How to Create a Best eCommerce Popup to Increase Sales?

Every eCommerce store wants to increase sales, and sometimes new strategies are a must.

An eCommerce popup that makes use of lightbox along with Exit-Intent technology is definitely one of the best boosters for eCommerce sites.

If you’re unable to increase eCommerce sales or looking for massive growth in the number of sales, then eCommerce popup shall be very useful for you.

In this post, I shall not only make you know the easiest way to install an eCommerce popup, but at the same time the best way of utilizing the eCommerce popups.

Why Use an eCommerce Popup?

Let me make you know some of the best reasons for making use of an eCommerce popup.

  • Popup will help you to grab attention easily.
  • You’ll be easily able to promote your offer.
  • A customer may keep visiting your eCommerce store to find new offers and new deals.
  • A professional approach can make a customer feel good.

How to Install an eCommerce Popup?

The first thing that you need to do is immediately purchase an OptinMonster account.

Once you’ll purchase it, then you’ll be able to install an eCommerce popup easily.

What next?

Just see the below-mentioned video and your problem of installing an exit popup for your eCommerce will get solved.

You might have thought that installing an eCommerce popup would be very time consuming, but you were wrong.

Your eCommerce store can have the best exit popup and it won’t even take more than an hour even if you’re an absolute newbie.

Let me mention the steps so that you won’t have any queries or doubts while trying to install the exit popup for your eCommerce store.

The utmost necessary thing to do is purchase an OptinMonster account, and I already provided the purchase link above. In the future, I’ll also try to inform my readers about the best discount offers on OptinMonster.

Once you own an OptinMonster account, just follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Create a New Campaign

After you login to your OptinMonster account, you need to click on “Create New Campaign”.

Thereafter, you’ll have to select the campaign type.

You need to choose the campaign type which is “Popup”.

eCommerce Popup Campaign Type

2. Select a Template

This is an important step as choosing the right template is a must for activating an eCommerce popup.

You’ll have the option to select mobile optimized templates too.

One of the recommended templates is the “Shopping” template.

eCommerce Template Type

Thereafter, you need to give the name to your campaign as well as select your website.

3. Design Your eCommerce Popup Campaign

You need not be a good designer, but then too you can design a good eCommerce popup.

Using the editor on the left side, you’ll be able to change the elements, change the image, add blocks, and do other things to customize your eCommerce popup in the best way.

Design Best eCommerce Popup

Customization of an eCommerce popup should be done in such a way that is suitable for your store as well as your campaign type.

4. Display Rules for Your eCommerce Popup

At the top of the editor, you’ll find the option of changing the display rules.

Do make sure that you set the display rules which is as suitable for your eCommerce store as well as your campaign.

Here, you need to choose Exit-Intent technology as well as make the other changes as required.

How to Make Use of an eCommerce Popup in the Best Way?

Here is how you can use some of the best strategies to make the optimum use of an eCommerce popup.

  • Provide an attractive discount offer.
  • Give an offer of free items on the purchase of a selected number of products.
  • Make your customers know about the upcoming offers.
  • Make a list of the different offers that you’ll be having every month.

If you’ll purchase OptinMonster using the link mentioned above, then I may get some compensation. You need to keep visiting my blog if you’re going to wait for the best discount offer to purchase an OptinMonster account.

Installing an exit popup for an eCommerce store has become easier due to the new tools available online. Don’t lose the opportunity to get the benefits of exit popup as this could be one of the biggest mistakes committed by you.


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