10+ Best AppSumo Deals in December 2023 Deals(AppSumo Lifetime Deals)

Are you searching for the best AppSumo Lifetime deals for Black Friday and December 2023?

AppSumo lifetime deals for December 2023 are now live. You can avail of a special 10% discount on purchasing deals worth $150 and more from AppSumo. Don’t leave this post without going through the currently available AppSumo deals in December 2023.

The December 2023 Appsumo Deals are useful as you may find your favorite tools for lifelong usage. Investing in AppSumo lifetime deals has been useful for many top bloggers and digital marketing professionals.

Disclaimer – Do note that the AppSumo lifetime deals post includes an affiliate link. I’ll earn a small commission(as per the Affiliate Partnership) if you claim any deal using my link.

Best New AppSumo Lifetime Deals

Many people come across AppSumo deals and ask me, “What is AppSumo?”

AppSumo is a famous website for bloggers, writers, social media marketing agencies, and SEO companies to find new lifetime deals on the best online tools. It offers a special discount of up to 98% on the lifetime deal price of some popular tools.

There is no need to find a discount code or coupon to claim the AppSumo deals. You’ll find the details of AppSumo yearly membership after this month’s deals mentioned in this blog post.

Note that these are the current AppSumo lifetime deals, and I’ll publish information about new deals on this page every month or may even create a new page to inform my readers about the latest deals.

Table of Contents

Best AppSumo Deals for December 2023

Here are the best AppSumo deals for December 2023:

1. NotifyVisitors at $59

This multichannel marketing tool will help you to promote your business using SMS marketing, email marketing, WhatsApp, etc.

Buy NotifyVisitors 

2. SMS-iT CRM – Lead Generation Tool

This is a very useful lead generation tool to generate leads using SMS marketing, emails, and social media.

Buy SMS-iT CRM Tool

3. afforAI – The AI Research Assistant

afforAI is the AI Research Assistant tool that will make Google research easier for you. Analyze 100s of documents easily and get data along with citation.

Buy AfforAI for $49

 4. Answerly – AI Chat Tool for Your Website

This tool you can use on your website. It will automatically analyze your business and you can use it as a useful chat tool. Providing instant support 24/7 will get easier for you by making use of Answerly.

Buy Answerly for $49

Best Black Friday AppSumo Deals

AppSumo is offering the best deals during this Black Friday. Here are the most special deals you can purchase from AppSumo during this Black Friday:

1. SEOCrawl at $29

Now, getting an SEO report is affordable.

With SEOCrawl, you can analyze over 16 months of search console and Google Analytics data easily. The benefit of using SEOCrawl is that it comes with 20 custom-made SEO dashboards.

Buy SEOCrawl at $29

2. WebWave – Create Custom Websites without any Code

This is the best tool for freelancers and web designers to create custom websites without any codes. You and your clients can modify every little detail on the website easily. One of the main benefits and pros that makes it stand out from the other website-building tools is that the website is design responsive and comes with the best view on different devices. Check the purchase page to know more.

Buy WebWave at $69

3. AppMySite – Build Android and iOS Apps in Minutes

Building Android and iOS Apps is now easy because of AppMySite. You can even mirror your site’s layout while building the App. Check out the purchase page for complete details.

Buy AppMySite at $59

4. Wave.Video – Edit, Record, and Host Videos

Recording, editing, and multistreaming videos is now easier because of Wave.Video. You can even auto-generate voiceover in 24 languages. Scaling video marketing campaigns is going to be easier for you once you purchase this tool.

Buy Wave.Video at $99

5. Logo Diffusion – Create Logos and Graphics

This AI-powered design platform is best for those who want to create logos and graphics. Simple text descriptions are enough for creating the designs.

Buy Logo Diffusion at $39

6. Depositphotos Black Friday Deal at $39.00

You can access a library of 195 million+ royalty-free stock photos and vector images by going for this special lifetime deal.

The price for 1 code is $39, 2 codes is $78, and 3 codes is $117.

1 code allows you to download 100 images/vectors.

DepositPhotos has got very good reviews, as it offers a massive library of royalty-free photos.

One of the surprising things is that people regularly purchase the Depositphotos deal from AppSumo.

Bloggers, social media marketers, and digital marketing agencies who require royalty-free images regularly redeem multiple codes of DepositPhotos.

Buy DepositPhotos Black Friday Deal 2023

7. SendFox from AppSumo at $49.00

Sendfox AppSumo Deal October 2022

You can purchase the trendy SendFox tool from AppSumo at an affordable price of $49 during the Black Friday 2023 Sale.

You can even go for more credits. SendFox has helped many to run the best email marketing campaigns.

If you’re into email marketing, this should be the best AppSumo Lifetime deal of November 2023 for you.

