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Wix is one of the most popular website building platforms and now a reputed name in the online world. It allows users to build different types of websites easily at an affordable price. Wix has become the complete solution for all those who want to own a website without hiring a professional designer. Wix seems to understand the importance of email marketing and that’s why it has built ‘ShoutOut’, a new email marketing platform which will allows marketers to design email marketing campaigns easily.

People will now start giving more time for email marketing as I found that Wix makes many things easier and less time consuming. This review of Wix ShoutOut shall make you know all its features.

Wix ShoutOut Features,Price Etc

 Intuitive Editor with Best Features

An email marketer looks for a platform which comes with a very useful editor and includes all the features required to design the best campaigns. Wix ShoutOut’s editor is very intuitive because of the drag and drop function. This allows email marketers to design the best type of email newsletters in few minutes. This simple editor will allow you to add logo, background, images and other things very easily. Easy contact integration is also one of the reasons making people like this email marketing platform.

Wix understanding the importance of social media marketing has provided different social media tools including text messaging, email and WhatsApp. You shall really love the responsive design and this may make you prefer ShoutOut over the other email marketing platforms.

Variety of Email Templates

One thing that I love about ShoutOut is the variety of email templates available for the users. You shall be able to find the right newsletter template for yourself without wasting much time.

I myself liked 2 templates a lot. The first template allows users to make the announcement of any offer or discount in the best way. Second template is the event invitation template which will help you in gathering maximum number of people at any media event and that may definitely turn out useful for those who keep organizing events.

 Wix ShoutOut Mobile App – Send Emails While Travelling

Wix ShoutApp to Send Emails while Travelling

Another reason for me to try out Wix ShoutOut is that there is a special mobile App available. This All-in-One mobile App will allow you to send emails just with few clicks. If you’re someone who keeps on travelling, then use this App to build stunning emails campaigns in few minutes on the go. ShoutOut’s mobile App is also having social media integration which will allow you to share the emails with your friends on different social networks easily.

ShoutOut mobile App is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Make sure that you have this App on your smartphone as good email marketing campaigns will definitely increase your online earning.

Useful Stats Tracker

If you’re someone who believes that going through stats is very important, then you should use ShoutOut’s useful ‘Stats Tracker’. I found out that one can get stats on opens, views and clicks by making use of this tracker. Wix wants users to have complete idea about whether their email marketing campaigns designed using ShoutOut have been successful and that’s one of the reasons Wix has provided this tracker.

Hopefully, an advanced tracker with added features will be provided in future so that email marketers will be able to get more success using ShoutOut.

 Different Plans – Choose the Perfect One

Wix understanding the requirement of different users has different ShoutOut plans. These plans provide complete flexibility to email marketers.

A free user can try it out by going for the free plan which allows 5 ShoutOuts to 5000 recipients. The basic plan which allows 5 ShoutOuts in a month to 10,000 contacts can be availed at $4.90 per month. Business Essential plan available at $12.90 per month allows 20 ShoutOuts per month to 25,000 contacts. I like the Pro Unlimited plan which is for the professional email marketers. This plan comes at $44.90 per month which is costly, but the benefit is that it allows unlimited ShoutOuts. Wix has also got yearly plans and marketers can save money by opting for a yearly plan.

If you get good experience using ShoutOut, then you should also try out the Wix’s website builder as soon as possible. You’ll be able to build a website for yourself without wasting your time.

Wix ShoutOut is definitely going to make email marketers become happy as it is affordable and having many special features. I’m hoping that it will bring a change in the way email marketing is done because it makes it accessible to people who are new at it. You should go through the resources (tips and tricks) at Wix website as these resources will allow you to design the best newsletters and do email marketing in the way that you want. Do let me know your experience with Wix ShoutOut and whether you find it better than the other email marketing platforms.


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