How to Make Your Blog Become a Brand?

Branding is not easy, but by making a blog become a brand, one will definitely be able to achieve what he desires.

In a post, I mentioned the importance of branding. If you have not given importance to branding still now, then it may be the right time to think upon it.

Making a blog become a brand is not an easy thing. It may take months or even years for making a blog become a brand.

If you’ve not been able to make your blog become popular like a brand, then it may be the perfect time to do some changes immediately.

This post of mine will make you know the things that you need to for making your blog become a brand.

After going through this post of mine, you can definitely share with me your ideas regarding branding.

How to do Branding for a Blog?

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Tips to Make Your Blog Become a Brand : Know What to Do

1. Easy to Remember Domain Name

You won’t be able to make your blog become a brand unless you’ve got a very good easy to remember domain name.

Even if you’re going to have best type of content published on your blog, it is the domain name which will be remembered by your blog readers.

Whenever a professional blogger decides to start a new blog, he tries to choose an unique domain for his blog.

Some bloggers spend lot of time as well as money for getting a best domain name for their blog, this is something which everyone should try to do.

Domain names containing 2 words are easy to remember than domain names containing 3 words. A domain name should also make the readers understand the purpose behind running the blog/website.

2. Unique Logo

A blog without an unique logo may not look as attractive as a blog having an amazing logo built by a professional logo designer.

You should definitely try to get a good logo for your blog before you decide to start working on its content and other things.

If you still now are not having an unique logo for your blog, then it may be the right time to invest few dollars in getting a logo designed from a professional logo designer.

3. Make Your Blog Look Attractive

Making a blog look very attractive is important as then only readers will get attracted to your blog.

I recommend Genesis child themes as they are based on Genesis framework which makes the blog good as per SEO perspective as well as the blog starts looking attractive.

If your blog is not looking attractive, then you should definitely try to get a best theme for your WordPress blog.

May it be a free theme or paid theme, if it makes your blog looks attractive and good as per SEO perspective then you should definitely start using it immediately.

You should try to make sure that your blog is loading properly. It is that’s why I’ll recommend you to read BlueHost hosting review as BlueHost is a very good hosting service provider.

4. Good Headlines are a Must

Attractive blog post titles and good headlines may definitely make your blog posts become very popular at all social networking sites.

Blog posts shared by some bloggers get lot of likes and shares especially because of the good headlines.

Writing good headlines is not an easy thing as you need to become creative for it.

You always need to try to write headlines which will make people feel that they will gain some good knowledge by going through the post shared by you.

5. Unique Content Written in Own Style

Same type of content published again and again may make your blog readers feel bored.

You need to publish very unique content at your blog as then only your blog readers may decide to visit it regularly.

While writing content for your blog, you should make sure that you’re writing it in your own style.

Good writing style may make your blog’s content appear very attractive to your blog readers as they may have got bored reading the same type of content again and again.

For producing unique content regularly for your blog, you definitely need to stay fresh and motivated.

6.Make Use of Right Images for Your Blog Posts

Only content may make your blog look dull and boring.

The most important thing is to include attractive images suitable for the blog posts.

For finding the right images as per the topic of your blog post, you may need to make use of sites which provide stock images for free.

Even if images are must, including more images than necessary may definitely frustrate your blog readers.

Different Aspects of Branding

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7. Social Media Marketing Strategies

I don’t think that making a blog become very popular is possible without making use of the right social media strategies.

You need to make people at various social networking platforms know about your blog and they should also know that what differentiates your blog from other blogs.

The best way to learn new social media strategies is by following those bloggers who are very famous at some of the popular social networking sites.

Experience will make you keep getting better in marketing yourself and your blog.

More popularity may definitely help you in making your blog become very popular which will ultimately increase your blog’s revenue.

8. Proper Interaction with Blog Readers

One thing which some bloggers miss out to do is that they don’t connect with their blog readers.

Interacting with blog readers is a very crucial thing as then only you’ll be able to make people come to your blog regularly.

With time, you’ll learn to interact properly with your blog readers and it is quite possible that your blog may become a popular blogging community.

9. Make Readers Find Your Blog as the Most Useful One

New blogs are getting built daily, but then too you may be expecting most people to like your blog more than the other blogs.

If you really want readers to come to your blog regularly, then they should find your blog to be an useful one.

Your blog content shouldn’t only provide knowledge to your blog readers, but at the same time it should make the readers feel happy.

Readers should never feel that they wasted their time by reading the posts written by you. They should feel that they are making the best use of their time by reading the blog posts written by you.

You should avoid Grammar mistakes as much as you can as readers may not like to read content which is not written in a proper way.

10. Creating Personal Identity

Only promoting your blog may not be enough, you also need to make yourself get known to others.

I have often seen some bloggers sharing their real life success story with their followers as it helps in building connection with the followers.

If you’ll get success in creating your own personal identity, then people will just love to read the posts shared by you.

Many people may even start asking you for some ideas for making their blog become a successul one.

I hope that you’ll soon be able to make your blog become a brand by making use of the tips mentioned by me in this post. If you’re still now not been able to make your blog popular, then definitely you’re making some mistakes which you should start avoiding immediately. Do you think that your blog is a brand? Are you going to work harder to make your blog become more popular?


    • says

      Somali yes it is all about making a blog become an useful one for the readers as then readers will automatically keep coming again and again to the blog. I tried to mention all the points that I could have. I hope that you’ll be able to brand your blog and make it become one of the most popular blogs.

  1. says

    Hi Mohit,

    Great post. In today time many people has blog and they use it for different purpose. If our blog became brand then we get lots of benefits from it.

    In your post you have mentioned all points in descriptive way and they all are easy to understand and also easy to implement.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

  2. says

    Hi Mohit,
    You are right on track with these tips. In addition to the above, blog can turned into a brand if the owner maintains integrity and credibility in service delivery. Visitors to a blog are attracted to value and quality.

    They trust a blog/brand that help solve their problem. This is the crux of converting a blog into a brand!

    I left the above comment in where this post was upvoted.

  3. says

    Hello Mohit,

    Having a good domain name has lots of advantages. If your domain name rhymes or contains a memorable catch phrase, that contains a clever or witty phrase, much like a vanity license plate on a car.

    Additionally, domain names should be the same as your business and website name to help establish your business’ identity, name recognition and is less confusing for your customers.

    I agree that you can make a popular brand by following the tips listed above.
    Unique logo, attractive blog design, responsive blog design, unique style and so on are smart and useful tips.

    Thanks for sharing! A very useful article to make your blog become a popular brand.

    • says

      Hey Metz thanks for coming to My Blogging Ideas again. Yes, we definitely need to have to have the right words in the blog’s domain name. I know few bloggers who have got best blogs with very good domain names. Not only domain name, but every other thing needs to be perfect to brand a blog..

  4. says

    Hi Mohit,

    This is a very impressive article, If you want to get popularity into community then truly every one need these things which you cover inside this article, by the way cool stuff bro..truly enjoying your writing style..

    Mohd Arif

    • says

      Hey Arif thanks for liking my writing style. It is writing style which attracts the readers towards a blog. Getting popularity may take time, but once a blog gets popular it can definitely get lot of success.

  5. says

    Hi there Mohit ,

    Branding is all about creating an unique entity. With thousands of bloggers and blogs flooding all over the internet sphere, anything that provide value is given due importance.
    You’ve made some solid points and that’s what all it takes when you step out from the term blog to brand.

    Create your mark in the industry and you have it !

    Good one , mate 🙂 ! Keep writing !

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