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Today, I have again started working and as I start this new journey as a blogger in lockdown time, I have decided to make my readers know some of the bloggers who’re very creative and have been gaining popularity in the blogging industry. One of such persons is Satakshi Banerjee, who is a movie niche blogger as well as a teacher. She is an inspiration for many bloggers as she handles her family life, teacher’s job and a movie blog all together in the best way. I will be asking her some questions which will give you good ideas to start a movie niche blog and monetizing it.

If you’re someone who watches lots of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, then you will definitely gain some motivation from this popular female blogger who is hustling daily to become a successful blogger.

Sataskshi, I welcome you to My Blogging Ideas and I hope that your answers will be straightforward as many men and women may want to know the secrets of your successful journey as a blogger.

1. Satakshi, let my blog readers know about your career as a blogger and a teacher.

Teaching helps me to relive my childhood and gives me an opportunity to build the next generation. I never wanted to be a grumpy, unfriendly teacher and I feel very relieved when people keep on saying that I don’t look or behave like one. My students are mostly in their teens, so I try my best to be their close friend or agony aunt and solve their problems regarding life and of course education. Blogging is also somewhat like teaching. It is about sharing knowledge and getting connected to your readers. I feel content that I am able to give equal importance to both.


2. How do you manage your job as a teacher and your blog together? Do you love multi-tasking?

Satakshi Banerjee movie niche blogger

Check out the interview of Satakshi Banerjee where she talks about her multi-tasking journey as a teacher and blogger.

I won’t say I enjoy multi-tasking, but that’s the only option left in order to strike a balance between my passion and profession. Taking care of stray dogs and watching movies are as important as teaching and blogging to me. Apart from that, I am very much active on social media, so that also demands a lot of my free time. I love to get clicked also, which adds to the ‘trouble’ ! And in order to manage all these stuff, I end up sacrificing sleep.3

3. What are your blogging goals? Whether you plan to shift to Mumbai so that you can become a popular name as a Bollywood Movie reviewer?

I plan to launch my own YouTube channel very soon. Never thought of shifting to Mumbai…If you have talent and determination, then you can achieve your goals from any part of the world.

4. Are you able to monetize your blog? Which strategies you’re using to maximize the revenue?

It has been almost three years since I launched Filmspell and to be very honest making money out of it was never my aim. I wanted to create a genuine platform for writers and cinephiles, so never concentrated much on the revenue earning part. As of now I am only relying on AdSense, but you know how tough it is at this moment.

5. Are there any particular bloggers that you follow regularly? Can you share the best things you have learnt from them?

Many renowned bloggers have helped me in this journey, but if I have to take only one name, it would be HellBound Bloggers’ founder Pradeep Kumar. I was only a movie buff,when I got connected with Pradeep. He is the one, who kept encouraging me to start FilmSpell. Learnt a lot by watching him manage all his blogs and communities.

6. Whether your students know about your blog? Whether they’re also motivated to start a new blog?

I share a very healthy and friendly bond with my students. From my blog’s initiation I have shared my dreams and insecurities with them. Some of them love to write and can’t wait to grow up and start a blog of their own.

7. Whether you have plans to start new blogs? Which other blogging niches you like the most?

Travelling is something, which I am very passionate about and I also have a Facebook group on Travel and Photography ( TravellersPix), so if I ever consider to start another blog…I will definitely choose this niche.

8. I have heard that you have started a new Facebook Group to promote yourself and your blog. Can you kindly tell my readers about it and your strategies to promote the same?

I actually didn’t launch this group for any promotional purpose. For last few years I have been planning to create a platform for my friends and followers, where we can share our unbiased opinions about cinema covering regional, foreign, Hollywood and Bollywood. This lockdown gave me the time and opportunity to finally give shape to my long pending desire. The best part of our group is that, members being very respectful and compassionate towards each other’s cinematic view.

9. What’s your opinion about My Blogging Ideas and my idea to start posting regularly on this blog during this Corona virus lockdown period?

It’s a great initiative, buddy! Reaching out to people in this lockdown with such good content, is a brilliant attempt. Sharing success stories will surely inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Thanks Satakshi for your answers and I hope that you’ll be able to become one of the best bloggers who writes about Bollywood movies and Filmspell will be the best platform for finding reviews.

What a new blogger can learn from Satakshi?

I myself believe that Satakshi can be an inspiration from many bloggers who give excuses. I understand that life can sometimes be quite hectic, but if one wants to become a successful blogger then one should be able to find time even in a busy schedule. Satakshi’s popularity is an inspiration for all the new female bloggers and it will make the

Satakshi has answered my questions really well. Her interview shall make many teachers take up blogging as a hobby or a side profession. I already know many teachers who’re making good amount of money from blogging. Do let me know that whether Satakshi is an inspiration for you? Whether you also like the movie review niche like Satakshi?


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