Why Most Bloggers love Multitasking? Know the Benefits

Recently, I wrote a post mentioning the main benefits of blogging and now in this post, I’m going to mention the advantages which one can get by multitasking.

By concentrating only on one blog, a blogger may not be able to generate enough revenue. Multi-tasking is been preferred by most bloggers and that’s all because of the different benefits of multitasking.

This post will make you understand why so many bloggers are not focusing on one blog totally and why they keep coming up with new blogs. You’ll find that many bloggers have multiple blogs and that’s because of the reason that they love multitasking.

There are some bloggers who say that one should focus on one blog only completely, while there are some who say that multitasking is very beneficial and that’s why they want to have many blogs.

I also prefer multitasking as I think that one shouldn’t invest all the hard work and time for one blog only.

A blogger can generate a lot of revenue by having many blogs, offering services like content writing, doing SEO for clients, etc

Technology is changing everything and that’s why you also need to become as innovative as possible. You need to make the best use of your knowledge and skills. If you have thought that multitasking is not a good option for you, then have a look at the advantages of multitasking immediately.

Why Should Bloggers Have Multiple Blogs?Benefits of Multitasking

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Different Benefits of Multitasking for Bloggers

1. More Revenue

One of the main reasons for making bloggers have multiple blogs and offer multiple services is to generate more revenue.

As the competition is increasing in every niche, and even the number of service providers has increased, it is always better to have multiple sources of income.

Even if having multiple blogs can provide an opportunity to make more money online, there are some bloggers who say that by focusing on one blog one can get more success and that’s why they don’t like multitasking.

Every person has different thinking and that’s why if you’re multitasking, then you need to have a belief in your own ideas.

2. Multitasking for Staying Fit

Some people get totally frustrated and tired just because they try to work hard on one blog full time. They don’t even think about starting one more blog or offering the service that they can provide.

If you won’t be able to get enough revenue from the one blog that you own, then you may get frustrated and you may even stop going out from your home.

Multi-taskers don’t only have multiple blogs, but they also keep do many other things which include learning video blogging, attending events, etc.

By preferring multitasking, you’ll always want to try out new things and you may even want to meet other bloggers for learning more things related to blogging.

3. Active and Passive Income

Blogging provides passive income, while some bloggers even want active income.

Bloggers who want active income provide content writing, logo writing, and other types of services.

Passive income is a long term income and most bloggers love it, while some bloggers who’re not doing any job also focus on getting some income regularly.

Some bloggers ultimately start their own web designing company or SEO company so that they can earn regular income without relying on passive income.

4. Making the Best Use of Knowledge and Skills

If you’re a blogger who is expert in ranking for all type of keywords, then definitely you need to have multiple blogs as soon as possible.

You definitely need to make the most of your knowledge and writing skills as then only you’ll be able to get more success that you deserve.

There are many bloggers who’re not able to earn good revenue because of lack of time.

Bloggers who have the knowledge, as well as time, should definitely work hard for making their dreams come true.

5. Getting Knowledge About Different Niches

Exploring new opportunities has become a must as the competition is increasing day by day.

By choosing a new niche for your new blog, you may definitely be able to get a better understanding of that niche. You’ll be able to understand whether a particular niche can be the best one for you and whether it can help you to generate more revenue as compared with other niches.

There are many bloggers who not only have a tech blog, but also a business and a health blog.

Many bloggers say that they decided to try out different niches because they have knowledge about them.

It may be the right when you should too make a new blog by choosing a niche that you might have never tried before.

6. Diversifying Income Can Reduce Stress

A single income source can make life stressful if the income is not regular or enough for fulfilling the needs.

By having different income sources, the tension may definitely reduce.

It is quite possible that one blog may not provide any income in a particular month, while in the same month another blog may make a person earn a decent amount of money.

Income stability is one of the problems which makes many new bloggers give up blogging.

Those bloggers who’re totally dependent on blogging try to have multiple blogs. One of the reasons for it is that they want to at least earn the monthly income that they would have done by doing a job.

7. Coming with Best Ideas

Bloggers doing multitasking may definitely get better ideas than those who’re not doing multitasking.

I have seen that multi-taskers keep trying everything and then they eventually come up with the best ideas.

They always want to come up with something unique so that they’ll be able to develop their own brands making them earn from blogging for the long term.

If you’re not getting good ideas these days, then definitely you need to try out different things and make yourself feel as relaxed as possible.

8. May Bring a Complete Change in Your Life

Some people say that multitasking may reduce the quality of work, but I believe that by doing it in the right way, one can definitely get success.

Multi-taskers love to try out new things and in this process, they end up finding the things which are best for them.

If this post of mine has motivated you to start a new blog immediately, then you should definitely prefer a Genesis Child theme with good features.

It is you who needs to understand whether multitasking shall be the right option for you and whether you’ll be able to give time for all the tasks.

The benefits of multitasking mentioned by me in this post is going to make many bloggers have multiple blogs.

If you don’t have enough time due to your studies or job, then avoid multi-tasking as it may not be a good option for you. We all have to learn many things from the bloggers who are having many blogs and have already become successful in their life. You need to know the pros and cons of multi-tasking to  utilize multi-tasking in the best way.


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