How Much Does YouTube Pay for 1000 Views in India? (Includes Top YouTubers)

If you’re a Youtuber or any new content creator living in India, it must be crucial for you to understand Youtube income per 1000 views in India.

Many new YouTubers keep asking the popular YouTubers – “How much Indian rupees does YouTube pays to Indian creators for 1000 views?“. Many new creators don’t get the correct answer to this question.

YouTube Pay for 1000 Views in India

Some creators even ask, “Whether YouTube pays for every view?”

Some of the best YouTubers are earning a lot of money. New YouTubers can learn a lot from top YouTubers.

YouTube income in India is not the same as compared to what is paid to the USA creators. The income varies as per the niche and location.

If you’ve viewers mainly from countries like the USA and UK, you can expect your YouTube income to be much more than some other Indian YouTubers.

I don’t believe you should compete immediately with the top YouTubers in India as the income of the top YouTubers in India is very high, considering that they started their YouTube channel years back.

Once you choose a proper niche and get enough views, you’ll understand how much money you can make from 1000 views in India.

Let me explain how the earning calculation works on YouTube and some of the best niches to earn the maximum amount of money for every 1000 views in India. I’ll also inform you of some of India’s highest-paid top YouTubers.

What is the Average CPM Rate on YouTube for Indian Creators?

The average CPM rate on YouTube is Rs 20 to Rs 30 in India.

The highest CPM rate is around Rs 80 for some niches depending on the content, audience, and average watch time.

Entertainment, education, science, and tech are some of the niches giving the highest CPM rate to some of the YouTubers.

The average CPM rate in the USA is very high.

Some Indian creators are very disappointed when comparing the average CPM for YouTubers in the USA.

Factors that Determine Total YouTube Earnings & Earnings per 1000 Views

Important Factors that Determine Total Earnings & Earnings Per 1000 Views on YouTube are as follows

Important Factors that Determine Total Earnings & Earnings Per 1000 Views on YouTube
1.Total Number of viewers.
2. Total watch time.
3. The demography of your views.
4. Your channel niche and content length.
5. Engagement on your videos.
6. Traffic sources and the quality of the audience you’re targeting.

Best YouTube Niches to get the Highest Paying Rate per 1000 Views

  • Gaming Niche

The gaming niche is very popular nowadays. If you love gaming, creating content for this niche will be easy. The popularity of gaming niches is increasing in India. Some gamers never reveal their face but still earning in millions.

If gaming popularity keeps increasing worldwide, many more YouTubers will start a gaming channel soon. Gaming channel has helped many YouTubers grow their earnings.

  • Technology Niche

The technology niche can be said as the evergreen niche for bloggers and YouTubers.

A good CPM rate, popularity, and more visitors make the technology niche a very popular niche.

Reviews, unboxing videos, new technology news, etc are some popular content types in the technology niche.

If you think you love technology or a particular gadget, you should choose the technology niche as a YouTuber.

  • Finance Niche

Investment, stocks, crypto, financial advice, real estate, etc, are some of the popular finance niche topics.

Finance content creators are popular on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many other platforms.

With the finance niche, you can earn a very high amount. Also, your advice may make you gain more respect and popularity worldwide.

  • Entertainment

Some of the entertainment niche creators are very popular.

The main benefit of choosing an entertainment niche is that you can cover various topics and keep it very entertaining.

Some of the YouTubers who’ve targeted the entertainment and comedy niche are earning huge amount of money and have gained a lot of popularity in their country.

The audience loves the entertainment niche as everyone needs some entertainment on the weekend.

  • Sports

Sports niche can give you decent earnings because you can cover different sports and news related to teams of different countries.

Sports niche is a perfect niche for sports lovers.

You can understand that sports lovers are present in different countries, and hence, you can expect to get a good CPM rate if your content is really of top-notch quality.

How to Earn More as a YouTuber if Earning Per 1000 Views is Very Less?

If your earnings per 1000 views is very less on YouTube, you shouldn’t worry.

There are various ways to make money from YouTube; hence, there is no reason to depend only on ads to earn enough money from YouTube.

