WP Engine Review – Best Hosting for WordPress Blogs?

WP Engine is one of the best options when it comes to hosting a WordPress blog. WordPress is the favorite platform for bloggers as it makes content management become easier. Finding a best WordPress hosting provider can be difficult especially when the WordPress blog has started getting very good traffic and has become very popular. Managed WordPress hosting service can be the best option and that’s why you need to consider WP Engine. This WP Engine review will make you know the different WP Engine hosting plans, pros and cons and why some bloggers like WP Engine totally.

WP Engine is a hosting company co-founded by Jason Cohen and Aaron Brazell in the year 2010.

In the 5 years of its working, it has been able to get good reputation online and that’s why bloggers keep discussing that whether WP Engine is the best option when it comes to managing WordPress blogs with high traffic.

You should know that they have 3 data centers which are located in Texas, London and Tokyo. This is the reason that they have been able to offer the best hosting service to their clients.

If you want to do blogging without having tension of managing the blog properly, then switching over to WP Engine could be the right decision.

Many bloggers have found that their decision to switch to WP Engine was the best one, while some have felt that they are spending much more than before.

WP Engine Hosting Review, Pros and Cons

WP Engine understands that the requirement of every blog is different. It is this reason that WP Engine is offering different type of hosting plans.

Different WP Engine Hosting Plans

WP Engine has different hosting plans and that’s why you should choose the hosting plan which is suitable as per your blog’s traffic.

You shouldn’t get confused as you’ll definitely be able to choose the right WP Engine hosting plan for your blog.

1. Personal

The first plan is the personal plan. This WP Engine hosting plan is for someone who is not having good budget. It is the cheapest WP Engine plan and it could be the best option if you’re trying WP Engine for the first time.

Personal plan allows 1 WordPress installation so its for those who have 1 blog only. This WP Engine plan is suitable for blogs having up to 25,000 visitors per month. 10GB local storage is what you’ll get and it allows unlimited data transfer.

Personal plan of WP Engine can be availed at $29 per month.

2. Professional

If you’re having numerous small WordPress blogs, then the professional plan shall be the most suitable one for you.

WP Engine’s Professional plan allows up to 10 installations, traffic up to 100K visitors per month and 20GB local storage space is provided.

Bloggers looking for flexibility are choosing this plan.

Many bloggers don’t find the personal plan as a good plan as it allows 1 installation only and that’s why they prefer this managed hosting plan.

Professional plan of WP Engine can be purchased at $99 per month.

3. Business

Business plan is the most popular WP Engine’s hosting plan. Blogs with very high traffic can easily get handled if one chooses this plan. It allows up to 25 installation and traffic up to 400K visitors per month. 30GB local storage space is what you get with the popular business plan of WP Engine.

You can opt for the Business plan at $249 per month.

4. Premium

This is a dedicated plan and it offers the flexibility of dedicated resources. It allows up to 150 installations and 1 Million+ traffic. Local storage space provided varies between 100GB to 300GB. Contact the support team if you want to have a premium plan for your WordPress blogs.

5. Enterprise Grade

Top business websites running on WordPress are opting for the Enterprise Grade plan as it offers the best type of security and reliability. It allows up to 150 installations and the most surprising thing is that it can handle 5 Million+ traffic. Local storage space offered by WP Engine with this plan is 400GB to 1TB.

You can know more about the different hosting plans by visiting the page which has complete information related to WP Engine’s hosting plans.

The benefits which you’ll get with WP Engine’s managed hosting plans will make you prefer this type of hosting over the shared hosting plans provided by popular companies like BlueHost, Hostgator etc.

Let me make you know the benefits that you’ll get by deciding to purchase a hosting plan from WP Engine.

1. 100% Uptime Guaranteed by WP Engine

One of the main reasons which is making many bloggers to switch over to WP Engine is that WP Engine provides 100% Uptime.

Someone who hates downtime totally as it results in loss may definitely want to switch over to WP Engine.

If in a certain month you won’t be able to get 100% uptime, then remember that WP Engine will refund 5% of your bill which will depend on the number of hours of downtime.

WP Engine is a company which understands that people want to host their blog with them as they expect their blog to function in the best way. This is the only reason it guarantees 100% uptime and the customer support team is always there to help.

2. Migration Facility

If you’re someone who is not the best in migrating WordPress blogs, then definitely you’ll require some help.