Sending newsletters has become easier for many blog readers after they purchase the lifetime deal of SendFox.

SendFox is one of the most popular and most-selling tools on AppSumo. It is one of the most recommended deals according to some email marketers.

Buy SendFox from AppSumo

8. SiteGuru – Your SEO Specialist

SiteGuru can replace your SEO specialist as it is a very useful SEO tool.

You need to connect your Google account as this special tool will merge the Google Analytics data and its own On-Page data.

You don’t need to be an SEO Pro to check for SEO issues. SiteGuru will help you know all the issues and what all you need to do to achieve better search engine rankings.

Do purchase this SEO tool during the Black Friday sale to make the most of this sale.

Buy SiteGuru at $69 Only

9. Samdock CRM – Best CRM for Small and Mid-Sized Startups and Companies

If you’re looking for an easy-to-understand CRM, your search should end this Samdock CRM.

This is a great opportunity for startups and companies to buy a lifetime code of Samdock CRM.

Buy Samdock CRM

Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals for November 2023 – Top Tools

Here are the best AppSumo Lifetime deals for November 2023:

3. Reportz – A Perfect Reporting Tool for Marketing Agencies

You can now track KPIs across multiple platforms using Reportz. This is a very beneficial reporting tool for marketing agencies. Reportz is the perfect tool to pull data from social channels and marketing tools. Marketers and marketing agencies looking to provide useful reports to their clients should use this tool.

Buy Reportz for $69

4. PPC Reveal – Optimize Google Ads

PPC Reveal is an amazing tool for studying competitor’s Google Ads. It makes use of intelligence tools to check and analyze Google Ads.  You can get better results with Google Ads by using this tool.

Buy PPC Reveal at $49

5. Squirrly SEO – Data Drives SEO Goals by an AI Consultant

Now, an AI consultant can help you to get more organic traffic. Just try this tool and see if you get better results with your WordPress blog.

Buy Squirrly SEO at $69

6. Speechki – AI Voice Generator

This AI voice generator tool is very useful for content creators, educators, and marketers. Using this tool, you can now convert any text into natural-sounding speech.

Buy Speechki at $59

Best Yearly Deals from AppSumo – Special Offer

  • AppSumo Plus Yearly Membership Plan at $99.00

AppSumo Plus Membership Yearly Deal Benefits November 2023

You can grab the AppSumo Plus yearly membership at $99.00

This is one of the best-selling deals on AppSumo. The reason is that the AppSumo Plus membership comes with exceptional benefits.

Here are the benefits of AppSumo Plus yearly plan:

  • 10% additional discount on AppSumo purchases.
  • Special access to KingSumo Giveaways Pro.
  • Special invitations to special digital events only for the AppSumo Plus members.
  • Extended access to elected tools.
  • Access to KingSumo Web App Pro until the validity of the AppSumo Plus membership.
  • Special offer of access to Sendfox License Tier 1 until your AppSumo Plus membership is valid.
  • Cancellation is possible at any time. Cancellation is not possible if the rewards are already used.
  • Special discounted price on selected deals, especially for AppSumo Plus members.
  • Extended period on limited-time deals.

I believe AppSumo Plus membership is very valuable. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity of going for this membership by using the purchase link mentioned below.

Purchase AppSumo Plus Yearly Plan at 99.00

Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals for January 2023

Here are the best AppSumo lifetime deals for January 2023:

WordHero-AI Content Writing Tool at $89 – Decent Reviews

WordHero AppSumo Lifetime Deal November 2022

You can purchase a very useful AI content-writing tool for a lifetime at the price of $89 only.

WordHero is an AI Content Writer tool that comes with numerous benefits.

WordHero is a recommended tool because it comes with 50+ writing tools.

It competes with some of the most popular AI content-writing tools.

Another advantage is that new tools are added constantly.

You should note that this deal doesn’t include access to the long-form editor. You’ll need an additional $59 top-up for the same.

It is useful for bloggers as it helps find the best topic ideas and helps you write your blog content.

It also has tools to help you write marketing emails, social media captions, product descriptions, etc.

This tool will help you to write the best blog posts, ads, emails, etc easily.

WordHero reviews are good enough, considering the price.

You can expect to get decent experience with this AI content writing tool.

Your search for an affordable AI content writing tool should end with WordHero.

Finding an affordable AI content writing tool like WordHero can be difficult, so we should thank AppSumo.

AI-based content generation tools are costly, so purchasing more licenses is a good decision, especially if you’re into writing and blogging.

Purchase WordHero from AppSumo

TidyCal for Best Calendar Integrations – Popular AppSumo Deal

You can optimize your schedule now in the best way using TidyCal.