Some of the other Best Ways to Earn on YouTube:

  • Earn commission by doing affiliate marketing. Advertise products and share their links.
  • Sponsored campaigns.
  • Fan Funding.

You can check the above post to know all the best ways to monetize your YouTube Channel.

List of 10 Highest-Paid and Best YouTubers in India

Top YouTubers in India

Here is the list of the highest-paid YouTubers in India. You can start a YouTube channel in the same niche if you also want to earn the maximum amount of money from YouTube like them. Many new YouTubers get more inspiration from the top YouTubers.

Niche 10 Best Indian YouTubers Name and Details
Entertainment Bhuvan Bam
Tech Product Reviews Gaurav Chaudhary
Gaming and Comedy CarryMinati alias Ajey Nagar
Entertainment and Comedy Ashish Chanchlani
Comedy Amit Bhadana
Comedy Harsh Beniwal
Music Eniway Bantai
Cooking Nisha Madhulika
Music Vidya Vox/Vidya Iyer
Motivation and Entrepreneurship Sandeep Maheshwari
Other Top YouTubers who are earning well apart from the 10 Best YouTubers
Fashion and Lifestyle Sejal Kumar
Fashion Kritika Khurana
Tech Reviews Ranjit Kumer (Geekyranjit)
Cooking Kabita Singh (Kabita’s Kitchen)
Cooking Sanjeev Kapoor
Travel Varun Vagish
Gaming Ajay (Total Gaming)
Gaming Amit Sharma (Desi Gamers)
Gaming Lokesh Raj (Lokesh Gamer)
Health and Fitness Ranveer Allahbadia (BeerBiceps)
Motivation and Entrepreneurship Dr. Vivek Bindra


Some of the above best Indian YouTubers are my favorite YouTubers.

Best comedy, fitness, and couple of YouTubers are getting more popular in India.

As youngsters are becoming more active on YouTube, top comedy and fitness YouTubers will earn more money.

Youngsters love to follow the top YouTubers with the most subscribers. The Number of rich YouTubers is increasing in India. This is motivational for youngsters starting their YouTube journey.

You can mention your favorite YouTuber in the comment section. I’ll love to know if any top YouTuber has motivated you to start your new YouTube channel.

Conclusion – Choose the Best Niches to Earn More Per 1000 Views in India

Choosing the best niches to make more money per 1000 views from YouTube in India is crucial. If you have chosen the right niche, you will earn a decent amount per thousand views in India.

FAQs related to Income per 1000 YouTube Views in India

  1. What is the minimum threshold for withdrawing money from YouTube in India?

The minimum earning threshold for withdrawing money from YouTube in India is 100 US dollars. If I get to know about any change, I’ll update the information over here.

  1. What payment options are available for withdrawing money from YouTube in India?

You can withdraw using the option of a wire transfer or cheque.

  1. Do YouTubers earn money as per the Number of subscribers?

No, YouTube doesn’t pay as per the number of subscribers. YouTube pays as per the Number of views.

  1. Are there any conditions to start monetizing YouTube videos?

Here are some of the conditions to monetize YouTube videos:

  • 1000 subscribers.
  • Total 4000 watch hours.
  • Fulfillment of all the terms and conditions.

If any conditions changes, we will try to update this post.

  1. How much does YouTube pay you for 1 million views in India?

Kindly check out the factors that determine YouTube earnings in India, the best niches, and the average CPM for the different niches in India. If you successfully build a community and fan following on YouTube, your YouTube earnings can be very high. You can’t predict this earning as many factors play an important role.

Conclusion – You can also Earn Money like the Top YouTubers

Focusing on quality content will help you to earn the maximum amount of money like the best YouTubers in India.

You can’t earn more just by increasing the number of subscribers who’re not watching your content regularly.

Having fans and subscribers who love your content will help you to build your community on YouTube.

Make sure you’re comfortable with the niche you’re choosing for making YouTube videos. To become a Top Indian YouTuber, you need to understand you’re selecting a niche that provides you decent earnings per 1000 views and that you love creating content for that niche.


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