Switching from Job to Blogging – Learn from Shiwangi Shrivastava

Today, I have Shiwangi Shrivastava at my blog. She is a married woman and a mom of a 3 years old kid. She left her job for giving time to her home and family. Shiwangi always wanted to do something big in her life. After leaving her job, Shiwangi decided to switch over to content writing and blogging.  She is definitely one of the best female bloggers in India, and with time she may definitely gain more success. Know about Shiwangi’s journey as a blogger and what she has learnt from her blogging still now. You may also be able to switch from your job to blogging like she has done, but you’ll definitely need to have lot of confidence for it.

Shiwangi Shrivastava Popular Female Blogger in India

1. Shiwangi tell us about yourself and your qualification

I come from a family where nurturing qualities come from the upbringing I have had. I also feel that the strong sense of security that I get from my family has helped me to come into my own and take risk in the professional field. I love myself lot and I cannot compromise with life if I am living in this earth, I have to live it with full happiness, passion and determination for that I can go to any extend.

As far as qualification is concerned I am literature graduate and I have done fashion designing, but I am not doing anything related to my qualification at professional level.

2. Do you Miss your Job? Will you motivate other Housewives too to start a Blog?

Not at all. I had good rapport with my colleagues but daily moving for the office and work pressure is not my cup of tea. I was chopped between my personal life and official life. That’s why I quit job without regret.

Of course I like to mention all the housewives to “be yourself”. We live only once we should not stay behind in achieving our primary goals. It depends what is your wish and if any housewives with good writing skills and workable technical knowledge can jump into blogging. It is not easy to get success in blogosphere, but if housewives want their own identification with name and fame , then they should strive for it if they do not want to miss out personal and professional life both. I just wanna say ‘Live for Yourself’ and this is the only truth of life.

3. Why You Didn’t Start a Fashion Blog Yet?

Lolz. I have a fashion blog which is http://korthu.in and I am doing it in partnership with Abhilash Thakur. From a woman you cannot expect her to stay away from her foundation as I always say “Fashion lies in every woman’s blood”. I know I am more known as tech blogger, but I am in the process of breaking my techy image as I cannot restrict myself in one thing. I have to expand my business so for that there should be quality and quantity blog both. These days I go to the events as a fashion blogger also and this is an exciting thing for me.

4. Will you stop doing Content Writing Soon? What are Your Future Plans?

See I cannot leave writing as it keeps me updated with the latest stuffs and apart from this I enjoy writing and it stimulates the muscles of my brain. Rejuvenation of heart and soul cannot be parted from me i.e writing. It is source of self-confidence, strength and happiness for me.

Future plans are immense and it comes with a little baggage. I have lot of opportunity before me, I am unable to grab all but I have to fight with time to grow more in this field.

5. You Told me that you are switching to VBlogging? Why So?

Yes, as I said I cannot limit myself to one thing I have to attain all aspects of blogging and vlogging offer came to me due to blogging. I was bit uncomfortable earlier but after accomplishing three videos now I am bit comfortable with the screen presence. It was fun experience doing vlogging and I indeed felt like seeing Shiwangi in new avatar.

6. Is it Difficult to Give time for Family as well as Blogging Together?

Yup, It becomes tough sometimes when I have to compromise on getting along with my world my kiddo and I can ignore everything but not my adorable baby as he has given me the best feeling of being mother and unlimited celebration is still on. At the same breath, I want to maintain, if you are passionate about something then all the responsibilities can be managed with bridging the gap between the two.

7. Do You Attend Events Arranged for Bloggers? Do You Like Them?

Yes I attend almost all the events only sparing sometimes 15 or sometimes 20 days of a month. I love the fact that I get acknowledgement of the multiple brands to cover their products or events. I want to get more and more paid coverage on my sleeve. 😉

8. What’s Your Future Plan? How About Coming with a StartUp of Your Own?

I have now occupied myself in blogging, writing, events and in social media presence, the next step is Affiliate Marketing, infact I am doing it but not in full swing due to lack of time. I have to establish myself at some level and what would that be I indeed do not know but whatever it would be, would be something very big. You may say I want to wear many hats.

9. What’s Your Opinion About My Blog? How Can I Make it Become More Popular?

Your Blog is so generous and I love to visit often here. It is a good source of learning and engagement. I am mediocre to give any suggestions still you can make it popular by being a part of other different communities and remain active on it with dedication. Then see the magical level of your popularity.


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