This is a must tool for those who’ve many online and offline meetings daily.

If you want to organize meetings in the best way, TidyCal is a must-to-have tool.

TidyCal reviews will make you know how this amazing tool helps schedule meetings in the best way.

Buy TidyCal at $29.00 Only

Radaar Tool for Social Media Management

If you’re into social media marketing and want to handle multiple profiles, Radaar will be the perfect tool for you.

Some of the best features of Radaar are as follows:

  • Support for different social media platforms.
  • Scheduler.
  • Url Shortener.
  • Social Media Monitoring.
  • Password Manager.
  • Stock Library.
  • Analytics.

Radaar is available for $59 only.

Buy Radaar from AppSumo

MonSpark at $69

Now you can monitor the performance of your website easily using MonSpark.

Different monitoring features help you to make sure you’re getting optimum performance for your website.

Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals for July 2022

Here are the best AppSumo deals for July 2022:

1. upCoach at $79.00

So, ready to take your coaching journey to the next level?

If you’re a lifestyle or fitness coach, you need upCoach.

This modern transformation problem is helping coaches to keep track of their coaching program.

It comes with special program templates, meeting,s and agendas, habits, etc.

1 license tier is available for $99 only, while you can purchase tier 2 for $199.

Purchase Upcoach Now using this Link

2. SocialNowa Chatbot at $59.00

Scheduling posts has become easier because of SocialNowa chatbot.

You can schedule posts on different social networking platforms using this tool.

Apart from the single license, you can even go for multiple licenses.

It is one of the best AppSumo deals for social media agencies.

Buy SocialNowa Chatbot from AppSumo

3. Sniply at $69.00

Sniply is a very useful tool for those who’re looking for conversions.

It allows you to add clickable CTAs to webpages, making it very popular.

Marketing agencies, social media managers, etc require this tool.

It will help you to drive more traffic.

Buy Sniply using this Link

4. BIGVU at $79.00

Looking for your personal TV studio?

BIGVU is the best alternative to WeVideo and Vimeo.

It offers you different Apps for Android and iOS in a single video tool.

Video editor, teleprompter, automatic captions, editing music, collaborations, etc is what you get with BIGVU.

If you create video content, you must go for this tool.

Buy BIGVU from AppSumo now

5. Brilliant Directories at $89.00

You can easily launch, manage, and earn by selling membership. You can make your website become a membership website using this special tool.

This tool offers the best solution for membership websites.

Buy Brilliant Directories from AppSumo now

Here are the deals which were active in previous months. These deals might be active in current month too.

  1. MailerCloud at $69.00

Effective email marketing campaigns can cost a lot.

It can be hard to find the best tool for email marketing at an affordable price.

Now, you can go for MailerCloud as this is going to be a solution for sending high-quality emails to the target audience.

MailerCloud is an alternative to MailerLite and Sendgrid.

This is one of the best tools for email marketing companies, freelancers, and businesses looking to use email marketing for promoting their business.

Buy MailerCloud at $69.00

  1. Heartbeat at $69.00

Heartbeat is one of the best tools if you want to build an online community using your domain name.

Buy Heartbeat at $69.00

  1. WriterZen

WriterZen is one of the best SEO tools available on AppSumo.

WriterZen will help you to achieve better SEO rankings. It is called one of the best alternatives to Semrush and Ahrefs.

It will even help you find the best long-tail keywords.

Buy WriterZen from AppSumo at $69.00

  1. Uteach at $89.00

If you’re an online tutor or coach, you need a good tool to conduct your classes and get success.

With Uteach, you can build a professional website for online tutoring in a few minutes.

Visit the purchase page link to understand how this tool will help you to conduct online classes in the best way.

Buy Uteach using lifetime deal at $89.00

  1. Heights Platform at $99.00

You need Heights Platform if you’re frustrated selling different platforms using different platforms.

This tool has helped many creators and coaches.

Don’t miss out to share this post with your friends who’re coaches and creators as this deal is for them.

Buy Heights Platform’s Lifetime deal

  1. Beacon at $79.00

It is the perfect time to boost conversion rates using lead magnets.

Beacon gives you the option to create professional lead magnets, opt-in-forms, and resource libraries for increasing conversions.

Buy Beacon at $79.00

  1. BIGVU at $69.00

BIGVU is the best video tool for those who love to create video content.

It comes with a DIY teleprompter.

BIGVU also gives you the option to collaborate with other contributors.

Buy BIGVU from AppSumo

Who should visit this Blog Post regularly to Find New AppSumo Deals?

