Top 8 Blogging and Marketing Resolutions for the New Year 2021

2021 is the year that has bought a lot of changes in the technology world.

You need to have the best blogging and digital marketing resolutions to achieve your goals in 2021.

By giving a priority to the top blogging resolutions, you’ll be able to get success in your blogging journey.

I know that 2021 is going very fast, and you may have forgotten your resolutions.

Let me make you know my blogging resolutions so that I can motivate you to work harder on your blogs.

These resolutions are made with the purpose to get more success as a professional blogger.

Many professional bloggers are not able to achieve a lot of success, and that’s why I want them to have some resolutions and follow their resolutions to achieve blogging success in the year 2021.

I’d like to make you know that I’ll be recommending MonsterInsights in this post, and I may earn a small commission if you prefer to buy it using the affiliate link mentioned by me.

My Top Blogging and Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2021

Top Blogging and Marketing Resolutions for 2021

1. Writing Blog Posts in an Interactive Style

I’m trying out new writing styles as I understand that the competition has increased, and I need unique content to attract readers to my blog.

I aim at becoming more interactive in my writing style.

If you didn’t get me, then I’d like to explain a little bit more about the writing style I’ve chosen for myself.

I’ll be trying to interact with my blog readers through my blog posts.

I’d not only let my blog readers know my ideas but will try to encourage my blog readers too to share their ideas and tips with our readers.

2. Becoming More Active on LinkedIn

During the covid phase, I got very active on LinkedIn.

I have gained around 2000 connections, and my target is 10000 connections.

My goal is to connect with people from my niche and then use it for the purpose of knowledge and marketing.

I’ve my LinkedIn marketing goals, and I’m going to try my best to achieve them in the new year.

I expect that LinkedIn marketing is going to become the next big thing in the coming years.

If you’re not active on LinkedIn, then it may be the right time to create a professional profile for yourself on LinkedIn.

3. Writing Content for International Clients

I started blogging again during the pandemic.

As I’m learning new techniques and getting myself acquainted with the latest technology and SEO trends, I want to upgrade my writing skills too.

I’ll try to work with different people so that I can achieve my goals related to writing.

Writing for clients for different countries helps in developing new writing styles, and at the same time, one understands the requirements of different types of freelance writing clients.

4. Learning new SEO Skills

SEO is changing day by day, and bloggers have to keep a track of the changing SEO trends.

I’ve decided to be very professional when it comes to SEO.

I now understand that if I become the best at SEO, then I’d automatically be able to rank higher in Google Search Engine.

Learning new SEO skills is a priority as I believe that SEO jobs will increase in the future, and many people will love to make SEO their career.

Even if many writers are switching over to making YouTube videos, the value of SEO will never reduce.

5. Making My Blog More Mobile-Friendly

If you’d open my blog on your smartphone, then you’ll find that it loads faster than the desktop version.

I want to try out new WordPress plugins, and I may even purchase a premium plugin if that can help me in making my blog more mobile-friendly.

Most people prefer to read blogs using their smartphone while traveling, and hence I’m giving a lot of priority to mobile-friendliness.

6. Using new SEO and Digital Marketing Tools

I’ve tried out SEMrush already, and I’m going to try out some other SEO tools in the new year.

I’ve also realized that many digital marketing professionals are making use of different tools to achieve their digital marketing goals.

I’m going to try the most useful SEO and digital marketing tools, and I’ll definitely publish the review if I’ll have a good experience with any of them.

7. Using Reports to do Analysis of my Blog’s Performance

MonsterInsights is one of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress bloggers.

It provides the best reports to data-driven WordPress bloggers.

You can use the Year in Review and some other very useful reports provided by MonsterInsights to do an analysis of your blog’s performance.

If you haven’t purchased MonsterInsights yet, then it may be the perfect time to purchase MonsterInsights premium for getting yearly reports.

8. Making My Blog Rank Higher for Most Searched Keywords

I understand that targeting long-tail keywords is not enough.

If I want to get a lot of success as a blogger, then I need to even rank my blog for most searched keywords.

Most searched keywords are highly competitive, but nothing is difficult if one keeps working hard.

I understand that I may not produce a lot of content like some of the top bloggers from different countries, but still, I’m trying my best to be as regular as possible.

How to Achieve Blogging and Marketing Resolutions in 2021?

Here are the things you need to do to achieve your resolutions in the new year 2021.

  • Work harder.
  • Know the technological and SEO changes.
  • Adapt with the changing technology.
  • Keep learning new skills.
  • Have patience.
  • Have a lot of determination to achieve your goals.
  • Connect with successful bloggers to know your mistakes and achieve success like them.
  • Don’t give up on your goals as things are changing and achieving blogging goals may take time.

Conclusions – Make Resolutions But Be Flexible to Achieve Your Blogging Goals

You definitely need to have blogging resolutions, but you need to be very flexible too.

If you’re not flexible, then you won’t be able to understand that what you need to focus upon.

Being flexible, you’ll be able to get success much faster as a professional blogger.

It is the flexibility, determination, and patience that has made successful bloggers make a lot of profits from their blogs in the last few years.



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