Whenever you’ll decide to choose WP Engine, you won’t have to take tension that how you’ll migrate it with your slow internet speed.

You’ll just need to fill a form and then the technical support team will get the transfer done for you.

Things can change anytime and that’s why you may chat with their support team to know that whether now too they are offering free migration.

3. Good Customer Support by WP Engine

If your current hosting provider is not offering good customer support service, then you may definitely have a good time with WP Engine.

It offers the best customer support service for 24 hours daily.

You can contact WP Engine’s support team by making use of live chat, toll free number of even by sending an email to their team.

If you don’t believe me, then you can yourself try to get in touch with WP Engine’s support team and you’ll get answer to all your questions.

4. Improve Your Blog Speed by Opting WP Engine

One of the reasons to opt for WP Engine could be to improve your blog’s speed.

Better speed will improve the ranking and the traffic will also get increased.

Speed always matters when it comes to search engine rankings and that’s why best bloggers always opt for the best hosting.

WP Engine makes use of EverCache technology which will improve the page-load time and your blog’s traffic will increase. You won’t have to make use of any other caching plugin.

Try out WP Engine for few months if you don’t believe that the blogs hosted with WP Engine are working at a best speed.

5. Daily Backup and Malware Scanning

VaultPress and BackupBuddy are the 2 paid WordPress plugins which are very useful in taking backup of a WordPress blog.

By choosing WP Engine, you’ll be saving money as there will be no need to spend money for a backup plugin.

WP Engine takes daily backup and it also provided one-click restore point.

Backup facility is one of the reasons which makes top bloggers prefer WP Engine over the other best managed WordPress hosting service providers.

Malware scanning is another useful feature which will make your blog stay totally safe from all type of malwares.

With WP Engine your site will be totally safe and the team will always be there to help you out if any problem happens.

Enterprise-Grade security is what WP Engine offers with various hosting plans. This type of security will ensure that your blog as well as the entire data always stays safe.

So if you want to get all these benefits provided by WP Engine, then you’ll need to opt for WP Engine immediately.

Pros and Cons of WP Engine Hosting Service

Good customer support service, better loading speed, 100% uptime, backup facility are some of the pros of WP Engine making many bloggers choose it over the affordable hosting plans offered by some other companies.

Limited storage space and high price are WP Engine’s cons. No email service is also one of the things which disappoints many clients. Bloggers having less budget may not be able to afford any of the WP Engine’s hosting plans.

WP Engine has got very good testimonials as it always tries to provide maximum satifaction to its clients. It is the best option for those who have a blog receiving more than 12,000 visitors every month.

Purchase WP Engine WordPress Hosting

Special Discount Offer ON WP Engine Hosting

A very special discount offer is currently available for those who want to purchase any of the WP Engine hosting plans.

This discount offer provided by WP Engine will allow you to get 20% off on the first payment. You should know that this discount is available on monthly as well as annual plans of WP Engine.

For getting this discount offer, you need to use the coupon code which is ‘SPEEDUP’. So just go the above mentioned link to purchase WP Engine hosting and use this coupon before making the payment.

If you won’t use the coupon code, then you won’t be able to get discount while buying the best WordPress hosting from WP Engine.

Remember that this 20% discount offer is only available until 31st December. It may not be available after 31st and that’s why make use of this offer now and try out WP Engine hosting at a lesser price.

WP Engine regularly comes with new discount offers to attract new customers who want to try out their hosting service.

Note : Some of the links in this review post are affiliate links and whenever you’ll buy WP Engine hosting using any one of them I’ll be getting some commission.

If you’re earning good amount of money every month from your WordPress blog, then definitely WP Engine’s hosting service can be the perfect option for you. WP Engine is reliable and that’s why you won’t get disappointed. Many popular blogs are successfully running using WP Engine hosting service and they are now getting more traffic then before. Do let me know your opinion about WP Engine as a managed WordPress hosting service provider.


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    Talking about myself, I’ve been using Hostgator to run my blogs on. However, I’m planning to change it to some other hosting platform as I want to add some extra knowledge of learning something new out of the same Hostgator things. Should I go with the mentioned one?

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      If you have budget, then you can definitely decide to shift your blogs from Hostgator to WP Engine. Try out a new host as then only you’ll be able to understand that whether its better than the previous one. You can’t compare hosting companies unless you have tried out different plans yourself.

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