  • Freelance writers.
  • Bloggers.
  • Video Editors.
  • Photographers.
  • Social media executives.
  • Social media agencies.
  • Digital marketing agencies.
  • YouTubers.
  • Influencers making short videos.
  • Coaches.
  • Consultants.
  • SEO service providers.
  • SEO companies.
  • Proofreaders.
  • Those looking for AI tools to start a new online business.

Type of Tools that are very popular on AppSumo

The benefit of AppSumo is that you’ll find different types of tools. Your search for a lifetime deal would end on AppSumo. If you’re into writing or digital marketing, AppSumo is the ultimate platform to find very beneficial lifetime deals.

Type of Tools that are very popular on AppSumo – Lifetime Deals
Email Marketing Tools
AI-based Content Generation Tools
Video Editing Tools
Social Media Management Tools
WordPress Plugins
Blog Management Tools
Video Conferencing Tools
Business Tools
Social Media Marketing Tools
Stock Photos
Team management Tools
SEO Tools
Video Marketing Tools
Video Generation Tools

Final Words About AppSumo’s Best Lifetime Deals

AppSumo deals are definitely the most exceptional deals available online.

I never thought that companies would provide such type of special long-term deals. If you’re looking for the best AppSumo alternatives, do check out the FAQs section below.

If you’re starting a gaming channel on YouTube, you may require some video creation and social media marketing tools for the long term.

People spend recurring monthly amounts for these tools, and opting for a lifetime deal saves a lot of money.

I may purchase some products soon from AppSumo as some tools are very useful for bloggers.

I’ve only mentioned the deals which are currently active. If you find a particular deal has expired, you’ll need to wait for the next month to see if the same deal is made available.

Before you purchase any product, you must go through the terms and conditions on the product purchase page.

FAQs for New AppSumo Lifetime Deals

1. What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is a website/platform which provides lifetime access to SAAS tools. Once a fixed price is paid by a customer, the customer can avail of lifetime access to the particular tool. The benefit of lifetime access is one reason why people discuss AppSumo deals.

2. Whether the 60-day money-back policy applies to all the tools?

I found that 60-day money-back policy is available on all the deals, but you must also go through the terms and conditions before claiming a special deal.

It is quite possible that a company may not provide this offer on its tool, as it may have its own terms and conditions.

3. Why are the AppSumo lifetime deals in December 2023 very popular?

AppSumo’s lifetime deals are top-rated because freelancers, bloggers, digital marketers, digital marketing agencies, and Youtubers love using different tools to increase productivity. These tools are helpful for those who want to upgrade their skills by using a particular tool for a lifetime. Using a specific tool frequently may have expertise in using it.

4. Is AppSumo a trustworthy website?

Currently, there are no bad reviews about AppSumo, and we can expect that AppSumo will always stay reliable and trustworthy. If there are any bad reviews, people will definitely not use their deals. I hope that AppSumo will always maintain its reputation online and keep offering people the best lifetime deals.

5. Can people from all the countries make use of AppSumo deals?

Currently, there are no restrictions. People from all countries can make use of AppSumo deals. If any conditions are imposed on a particular deal, you may learn about it from the purchase page of the particular tool.

6. Whether AppSumo has a good customer support team?

AppSumo’s customer support team has got good ratings. I also got a good response from them whenever I use their customer support system.

7. What is the minimum time duration to grab an AppSumo deal?

There is no fixed period for which a particular deal will last. The time duration of a deal depends on its popularity and certain other factors. Typically, a deal lasts for a week or two. A deal may end in a day or even a few hours if there is massive demand.

8. Are there any new alternative websites that provide the best lifetime deals?

Many websites provide discount offers on various valuable tools, but no website is popular like AppSumo for giving lifetime access. Yes, new websites might have been started, and we may soon know about them.

As AppSumo is becoming popular, many people may love to launch a website/platform with a similar concept. It’ll be interesting to see whether any other lifetime deals platform will gain more popularity online.

9. Whether AppSumo Plus Yearly membership worth its price?

Yes, if you’re going to claim multiple deals in a year. Also, it is helpful if you claim some deals and use the additional benefits of the AppSumo Plus membership.

10. Is any special discount code or coupon available to get lifetime AppSumo deals in bulk?

No, there is no AppSumo discount code or AppSumo coupon available to get lifetime AppSumo deals in bulk at a more discounted price. You should read about the AppSumo yearly membership in this post if you want an additional 10% discount on regularly purchasing AppSumo deals. You should purchase a yearly membership only if you’re going to regularly purchase AppSumo deals.

New AppSumo Lifetime Deals for 2022

Conclusion: Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals are Useful

AppSumo’s new lifetime deals are helpful for many social media managers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Don’t forget to purchase the AppSumo plus membership to get an additional discount and other benefits when you claim any new AppSumo deal.

What’re your thoughts about the best AppSumo lifetime deals available in December 2023?  


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