloggers give up blogging which is definitely a disappointing thing.

      Blogging requires investment, struggle, dedication and the most important thing which one needs to do is that one needs to keep on working hard. Sometimes he may not get success with blogging, but then too he shouldn’t give up.

      Once a blogger starts staying totally cool and doesn’t think much about earning with his blog, then he definitely will be able to start earning soon.

  4. says

    Hi Mohit

    These blogging mistakes are really common among new bloggers.

    Inconsistency, backlinks and low quality content are three main reasons of failure of bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing this nice post for us, keep writing.

    • says

      Kuldeep these mistakes are definitely made commonly by many new bloggers. I just hope that new bloggers will stop making these mistakes as it will reduce the number of failures.

  5. says

    This is an awesome post and I have learnt some basic points to implement in my blogs. I think, I can implement these changes in my next coming post about writing mistakes while blogging.

    Thanks Mohit for sharing such a wonderful and helpful tactics of blogging.

  6. says

    Hi Mohit,

    Lots of new bloggers do most of the mistakes which you have mentioned in your post, they don’t able to produce quality content, the main problem behind producing low-quality content is choosing the wrong niche. Mostly newbie bloggers start with blogging and seo niche how can they produce quality content when they don’t what is seo and blogging etc.

    Creating low-quality backlinks and using social networks wrongly are also common mistakes.Your article will be helpful for those who are still making same mistakes.

    Keep writing such informative article and growing!


    • says

      You’re extremely right Jyoti. New bloggers definitely make mistakes and I remember that in the start I too only used to think about publishing posts regularly, but now I focus more on the quality of content.

      After doing blogging for 2 years, I decided to start this blog and the main reason was to make my friends and other bloggers know my ideas. I hope that bloggers will not make the biggest blogging mistake of immediately starting a blogging or SEO niche blog. They can definitely choose some other niche first and then after getting success with it they may definitely start a blogging niche blog.

      Thanks Jyoti for your support. In the vacation I’ll try to write blog posts more regularly.

  7. says

    The major issue is always ‘Thinking About Monetization From the Start Itself’ and the ‘Lack of Patience’. I tell people, if you want a quick get rich scheme don’t ever go into blogging.

    Well Stated Mohit.

  8. says

    Your tips are good and all the points are acceptable. Yeah, I will agree with you about the point of quality content. Yes, Many blogger don’t give the quality contents for their readers, but it is a big mistake. Thank you. Go ahead more and more.

  9. says

    I agree with your about the blogging mistakes which are usually made by new bloggers. I guess we all were newbies once and then we learned from the mistakes or tried new things failed and then picked a right path.

    Well I’ve been blogging since 5 years and I guess at the time of start there were no one to share this kind of info to learn about blogging and other tips.

    I guess new bloggers can take full advantage of this post.


  10. says

    Haha all your explanations are absolutely right. Blogging is not just writing and publishing. Many things have to be considered for development of our site then avoid some mistakes.

  11. says

    Thanks for sharing..! Actually, this is really nice article bloggers’ mistakes.

    Well, I remembers when I was a newbie to blogging. I did many mistakes that it make me lacking of successful almost 2 years blogging. I am not to mention about copying other articles, and many stupid mistakes that those I did but I’m talking about my main mistakes.

    Most mistakes is about my blog content. I would agree with you, quality is really important for blog. So, that why some bloggers said content is kind. You know..? I always care about quantity of my article, but I lacked of quality. I am not able to generate more traffic, because less readers want learnt about what I wrote.

    Sure, another mistakes is that I lacked of building relationship other people in area of my business. Actually, you have mention about commenting, and guest post. You know..? Those are not only the ways to build quality backlink, but it is really important ways to interact with other bloggers in your community.

    Absolutely, Backlinks is really important for voting up our article on the first page of Google. However, we have to do it on the right ways.

    Thanks for a lovely article..! 🙂

  12. says

    Hi Mohit,

    Oh! You are so right. Bloggers make mistakes all right. I’ve dropped some real big clangers in my time. What happened is that I learned from them, and worked at improving just as you’ve suggested.

    Time versus High Quality content. It’s no contest, quality content wins. I say take the time to craft high quality content and see the huge change that makes in your site visitors.

    A lot of Bloggers seem to want to engage on every social stream possible, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ everywhere. They have not taken some time to figure out where their target audience really hangs out. Maybe hitting all social streams works, but I’ve noticed that hitting the – Right – social stream in the most appropriate groups, with perfectly curated / crafted content work like magic, when it comes to driving focused traffic to your site.

    Oh Yes, Internal linking. This can be really simple for Bloggers, if only they grouped their posts under appropriate categories or even created new categories to bind their Blog posts to. There are so may excellent, free, plugins that will display related post elegantly under a Blog posts that help make site sticky as ever. Even if a Blogger does not know exactly how to add an internal link to content such plugins can make life ever so simple for them.

    I was guilty of not thinking of monetization when I first started Blogging. I had to change hosts twice until I’ve settled on Bluehost, which specialize in WordPress hosting and who’ve given me exemplary service over the years. Thinking about Blog monetization at start up is something I recommend to all newbie Bloggers I speak with at various meetups.

    I’ve noticed on some Blog posts on Kingged, while there are quite a few comments the Blogger has not replied to even one of them. It appears that after the Blogger placed the post on Kingged they just abandoned it completely. Engagement is so very important.

    Thanks for this really well researched and written Blog post Mohit. I really enjoyed reading it. Brought back a lot of old memories of mistakes that I made, corrected and grew from. Guess that’s what indicates I’m human.

