Varsha Bansal – Author of Book Miss to Mrs Agarwal

Varsha Bansal in her childhood may have never thought that she will become an author. But her thoughts and ideas made her decide that she should not only be a blogger, but also an author. Her book is soon going to get available at book stores. If you have never thought about becoming an author, then it may be the right time to get more passionate about writing. A simple girl is making her dreams true by working hard which may definitely motivate you.

In this post, Varsha Bansal will make you know about her life and how she become an author. She will make my blog readers know that how they too can start writing their own book.

1. Varsha let us know about yourself

Varsha Bansal her life and her Book Miss to Mrs Agarwal

Hello , Mohit I can describe myself as simple girl and the same time very bubbly , creative, straight-forward, and very positive towards the life from the centre of India Korba, Chhattisgarh. And my academic qualification is B.COM and I also cleared CA inter first group.

2. When you Started Writing? Did anyone motivate you to write?

I started writing two years back that is in the year 2013. To choose writing as my career was a kind of an hilarious happening because in studies no more interest was left and for me CA was like a “KALA PANI KI SAJA”. With CA I was also preparing for SSC (Staff Selection Commission) and at the same time my brother just teased me that you give exam only, but there is no output of it. His lines made me so much annoyed that I decided to do something different and creative, and I thought to make a move as soon as possible.

So to work on my idea I share my thought with one of my closest friend and had written a script, well that script didn’t visualize (hahaha), but it gave the base for my writing career. There is one more story behind my writing when I passed my CA inter in third attempt I thought to write about my journey from second attempt of inter to the third attempt and also had written two pages but then I discontinued it. It is said that the thing which is in our destiny happens some day and same happened with me too.

3. So when you decided to switch from blogging to a book author?

Actually, I started blogging to establish my writing career and by God mercy blogging helped me in my writing journey.

4. Are you worried about Grammar mistakes? What you do to improve your writing skills?

No, I never bother about my grammar mistakes because my job is to convey my thoughts from mine to my readers heart and I am not a high school English teacher who looks for grammar mistakes after every sentence (hahaha). And by God grace my language is good and that’s why readers easily understand the thoughts expressed by me. And to improve my writing skills I write more and more because ‘Practice makes a man perfect’.

Recommended – Grammarly to Avoid Grammar Mistakes

5. Varsha make my blog readers know about your book Miss to Mrs Agarwal

My book , “MISS TO MRS AGARWAL”,is the story of a 23 year old girl Kriya doing her MBA from the Disha college of Raipur. – a vivacious and straight forward girl, who doesn’t believe in the custom and traditions of her Agarwal society. From her childhood she didn’t like the formalities done by her family in the name of culture and tradition. And because of it she doesn’t want to marry in her own community.

But it is said that “Life has better plan for you” and the same happens with kriya also. She fell in love with an Agarwal boy only. The boy is none other than her own school competitor Shubh Jindal.

After it how she manages with her family, get interested in her culture, “AND BRINGS CHANGE IN THE SOCIETY, is the story all about”.

Story consists of Drama, Emotions, Romance, and a complete package with a social message ‘ WHY CHANGE IS A MUST’.

6. So did you start writing your next book?

Work is in progress for my next book. I’ll be revealing the name of my upcoming book as soon as possible.

7. Apart from writing, which other hobbies you pursue?

Apart from writing I like to surf internet, interacting with new people, hanging out with friends and family, music, cooking, and my all time favorite to keep doing imagination.

8. Do you think everyone should think about writing a book?

Yes, I think that everyone should write because it is the most effective way to express yourself.

9. What are your future plans?

My future plan is to start my own Publishing company from my mom’s name where every starter can give them self an establishment, and then an NGO for children where every deserving child can complete their dream.

10. What is your opinion about My Blogging Ideas?

MY BLOGGING IDEAS’ is a nice blog with useful content explained in simple terms and manner.


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