How to Find Freelance Writing Work Consistently in 2023? (12+ Best Ways)

Are you a new freelance writer? Are you looking for paid freelance writing work for the long-term in 2023?

Beginners struggle to find freelance writing work consistently as they don’t know the different ways by which they’ll be able to get the best-paying writing jobs quickly.

There are many freelance writing jobs available for beginners. It is just that they need to spend some time finding the perfect writing jobs as per their skills.

As the craze for working online increases among people, many newbies are looking to get freelance writing work regularly.

This post may give direction to beginners who’re still worried about “How they can find the best freelance writing job to earn a decent amount of money online”? And it may ultimately make them happy as they may succeed in their freelance writing journey.

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

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Best Ways to Find Freelance Writing Work

1. Best Freelance Writing Websites for Beginners

There are many popular platforms where freelancers can find the work required easily. Some platforms provide work to designers, writers, and many more talented people. There are some special freelance writing websites that are specifically for writers, and because of these sites writers can find writing work as per their skills. Freelancer, Odesk, Writer, and more amazing platforms provide writers with high-paying writing jobs easily. Join some of the best platforms, as then you’ll be able to get writing work regularly.

2. Fiverr – Special MarketPlace for Freelancer Writers

You may have definitely heard some freelancers saying that they are earning a good amount of money just because of Fiverr. Now Fiverr has become one of the best options for every freelancer as one just needs to post the gigs which mention the type of service that one can provide. You’ll be able to get $5 for every task, and that’s how you may earn a decent amount every month by taking up many tasks.

3. Popular Forums

There are many popular forums where you’ll be able to connect with people who run many blogs and websites. You’ll interact with many people, and ultimately you may get many potential clients. Forums may allow you to get international clients who want talented writers to work hard and provide the best content for their websites.

Just join the top forums immediately so that you’ll get the appropriate writing jobs as per your skills and experience.

4. Guest Posting for Different Blogs

Many best blogs need guest writers who can regularly post once or twice or even more every month. Some blog owners may not pay you initially, but they may start paying you a decent amount for every post if they are happy with the posts you’re publishing. Guest posting on different blogs will make you earn money, but you may also become popular as a guest writer. Many regularly do guest writing for popular blogs, and they get paid quite well.

Quality content is always important, and that’s why quality writers are permanently appointed as guest writers by the best bloggers. You may find that some blogs are updated daily just because they have the best writers writing for them as guest writers.

5. Connecting with Clients on Facebook and LinkedIn

Most bloggers and even those running popular websites are very active on Linkedin and Facebook. If you’ll also get active on LinkedIn , Twitter, and Facebook, you may start interacting with them. By getting popular in the blogosphere, you may get many freelance writing jobs from some successful bloggers.

By connecting with clients directly, you may make more money than you may do by taking up the writing assignments at the different freelancing platforms. You may get the best rate for your content if your client values your skills and the time that you’re spending writing for him.

6. Job Posting Websites

Craiglist is a popular classified advertisement website that may allow new writers to find suitable jobs easily. There are many other popular job posting websites where you’ll be able to go through a list of writing assignments. As you’ll be able to apply for writing work at the different job posting websites, you may end up having enough work every month.

Writers should be thankful to the guys who start job posting websites to earn revenue and help those who’re not able to find the relevant jobs. Freelancers are benefiting a lot by applying for the best writing jobs, and some have been able to make more money than what they would have done by doing a 9 to 6 job.

7. Build an Online Portfolio – Make People Offer You Work

There are many freelance writing jobs available for beginners. It is just that you need to find potential customers. If you believe in yourself, you should definitely build a blog or website as an online portfolio to showcase your work. You may get more writing work if people like how you write on different types of topics.

8. Get Active on Social Networking Sites

LinkedIn has a jobs section as well as you may be able to find writing jobs on Twitter by making use of the right hashtags. You should try to get active at all the social networking sites to have a large network, which will make you get sufficient writing work.

You’ll find that some famous content writers are present at all the social networking sites, and now they have some of the best-paying clients. Always search for better clients so get you’ll get paid what you deserve to get for your writing skills and experience.

9. Writing E-Books Professionally

One of the ways that new freelance writers can earn additional money is by writing e-books for others. Many may want to publish an e-book with their name, and they look for writers who can write e-books perfectly. If you think you can write e-books regularly, you should master this art. I’ve periodically seen many gigs at Fiverr, which require e-book writers to have a good experience.

Best Freelance Writing Jobs Available Online

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Other Best Sites to Find Freelance Writing Work from Home

The increasing number of freelancing jobs for beginners is why beginners choose to go for freelance jobs from their homes. I’m listing down some of the best freelance writing sites and social media sites from where you may find content writing work easily.