    BTW, I came to your Blog site via Kingged

    • says

      Ivan we definitely need to learn a lot from our mistakes. Even the best bloggers must have made mistakes in the initial phase of their blogging carrier.

      We just need to write the best content and need to make it reach to the target audience for getting the best result from our blog.

  13. says

    Hi Mohit Chabria,
    Its really a good post. I agreed all the points you shared. And in my point of view, copying all the contents from other blogs is also one of the big mistake i consider. Thanks for Sharing.. 🙂

  14. says

    As a new blogger I have found many of these tips to be very important, but also very hard to achieve.

    Creating backlinks isn’t as easy as it sounds. A lot of blogs and other sites don’t offer ways to link back to your blog and the ones that do don’t seem to be generating any activity for me! With that said I totally agree that backlinking is essential to any new blogger and I will continue to put my name out there.

    Then comes the social media part. I have only had success in Twitter because I don’t have an image based blog and my friends on facebook don’t care about what I am writing about. It has certainly been a struggle finding new friends on all of these social media sites.

    With all of that said I will never quit trying and I will most certainly entertain some of the ideas that you have stated here. Thanks again for putting the time in to create a quality article!

    • says

      Yes building backlinks is not easy, but if we will concentrate on writing high quality content, then automatically we will start getting some of the best quality backlinks.

      To tell you truely my real life friends are from accounts and other fields so they too don’t read what am writing. You need to connect with people who’re interested in reading what you’re writing.

      Thanks Martin Ricky for such an awesome comment. Keep coming by.

    • says

      Great read . Love the idea on Share Triggers. I’ll definitely be trying to implement this strategy in the new authority site that I’m building. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the new training material you’ll be releasing. Looking forward to it

  15. says

    Right Mohit ! you have mentioned them all in the correct order. The most important of all these days is Social Media. Most of the people around the world are using one or the other social networking site and to gain exposure, it’s really a must to be social.
    Informative post

    Have a great week ahead

  16. says

    But some people don’t care about any of these things and just have fun writing – and are quite successful and popular :). I would say, just like they won a lottery.


  17. says

    Hi Mohit

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article here with us.

    Actually these are those mistakes which almost every blogger do.

    I had also did so many mistakes like copying articles from other blogs.

    I can remember those days when I was very much new to this blogging world and I purchased a domain name without thinking about the niche of the blog.

    I purchased the domain name and then I thought that On which topic, I should make my website then I thought that I’ll create an another Wikipedia.. Haha lol

    And I started copying articles from Wikipedia. After putting efforts so many days, When I saw that no result is coming out then I decided that I’ll make a top 10 lists site where I can list top 10 things of every topic and again I started copying articles from a site named Listverse.

    I did like this till 7-8 months because I was very much new to all this things and I even don’t have any experience of writing articles. My English was also not good.

    Haha I know It still not good But currently I am able to write few lines But at that time, It was so difficult for me.

    I did copy pasting till 7-8 months and when I noticed that I am just wasting my time and nothing then I started finding the reason behind not getting traffic on my site.

    Then somewhere I found my mistake i.e. Copying articles from other site.

    On that day, I learnt that Google never ranks copied articles.

    So I made a decision that I’ll never copy any article and will write article myself.

    In starting days, It was so difficult for me to write an article. I first write article on my notebook and then later type in WordPress.

    After doing this few days, I tried writing directly in WordPress and any how I completed my first article in WordPress. Later I continuously did practice and it became common and easy for me.

    Now I am complete able to write in WordPress directly because Practice makes perfect. Right? 😀

    There are also so many mistakes which I am still making which you have listed in this article and I am trying my best to stop doing those mistakes.

    Thanks for sharing such a great piece of content with us.

    Happy Blogging 😉

  18. says

    Hello Great Post Indeed about Mistakes, bloggers make these days.

    Personally, when I started my career in blogging, I was not sure, for whom I am writing for and what I need to provide to attract readers.

    Also, i was focused on writing for search engines as I wanted my posts to rank, but actually it was a big mistake from my side.

    As, I have learned over the past few months, we just need to cover the topic by maintaining quality and rest will be ok itself..

    But I sadly believe, many still not aware of this fact, they are still making tons of mistakes in blogging.

    So, they need to start reading more to get more knowledge and then proceed in blogging the right way.

    So, brilliantly described points.

    Keep up the good work.

    • says

      Rubel, in the start all bloggers make mistakes.

      Even the best bloggers from India and other countries made mistakes in the start of their blogging journey.

      We have to not only write for the search engines, but also make sure that the readers get satisfied.

      If we will avoid mistakes, then definitely we may also get into the category of the successful bloggers.

  19. says

    Hi Mohit,

    Great post. It is a helpful blog for beginners and SEO is a very important aspect to promote blog, , curios to hear from u more in future also. Thanks for sharing and writing such a beautiful article. I am actually facing problem with updating content on my blog on regular basis and this is really a big problem for me. I am constantly working on it and try to update my blog with new post on regular basis. After reading this article,It give me a boost to work more hardly on my blog in order to achieve success. Great stuff. Keep up the good work.

    • says

      Pavitra Kumar, all beginners makes mistakes. Bloggers become entrepreneurs as they learn from their mistakes. I am happy to know that you’re feeling motivated to blog more and achieve success. Keep reading my posts to get more motivation.

  20. says

    I think mistakes are a must in case one have test their patience and the desperateness to achieve the success. These are some common mistakes and the person overcome form them and learn how to tackle them can definitely progress further. Thank you for this share.

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