Create an Ideal Logo Online with DesignEvo – Review and Tutorial

A logo is not just your company name written in some design fonts with some symbols, but it is the face of your business. It doesn’t matter who you are – an entrepreneur, small business owner, or a large-scale business owner. You need to have a professional logo with which the world will differentiate between you and your competitors.

It can be a big investment for a small business, but still, you can’t compromise on your logo. Logo designing is like building the personality of your brand or company, and surely you should think about it. Nowadays, with the advancement of graphic design, there are many online tools to design and create a logo, and that is also for free!

Here’s another best part, you don’t even need to have design skills or hire a designer. With the assistance of these applications or tools, you can easily create a remarkable logo in minutes like a pro! You can also download your logo for free!

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After reviewing many websites that claim to offer free logo creation services, we finally came to genuine websites that actually allow you to create logos! Here is DesignEvo for you.

You should learn to use this logo maker tool, and at the same time, you should learn to use the SemRush SEO tool. Both the tools are very useful.

DesignEvo – A Professional Logo Maker

Logo Designing with DesignEvo Review and Tutorial

DesignEvo is a simple logo-making tool with drag&drop features. You can start your creation by choosing a template and then customizing it, and you can edit whatever you want before settling on the final version of your logo.

While editing, DesignEvo offers many icons, images, fonts, and color schemes to choose from. Once you’ve finished your logo creation, you have the option to download your new logo as a 300*300 pixel png or jpg without a transparent background at no cost.

You have to upgrad to DesignEvo Plus to download a png file with a transparent background or print it on business cards, letterhead, etc., or you can do it from outside too. Those options are endless.

Significant features that DesignEvo offers

As a great alternative to Canva, DesignEvo has many features to facilitate your logo creation, and I‘ll show you some of them in this article. The tool is very innovative, and its main benefits are:

It’s easy to use

How DesignEvo works is extremely simple, and anyone will be able to make their compositions without needing knowledge of graphic design. You will have the main screen in which on the left there is a column with the menu of options and elements that you can add, and on the right, you have your creation.

All you have to do is select elements and make some customization quickly with its drag and drop system. It also allows you to start your logo created from a blank template.

It provides a wide variety of logo design templates

You can use many types of logo templates in different categories, and with them, you will already have a very visual predefined composition. It has more than 10,000 templates that cover different industries so that you can easily make a truck logo, wedding logo, eyelash logo, healthcare logo, bike logo, car auto logo, etc., at will.

Templates are easily customizable

All the templates are entirely editable. You will be able to make changes to this composition entirely since you will be able to double click on the texts to change them, click on graphic elements to select them, and make changes to them so that they look as you want, or directly delete them.

Millions of icons & 100+ fonts

DesignEvo’s main feature is its vast range of free images, which you can click through the “ICON” tab on the left side of the menu. Here you will see it offers icons more than a million. You can search a keyword for a quick lookup.

High-quality for printing

Yes, of course! You will get the best quality file up to 5000 x 5000px for printing without losing any quality. Indeed, you can save it to SVG files for any use.

There are many other features you will find when creating a logo with DesignEvo. You can customize the canvas size, use the hotkeys to copy and paste, etc.

Who is DesignEvo for?

It will surely be handy to you if you are new to design because the tool is relatively easy to use, allowing you to use icons, templates, and different fonts.

DesignEvo can be as versatile as you think. However, it holds its limitations between the free and plus versions.

In short, it all relies on what you require it for and the immediacy it guarantees you. Before using the tool, analyze well when it can be useful and get you out of trouble.

Intuitive interface

DesignEvo's intuitive interface

On the left, you are given many different tools such as:

  • ICON – Pretty self-explanatory here. You can select the icons to use for your design project.
  • Text – Here, you can edit the font, headings, and body text of the creation.
  • SHAPE – shapes to describe your image, lines, and all kinds of visual accessories to enhance your image message.
  • BACKGROUND- There are plenty of colors to choose from as well.

The right part of the interface is the principal workplace of the tool. And when you select different elements, you will see different options at the top.

How to make a logo for free on DesignEvo?

To use DesignEvo, the first thing you need to do is create a user account. Using your Google data, Facebook data, or simply with your email and password, you can do it. Under these options, you will have the one to log in if you already have an account created.

When you create an account, DesignEvo will ask you what kind of organization do you belong to. With this information, the web will refine the suggestions that you will see on your main screen to create different types of content depending on what you are going to use it for.

After you log in to your account, on the main screen of DesignEvo, you will have a cover with many popular designs. On the left, you have various categories too, with, for example, the index of all your designs.

Choose a preset design

Present Designs for Ideal Logo

When you create your publication, both before entering and once you are inside, you can choose one of the templates that DesignEvo offers. You can browse each category to find an ideal one or type a keyword to do a quick search. The same goes for the icon element.

Edit the preset design

If you choose any template, you will be able to change all the elements. For example, if you click on an icon to select it, you can replace it by simply dragging and dropping it in the left column. You can double-click on the text to edit it to your liking.

In the left column, you have different sections with various types of elements that you can include in your designs. All you need to do is hold your mouse down on them and move them directly over your composition on the right.

You will also be able to move the rest of the elements on the screen by clicking on them to select them and dragging them to another position. You can also resize and move them, edit the texts and use the options that will appear above your composition to adapt the element you have selected.

Preview and download the logo for free

After making your design finished, you will be able to preview the creation on the mock-ups like website, notebook, building hall, business card, T-shirt, etc. If you think it’s perfect, download it for free. But the free version will only get lower resolution image files. If you don’t get the higher one for printing, you need to spend some money.

DesignEvo allows you to save the final logo design project into your online account in case you want to make any changes later. This is a very convenient feature for design creation.


While DesignEvo users can freely create an ideal logo easily online, paid DesignEvo accounts have a lot more options that are much more professional than many would find significant.

If you decide to go with DesignEvo for the plus plan, it costs $49.99 per logo project. If you want to get a vector file (PDF, SVG), download font files, and have copyright ownership. This option would be a wise decision for startups and companies.

Summary of this Review and Tutorial

DesignEvo is a logo-making tool that is very easy to use, a reliable tool that has a large number of global users. DesignEvo’s drag-and-drop functionality makes the design process absolutely easy, and the ready-made templates are pretty eye-catching.

DesignEvo’s thousands of professionally designed templates are available with high-quality images. Even its free options are of exceptional quality and would work well for all types of logo design needs.

DesignEvo’s pricing plans are very affordable and fair considering the features and quality of the product that goes along with them. However, you may still get the basic things you need without spending a single penny.

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