11 Best YouTube Channel Ideas to Earn Consistently in 2023

I’m going to make you know the best YouTube channel ideas so that you can earn consistently from YouTube.

YouTube is amongst the most watched platforms on the internet. With Indians making the highest number of YouTube users in the entire world. There is no doubt about the kind of money that you can make on YouTube. It can be a side hustle or a full-time income.

All it requires is a little bit of consistency. That’s it CONSISTENCY is all you need to get through it and make it big on YouTube.

If you have talent Great! If you don’t, that’s great too. Because you can make a YouTube channel about anything that you already know, be it as simple as recording your daily life! And start earning that extra money! I mean who doesn’t want some extra income right!

Let me give you some interesting and popular YouTube ideas that are still relevant and will grow like crazy in 2023.

You can use these YouTube channel ideas to earn money consistently in the year 2023.

Best YouTube Channel Ideas to Earn Online Consistently

You should choose one of the popular YouTube niches so that you can make your videos go viral. Let me make you know the popular options as per the current trends.

  1. Gaming Channel

Let me start with a very simple one here. Can you play games? Any game for that matter? If yes, You can make a YouTube channel about gaming. Yes, It’s still relevant in 2023.

Gaming is a huge industry that is growing rapidly. You can get a lot of sponsors for your videos besides your regular YouTube income which is primarily through views. Any kind of game is fine since there’s an audience for every kind.

Boys especially love to watch such videos which itself is a huge audience on YouTube. If you are funny too, you can even make a funny commentary in between. Gamers have made millions of dollars on YouTube just by playing games in their room.

  1.   Food Vlogger

I know what you are thinking! There are tons of food channels already, why would yours get any views?

Well, you still can, especially if there aren’t many food vloggers from your area. You can review and vlog in your area/city about all the different restaurants, street food, food stalls, etc.

People are always looking for something new to try. And a detailed review with a video is something that people want to see.

Everyone in today’s world wants a review before trying anything. So, you could add great value to information. Food channels are great and still going strong in 2023!

Best YouTube Channel Ideas to Earn Consistently

  1. Review channels

Continuing my point about reviews and research generation of ours, You can make a review channel about literally any product you want.

Starting from your daily use products to Luxury cars and Technology. Even the products you haven’t used yourself because in that case, you are simply sharing your views about the new launches.

There are tons of channels that just share their views about a new car, Phone, laptop without even buying the product and they are doing great! And the best part is you don’t even have to show your face you could just show the product and talk about it!

  1.   Basic skills

Yeah, people on YouTube search for everything these days. There are a lot of people who learn basic skills on YouTube, be it as simple as wearing a tie. It’s refreshing and fun to watch.

You can make a tutorial about all the things that you know and never run out of ideas when it comes to this one.

Basic skills like cooking, gardening, studying, how to cut vegetables, and how to build a shelf. These videos are always doing great in terms of views on YouTube.

Just how you do things and let people know some tips and tricks about it. Because not everyone knows everything, we all need a little help sometimes!

  1. Sharing your side hustles

“Side hustle” is the new trend! Everyone wants to have one and earn some extra income. People have become multi-talented, they want to upskill themselves, grow and become the best version of themselves. Our generation is quite hardworking believe it or not.

You can now share your side hustle on YouTube, how you manage it, the kind of income it can generate, the potential it has, and everything about it. Just share what you are good at. People are really interested in this kind of stuff, they want to learn and earn! So great usability as well.

  1. Storytelling

This one’s really interesting. Do you remember how your mom used to tell you bedtime stories? Fantasy, Mystery, Horror, Magical stories? Do you miss that warmth you felt while listening to those stories? Nostalgic right?

Well, that’s the charm of this channel, the secret ingredient – “NOSTALGIA”. If you are a good storyteller or you just enjoy talking you have a very in-demand talent my friend!

You just have to sit in front of the camera candidly and tell a story about your life, people, friends, anything funny that might have happened literally anything and people will listen!

If sharing your personal stuff is not comfortable you could also tell fictional stories, storybook readings, non-fictional stories the content is limitless.

