5 Tips to Attract Direct Advertisers to Your Blog

Every blogger definitely wants to earn good money from his blog. Even if many bloggers just write for their blog readers, the ultimate goal is to earn money by establishing a blog or community. There are different ways a blogger can monetize his blog and one of the best ways is to get direct advertisers for the blog. The most amazing thing is that many direct advertisers send instant payment which is liked by many bloggers. If you’re searching for tips to attract direct advertisers, then this post will be useful for you.

Direct advertisers may pay you money for promoting their products, websites etc. Such advertisers can offer sponsored posts, banner ads or text links to promote on your blog. If your blog is a superb one, then many advertisers may even like to work for long term with you and this can definitely the best thing which can happen in your blogging career.

Every blog may not get good number of direct advertisers which is due to the reason that attracting direct advertisers is an art. You need to not only try to get traffic to your blog, but at the same time apply the below mentioned tips for attracting many direct advertisers.

Best Tips to Attract/Get Advertisers for Your Blog

Attract Advertisers like a Magnet Does

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Advertisement Page is a Must to Get Advertisers

Want Advertisers to contact you for advertising on your blog?

If you’re really interesting in getting direct advertisers, then an ‘Advertisement Page‘ mentioning the type of advertisements you accept at your blog is what you need to make immediately. I have seen some bloggers hiring very professional native content writers for writing the Advertisement page for their blog.

Advertisement page should look professional and it should be as attractive as possible. If you want to have the most attractive Advertisement page, then you need to think like an advertiser does.

At this page you should definitely make the potential advertisers know the way to get in touch with you.

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Social Media Promotion is Definitely Important

Thinking that why Advertisers are not contacting you?

Even if you’re writing the most amazing content for your blog, then too advertisers may not be contacting you.

The reason could be that you’re not having a good online presence and that’s why advertisers are contacting other bloggers and not you.

Already I made you know about the tips which you should follow to get More Social Media Traffic. You should immediately implement the tips provided by me, as more social media traffic can bring you many good advertisers.

When you’ll have many followers and fans on different social networking sites, then it is quite possible that many potential advertisers may start following you.

Seeing the efforts you put in for writing content, promoting your posts and doing other things for your blog, they may definitely decide to offer you good amount of money for advertising on your blog.

Keep Checking Other Blogs in Same Niche

Don’t you keep a watch on other blogs in the same niche?

Yeah! This is definitely one of the best ways to get some direct advertisers. If advertisers are not contacting you, then you yourself can try to make contact with them.

You should regularly check the other blogs in your niche and try to know that if any direct advertiser has done advertisement on these blogs. Whenever you get to know about particular direct advertiser, you should immediately pitch an email so that you can make full use of opportunity.

Budget of most of the advertisers is limited and your efforts may get in vain, but don’t worry if you’ll keep trying hard, then you’ll definitely get some direct advertisers.

Forums – Get in Touch with Webmasters, Marketers Etc

You should never underestimate the power of forums. There are many popular forums at which you’ll find webmasters, marketers, SEO experts etc interacting with each other. You should also participate in such forums as it can be very useful in promoting your blog as well as in getting new direct advertisers.

Always try to participate in forums which have very good number of members, as then only you may be able to make good number of people know more about your blog.

Testimonials definitely Attract Advertisers

Don’t you get attracted to buy a product when your friends talk about it?ย 

I can say that testimonials work in the same way. The only difference is that not your friends, but advertisers write few good words about your blog.

If you’ve already got some advertisers and have been able to satisfy them, then testimonials from such satisfied advertisers can be very useful.

When other advertisers will get to see that already some advertisers are happy by advertising on your blog, then they too may immediately decide to advertise on your blog. Testimonials may indicate the worth of your blog and it may make many advertisers think that your blog is a very successful one.

Marketplaces like DigitalPoint, Buy-N-Sell etc can be also useful in getting advertisers. These marketplaces are set up as a platform for making the deals between publishers and advertisers easier.

I hope that you’ll soon implement the tips which I’ve provided in this post for getting direct advertisers. Don’t think that you’ll immediately get many advertisers just after implementing the tips, as it may require patience to get good number of potential advertisers for a blog. It may be a hard task to run a blog without earning any money from it, this is the reason that I decided to make my blog readers know the best tips to attract advertisers towards their blogs.


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    Thanks Hetal..I hope that these tips will help you in getting direct advertisers for your blog..I’ll try to provide more tips that’ll help you to get more success with your blog.

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    Aha another nice article from you ๐Ÿ˜€
    Hey Mohit,
    Thanks for awesome post. You describe each and every point very clearly to attract direct advertisers to our blog
    Thanks for sharing.

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      Hey Rahul thanks a lot..Yes, I tried my best to clearly define all the different ways to attract advertisers to a blog.. If they were helpful for you, then you can definitely share it with your friends on different social networking sites ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Hello Mohit,

    Attracting private advertisers is the dream of every blogger but how to go about is it what leaves many wanting, but this is one post which has open up many things.

    Thanks and please do have a great day.

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    Hi Mohit,

    Nice post. Each and Every blogger in the blogosphere needs to earn some sort of money from their blog. They are trying affiliate marketing, Pay Per Click Ads, Pay Per Leads, Pay Per Sale etc… Sponsored Post and Product Review is an easy method to earn money. But most bloggers afraid to do this because of SERP of Google.

    Here you mentioned great tips and ideas to attract direct advertisers. It’s an awesome post. Thanks for sharing this.

    Have a happy weekend. Most Reliable and Useful Websites to Make Money Online

    • says

      Raaja you are very right that bloggers are trying different ways for earning money…..Google will only penalize if we give many do-follow links..We should try to do only 1-2 sponsored posts every month, while we should also try to earn by other methods like affiliate marketing, pay per click ads etc. I hope that you’ll soon be able to get some direct advertisers by implementing the strategies mentioned by me in this post.

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    Hi Mohit,

    Direct adverts are probably the best and most reliable revenue source for any blog, however to reach up to that level, you need to work hard and make your blog worthy enough.

    Direct Ads are better because:

    1. There is no third party, so its cheaper for advertisers and more money for you
    2. The income is regular and predictable for future too
    3. There is flexibility in design and format of Ads, so more effective!

    You have presented some nice tips about setting out to look for direct advertisers. One of the good method can be to approach advertisers as you’ve mentioned, if you believe your blog deserves the Ads.

    Thanks for the good post.

    • says

      Hey Suresh getting direct advertisers is definitely better because there is no third party in middle. Regular income is what every blogger wants to earn and that can definitely be possible by getting direct ads. I find them to be more flexible than any other type of ads as sometimes I request particular advertisers to only choose sponsored post for advertising as I charge more for banner ads..

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    Hi there
    This post was a must for me as I wanted to know some of the strategies For Getting Sponsored Advertisers,These tips help me out to make more of them!
    Thanks for the share
    Looking forward for more from you
    Keep Writing

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    Hi Mohit,

    This is an article that I needed. Yes, I would like to monetize my blog, though I have been getting some direct advertisers (I am grateful for that) but, I want to keep learning to get knowledge about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing this, Mohit.
    It’s really a great one. Have a great beginning of this week!


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