10. UpWork – Find High Paying Writing Assignments

If you’re looking for high-paying writing work from the best freelance writing clients, then you should definitely join Upwork.

Many international companies and popular writers can be found on UpWork. It has been getting a lot of popularity recently.

UpWork offers maximum flexibility to freelance writers, and it is definitely a site that I recommend to my friends.

11. Twitter : Tweet to Find Freelance Writing Work

This is one of the interesting ways to find more freelance writing work online. You can establish your authority at Twitter, and then tweet about the services you offer. You must connect with the right people so that you’ll be able to find work very quickly for yourself.

The best thing about Twitter is that it will help you connect with individuals and agencies and companies.

12. ProBlogger Job Board

I recommend this Job Board for all the freelance writers who have a good writing experience of a few years.

You may be able to find blog post writing assignments and other professional assignments at this Job Board.

A good number of copywriting jobs and jobs from the top bloggers make it one of the best sites for freelance writers having experience of 4 to 5 years.

Finding the best freelance gigs takes time, but you don’t need to think much about it, as it can provide you an earning for a very long term.

Is Freelance Writing Work the Best Work from Home Option?

Freelance writing jobs are perfect for those who want to work from their home itself. One of the difficult decisions for beginners to make is whether they should do freelance writing as part-time work or start doing it full time. Freelance writing jobs become the best option when one gets writing work regularly.

Time management is one of the most important things that freelance writers need to learn. A writer needs to write many words daily to earn a good amount of money every month as otherwise, he may have to start doing a job. Even writer’s block is a problem that some writers need to overcome for relying on freelance writing income.

FAQs Related to Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Here, I list some of the most important questions related to freelance writing. I’m also writing the answers to them as these are the questions that new freelance writers keep asking me. To solve your doubts related to finding freelance writing work by going through the FAQs mentioned below:

1. Can Anyone Start a Career as a Freelance Writer?

Yes, why not? Every person who is good at English and can write well can start his career as a freelance writer. It depends on a person if he wants to do freelance writing work full-time or part-time.

2. What is the meaning of ‘Freelance Writing Cost Per Word’?

Every word values a writer. The price you charge per word is called ‘Freelance Writing Cost Per Word’.

3. what is the best and appropriate writing cost per word?

It depends on the writing quality, your time for research, your experience, etc. You can charge 0.01$ to 0.50$ per word. It all depends on your experience. Many freelance writers charge a very high price for writing a single article or blog post.

4. Where to find freelance writing contests?

If you want to find freelance writing contests, then there is no particular site for the same. You’ll have to just keep on working on some of the best freelance writing sites as well as follow the popular brands online. You can even Google search for the terms like ‘new writing contests’, ‘best writing contests’ to find if any brand or company has come up with a writing contest for freelance writers.

5. How to get writing assignments regularly from the same client?

Client satisfaction matters a lot when it comes to freelance writing. If you can provide the best quality articles at an affordable price, then definitely clients will keep giving you work regularly.

Finding writing assignments becomes more manageable when one can offer decent quality work at a reasonable price.

6. How to establish a freelance writing business?

Establishing a freelance writing business is not an easy thing. If you really want to start a freelance writing business, you need to be sure that you’ve enough pending writing assignments at your hand, and you won’t be able to do all the work yourself.

For starting a freelance writing business, you’ll need to connect with other freelance writers. You must connect with trustworthy freelance writers as they will be becoming a part of your freelance writing team.

The freelance writing business is definitely one of the best online businesses currently, as many freelance writing assignments are available. At the same time, many writers want to start writing full-time.

Most of us make punctuation mistakes, and I’m trying my best to reduce them. I recommend free punctuation checker tools like Grammarly, as these tools make writing work more manageable. Writing can be a daunting task, and you need to use the best writing tools available online to improve as a writer. Grammarly is just one of such tools that I recommend, and you’ll find that many other free punctuation checking tools are available online. Also, if you’re not a writer and not looking for different types of online jobs, then do check this list of easy online jobs so that you’ll be able to find the appropriate online work for yourself.

Conclusion – Finding Freelancing Writing Work is Not Difficult

A new freelance writer always wants to earn a decent amount from freelance writing. So to achieve this goal, a beginner should try to get clients anyhow. He should try out the different ways and best freelance writing sites to regularly get freelance writing. A writer should have patience, and he needs to work as hard as possible. By gaining experience and improving as a writer, one may definitely get a high-paying freelance writing job, which may ultimately make him start loving this profession.

I hope you’ll succeed in finding the best clients and consistent freelance writing work at a good pay per word or pay per project price.


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