The pandemic has taken a toll on people and they want to feel that warmth and nostalgia again. Listening to stories and experiences makes them feel that comfort, so go for it!

  1. Book reviews

Continuing my point about storytelling there are also book reviews that you can do. If you are a book lover and live in your own world of thoughts this is a perfect channel idea for you.

You now have people with whom you can share your thoughts and reflections. Books allow you to explore a whole new world, they reveal a side of you, you didn’t know you had.

Now, you can share your insights and views with people and talk about your thoughts nonchalantly.

There are limitless books so you will never run out of content. You can pick any genre you like and just share your views about it.

You could also do Movie reviews if that’s more of your jam but that’s an entirely different channel idea! Just putting it out there!

  1. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)

People love listening to ASMR thanks to insomnia! You need no talent for this one, just a good mic and that’s it.

ASMR makes you feel goosebumps and tingling in the head and back. Makes you feel joyful and brings you comfort.

Any delicate sounds that you can find which can put people to sleep. There are tons of ASMR channels about all kinds of different sounds. They get a lot of views and are an absolute no-brainer. So if you immediately want to start a YouTube channel and can’t decide, you could start with ASMR.

Nature sounds like rain, leaves falling, wind blowing, water running, or the sound of objects rubbing, paper rustling, package opening, gently tapping on cardboard boxes, and speaking in a soothing voice or whispering. You can use and do anything that makes a soft sound.

It’s weird but weirdly comforting!

  1. Traveling

Traveling can be really interesting and fun and you can create a vlog recording yourself doing the same. It makes one of the most interesting channel ideas and you can cater to a huge crowd of travel enthusiasts and adventurers.

You can collaborate with other traveling channels and be sponsored by different traveling agencies to review their services and you can get a chance to travel for free.

If traveling is something you enjoy or you have a business associated with the travel industry you can make a traveling channel on YouTube.

You can check our travel blogging guide too for more information on the same.

  1. Lifestyle work from home kind of setup

In this one, you basically just vlog your daily life and show what you do and how you do it. You answer people’s questions about your job and how you manage things on a day-to-day basis.

The main focus is on how you manage your work from home, the entire setup, the system you built to manage all the work.

But it doesn’t have to be just a work-from-home setup, you are basically just showing your daily life like a vlog but in a more informative way.

A lot of doctors, realtors, Office workers have made such channels answering people’s questions.

A lot of moms have started recording their daily activities like cleaning, cooking, and uniquely packing food for their kids. And they film it in a very aesthetically pleasing way with ASMR, making it look like a work of art!

I have seen a lot of Korean vlogs being filmed in a similar fashion, they are informative as well as comforting to watch. Overall, a pleasurable experience. Loving this artistic take on the daily vlog channels.

You can experiment with different aesthetics and bring out your artistic side.

People enjoy living in niche characters or in their own vibe. You also target a niche audience in this case. It’s all about niching down in today’s world.

  1. Anything that you are an expert at

Channel idea no.11 is on the same lines as the previous one. You can make a YouTube channel on anything that you are an expert at, be it an educational topic, stocks, content writing, teaching.

All you do is give advice and information about your subject expertise. Teaching people anything that you are good at can be of interest to people.

There’s not a lot of effort that goes into it since you are already an expert on the topic. You could try and make it a little interesting with presentation and stuff and still get a lot of views.

Since in today’s time, everyone on YouTube is targeting a niche audience so what uniqueness you bring to the table is a recipe for success.

Ali Abdal, a famous YouTuber made his YouTube channel about studying and how to study efficiently. With his unique presentation and filming, he has made studying interesting!

So, it’s an easy and quick way to start your YouTube journey!

Why Run Multiple YouTube Channels to Earn Money Online?

  • Consistent Income.
  • More earnings.
  • An opportunity to explore other niches.
  • More popularity on YouTube.
  • Usage of experience to multiply the income.

Well, that’s all folks hope you enjoyed these fresh YouTube channel ideas, which will work in 2023!  I hope you’ll earn consistently from YouTube by using the above channel ideas.

Author Bio – This particular blog was written by Keshula Aade and published by the Author mentioned below. You can contact her on LinkedIn.


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